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  1. Is there a way to get around the minimum memory requirements for the install of W7 as I believe it won't normally install on less then 1gb memory. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Well I don't know what to say except I'm very impressed. Talent and co-operation in combination with speed is sometimes rare on the net these days. So I want to say - thanks.
  3. AVIcodec 1.2 Build 110 AVIcodec fills the gaps GSpot leaves and provides info about ASFs and WMVs that GSpot can't. Not an indispensable piece of software by any means but just as necessary as GSpot in it's own way. http://avicodec.duby.info/ Dial-a-fix An essential piece of software I'm sure you'll agree - a search didn't turn up an existing addon so I'm putting in a request. http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System...ial-a-fix.shtml Eraser 5.7 I know someone has made an Eraser 5.8 addon but Eraser 5.8 is buggy. Furthermore anyone installing Eraser 5.8 may be tempted to upgrade and install Eraser 5.81 which has a major major bug. Eraser 5.7 is the last stable bug-free version and this is why I am requesting it. http://www.heidi.ie/eraser/download.php GrabIt 1.6.2 Build 940 This one's a bit of a whimsical request really to see if anyone'll do it. I like it myself because I don't have to mess about with more complicated Usenet software. If someone can do this I'll be really pleased. http://www.shemes.com/index.php?p=download RealPlayer 10.5 Build I know RealPlayer has it's detractors and it still has a bad reputation for the proven spyware allegations in the past. But I like RealPlayer and so do countless others I'm sure. The spyware issue is something that belongs well in the past and therefore I'm putting in a request. X-Setup Pro 6.6.300 Final 1 (Free) I know someone did make an addon for the last freeware version of X-Setup Pro but the link is dead. Could anyone repost an upload link or alternatively possibly do another version?
  4. Yes indeed - yes indeed! That was the one!!
  5. Is there any way to retain the dlls in the nLite setup? I mean, instead of installing this pack, can't I just ask nLite to keep the required files?
  6. The website I remember wasn't black but it seems as though it offers what I'm looking for anyway. Cheers.
  7. Ahh not necesarily so. You don't need a Rolls Royce set of fans on all video cards y'know.
  8. Some time ago (quite a while) I remember somebody posting details of a WMP pack of sorts that someone had put together that contained certain WMP files needed once you'd removed WMP with either nLite or XPlite. It wasn't a codec pack - I must stress that - and I can't remember whether it was something you could slipstream (I tend to think not - but maybe). But somebody had definitely created something that basically allowed you to keep the certain WMP that you'd need for other apps. Does anyone know what I'm on about - can anyone remember this or the website where it's located at?
  9. As nobody actually bothered to answer your question let me try instead. Buy a copy of XPlite and get an un-nLited copy of XP and use XPlite to reinstall what's missing. So many smart replies and not one helpful. [tsk]
  10. http://www.bold-fortune.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=229 Very interesting article and worth a read. Maybe even worth a read by nuhi(?)
  11. Y'know what it almost makes me feel ashamed to be a member of this forum when I read such crappy arse replies as that. [tsk]
  12. Actually I do agree that a sticky post of the projected timescale for the next release would be a good idea. It would stop all the "when is the next version going to be released" questions and while "when it's done" is an answer, it's not a very helpful answer is it?
  13. You have misunderstood the guide from the link you've posted above and it's not possible in the way in which you think it is. Once IE7 goes final for XP I'm sure someone will have a look at doing it.
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