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  1. well, yeah it was man i changed the scvript the moment i saw your post, but we have fixed some other stuff to so thanx again damian666
  2. yeah, thanx marxo, or he is not even running SP3, which is also a option for it t fail like that. we will see if he comes back to let us know... Damian666
  3. wauw... so after all this time it shows that there IS a language which is not supported... ****... thats really a suprise man. thanx for telling us, could you maybe tell me what service pack you are running? and maybe get me the uxtheme file so i can fix this? thanx in advance. damian666
  4. well, with all due respect chris, but as you maybe remember... !!!YOU ARE THE ONE THAT TRANSLATED IT!!! :p:p so thats very funny man make me a new one then. Damian666
  5. ok, listen man... the bitmap in explorer is certainly changed man, i really changed that f***. so, please check if you have it too man. and for the timedate.cpl, script is fixed now, but can you check if the language code in the resfiel is correct? thanx for testing again xibad damian666
  6. thats weird man... let me look at it. one moment dude... Damian666
  7. aaah yes... i knew i saw it before i have replaced that bmp though... very weird. Damian666
  8. oh, its not the reshack script... its all of it together but this project deserves it so Damian666
  9. i hope you guys dont underestimate the work involved with this stuff... as a maker of a shellpack, and someone that has used the xpize source for about a year and a half or so i can guarenty you it will take over your free time just that you know. Damian666
  10. it depends what resources you change man. only icons and stuff, should work just good, but if you try to change dialogs and strings, then you are in trouble so, what do you change? damian666
  11. Xibad, long time no see man hmm, i did get that "bug" reported once, but its not really something i can fix. i think its about the visual style thats used, which is not made by me. so, i have to look if i still have teh old style for you. but in the meantime, lets try to figure out why not all of us are having this problem man. please tell me which extra's you have installed, especcialy the logofftext remover... see ya damian666 @superleeds, with all due respect man... but if you dont use my pack, i cant help you here. open a seperate thread in the customizing windows forum, there you will ge
  12. it is in browseui, and in shell32. its a bitmap indeed. damian666
  13. no. and i dont support that either. just get vista iconpack 3 then. damian666
  14. well, as i said... i have found someone, Marxo to make me a vistalike logon, BUT as you can see... the poll shows us that users rather have a custom one then a lookalike. so... this is for marxo, which is viewen right now maybe we can give the one you made a twist? make it dark? just a thought let me knwo... damian666
  15. yeah, i know... maybe thats because there are a lot of guests among them. guests dont have the right to vote in a poll. well, at least those guys cant nag later on that its not how they wanted it they should have told me damian666
  16. its quiet because there are not much bugs to report. better said, its a good thing Damian666
  17. hi Mara, i will translate this to dutch for you man very nice tool man and in Autoit huh? nice ... see ya around, i will let you know about the trans man damian666
  18. you are very welcome, let me know if it works good damian666
  19. you could use logonstudio man, that will do it automaticly for you much easyer then knowing all the values damian666
  20. your welcome man, just to let you know... i just installed the pack on a up-to-date 2000, and had no prolems, only 1 file which keeps reloading itself. but nothing that could explain your troubles from before have fun damian666
  21. as you have never updated it, i think we have found the culprit please try to update it man. damian666
  22. cool, please do. i am not usre but maybe its because of that, i am also updating the new install so i can test in a while be patient, we get it damian666
  23. the " patcher" is the program that changes your files to the vista ones i thought it didnt work becaus you said there was a weird message with the patcher. but luckly there is no problem uninstalling then so you have a " fresh" install now of 2000? are you using the latest version? 2.5? and is your 2000 uptodate? if so, plesae try a clean install of the pack. let me know, i am currently installing a fresh copy of 2000 in my VM, and will test it too. damian666
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