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  1. yeah right... can you make that move? i cant man... deal with it and mara is totally right. that color is chabged by the applied theme so... Damian666
  2. well, i am glad that you think i am the best... myself dont see it taht way, but i am getting there and about "finding" the resources... , its better to do it ourselfs man. but if we cant do it other ways... we will have to use some others stuff. And then we will have to implement it, and then release the new version. we? lol... just let it be me ok?" i dont think you will get my patcher, no offence btw but yes, i can use your and everybody's help on making it the king of packs as far as i know, i am the only one that makes one for 2000 btw that website, seen, been there done that no g
  3. I believe those are in syssetup.dll Could be, but i do patch that file so... The orb itself isn't the problem it's the black background of it that sticks out like a sore thumb. yeah i know man... as i said, i will try something @smiley, thanx for the icon. i will use that man , I too find it absurdly big... yes, i know its a option, but what if users dont like it? then i dont have to include it anymore. saves space and trouble thanx guys Damian666
  4. ok, i checked the logon, but i really hate it man there are much better look-a-likes out there... screensaver is cool i have to investigate about the "cursor" in explorer... talk to you later. Damian666
  5. Polls added, please vote guys. Damian666
  6. @ prebenandre, did you look at the new screensaver? still not good? and that theme thingy... i will see what i can do maybe... those icons are something we have to find then, will fix that for sure. logon is a kind of a personal thing, i dont like it, because ALL transformation packs use it... i like it to be different, but i can always open up a poll to see what everybody thinks about it downloaded that pack, but all the icons i allready have but i will take the logon to check it out @godan, i wont leave the flag man, its very XP-like and would clash even more then the orb thingy. but your
  7. well, first of all, i am thinking about removing true transparency... XP has his own theme engine so, its really overkill IMHO. and there are a lot of dialogs that can be much better designed. Some more languages would be great you have any idaes? Damian666 btw, did you see the aboutbox of windows? better now?
  8. tell me 1 thing... do you use true transparency? if so... then you found the source of taht refresh problem and large arrows? maybe a screenshot? damian666 I would like to slipstream Vistapack-xp to install disk so it loads on install ? yes, use the cd patch option
  9. ok, for those that have trouble downloading from my host, try the Skydrive mirror in the first post. Damian666
  10. ok, just wait man... i will update the one on skydrive and then give link be right back. Damian666
  11. your welcome man it was something i could hardly get together, but hee... here it is Damian666
  12. especcialy because the users have a say in it huh? i am very open to suggestions, so long its not about extra software to add i hate resource hogs damian666
  13. Have fun guys, and to the testers... THANK YOU!!! Damian666
  14. Vistapack 2.6 The new version has arrived!! Description: The Vistapack is made to transform your old and boring Windows 2000 rig in a modern looking and feeling OS. Safety: It takes the files from the host, backs it up, modifies a sample and puts the modified file back in the system. This ensures that you are using the latest files so no need for alerts like "Now I am using an old file, what if its updated by m$? Then i will be open for attack..." Nope, no need to worry. You keep the updated file. The pack uses ResHacker to change icons, bitmaps and some dialogs, to make it look like the new W
  15. ooooh, tahts the installation wallpaper you mean... cool that you like it, made it from the ground up all by myself oh, and i meant the directory with the patch logs of the I386 patch not the normal log the text is only cuttoff if you apply the segoe ui font i think. try it out with the normal font and let me knomw what it looks like then man. and for everybody else, if this goes like this, tomorrow is new version release. Damian666
  16. thanx guys, very much appriciated the screensaver is not patched yet, so that normal... the cutoff text in startmenu si fixed by selecting the smaller or bigger one in the visual style, tahst why its there its set to 48 i think, try 32 or the other way around ofcourse "searchbar" removed in the next test version . oh and prebenandre, give me the cd patch logs please, its in the vistapack dir under i386 logs or something. That way i can check the errors. "installation wallpaper" ??? did i change that? no way... all other mentioned things i am currently checking out thanx agian dudes Damia
  17. ok very stupid mistake on my part... i send the link to the wrong user so now i asked if he would like to translate too, link send to right user now Damian666
  18. links send now we wait... Damian666 p.s. anyone up for a 2000 test?
  19. XP version done, will send link to Mara and prebenandre for testing tomorrow all will be released friday... i hope Damian666
  20. Cool i wanted to release today, but real live came intoo play so it has to wait, again... i hope the new release is done before the weekend Damian666
  21. what do you mean man? the vistapack or revolutions pack? there si a big difference man, and if its the 2.2 of the vistapack... thats old man. wait a few days, next version is almost done and if you mean the revolutions pack, creator does not give help anymore man Damian666 p.s. invalid bootdisc? thats no normal error dude, sure there is no other problem?
  22. are you sure that you have to patch that file then? it should work with the replacer you know... have you checked the file, afterwards? oh, and a ntoskrnl takes two reboots to change man, because it is used on reboot try that and let me know Damian666
  23. use my replacer program, it lets you change those hard to change files on windows. Look at my site: Vistapack Projects the program is called "replacer", and is self explaining. Have fun Damian666
  24. first let us see the new version come to light... then we can discuss the next version man. i cant make my pack after the opinion from 1 user. i am sure you will understand, but i am open for suggestions, so we will discuss that later. nice find btw Damian666
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