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  1. ah finally, were on our own thread. good luck with this squeeto. let me know if i can do something more for you. and thanx for the credit damian666
  2. oh yeah man, that precisely what i was talking about man. you keep going man! damian666
  3. hey squeeto, well to be honest i have my own vista like theme for my own pc. so could you send me a list of your reshack script, so i can go on from there? when i'm done i will send you that. and maybe you could post it there. damian666
  4. well squeeto, i treid that and now it works for explorer so we are on the way man! any other good suggestions!? damian666
  5. hello squeeto, well here you are, the temp folder with the batch cmd's. i hope you can work it out man. let me know if you need help. damian666
  6. wow nice one man, i am going to take it home with me and look in to it man. i'll get back on you when i tried that. thanx alot dude. damian666
  7. thanx for the prog. nuhi. i will test it right away and let you know any bugs i finf! damian666 nice job!
  8. well, thats the problem man, i dont know how to add my own dialog resource by reshackscript. so i thought that someone els maybe know of a way?! oh and squeeto, i treid your iconswap on my win2000 dutch,but it dont work here man? i even checked it with reshack but its a no go damian666
  9. wow f##king nice work man can we use them? damian
  10. yeah thats the one! i would like to know if its possible to reshack that by a script, so that i can include that in my custom shell32 file . do you know a way? damian
  11. first off all to kels no thats not it man, i cant find the link anymore but it was about a runbox with an bitmap above the input box ricktendo did that piece i think and to xpero, the one with the lead in this little project is squeeto. i'm just a tester and to you squeeto, it did changed my icons on xp. when im in the save file dialog there it is changed, but not on my desktop strange huh but is shows my file protection is off! so it would work with a little adjustments damian
  12. hi man, i think that would be great, but maybe the avi's from vista are nicer? by the way, you know a little of reshack scripting dont you? i have a question, did you see the post by ricktendo on how to make a custom runbox with bitmap? well i want to know how to script that man, but i cant figure it out. maybe you know something? damian666
  13. yo squeeto, i have windows file protection disabled, so i dont think that could be the problem. but no worry, i also have 2000 so i will test that today. my best regards damian
  14. well thanx wolf, i will try those tuts and hope fully in a year or so i can make the same stuff like you! bye bye damian
  15. say wolf, how the heck do you make that stuff man? is there a place where i can learn that? i mean, they are awesome man! damian
  16. Hi man, i just read your mail and tried your iconswap, but it does not work man i did all the steps you descriped here. but it's a no no, maybe its my pc? i run win xp sp2 , so that would have to be good right? i will try again on my other machine. i will let you know about that after the weekend. damian
  17. well i would like to test that prog. just mail it to me and i will let you know of my findings! p-puk999@hotmail.com
  18. oh yeah, that would be great man! reshack all the way!!! damian
  19. cool man, i like it, would be great if you shared it! keep up the good work! by the way, how the fu** did you make that man?
  20. say ricktendo64, could you make a script for reshacker to make that run box? i cant make it work, i just dont know how . thanx in advance?! damian
  21. well, where is it man? is there nobody who want to share their resources? i have some, but i want to know where to put the files. any ideas? damian oops sorry guys, now i understand, just post as attachment that was really stupid!
  22. hi guys, sorry for the late reply, holiday you know! and yes, i did use modifype on it, and i did not get any errors during installation. but when it loads(explorer)all seems well, untill i want to click on an icon. then it wont work, or explorer craches! so what is wrong? i dont know. thanx for the help guys! damian666
  23. Alright man, keep going! i like this guide already, too bad for win98 but i will wait for it! i have all the time in the world just keep doing your thing man bye bye damian
  24. hi guys, i was wondering if somebody would know if i make a mistake when i hack my shell32 file. i replaced all mij icons by hand, justa like the way the original way, but when i put it on my unatt. cd it wont start up with the first boot, or explorer crashes when i double click on it! help please? damian
  25. Wauw, thats a cool guide, is it possible that you can ad win 98 into it? i would like to see how that works man. keep up the good work!
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