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  1. Explorer Icons

    I had no luck with this 2 files. Maybe because I "Xpized" my XP. I made a new one which fits my needs. Hereit is:
  2. Explorer Icons

    Jepp, I mean the toolbar. But it's not in there. I found a almost similiar which I will fit to my needs by repainting it. Thanks a lot!
  3. Explorer Icons

    THX for the help but I had no succes. I didn't found it there neither with GConvert nor with Axialis IconWorkshop.
  4. Explorer Icons

    I'd looked for it in all dll, exe whatsoever files containing icons. Where could I find it? Thanks!
  5. How to change width of Startmenu

    Thanks again. I'll tried the programm. Very handy what you could do with it. Now I'm looking for the file I have to open to change the startmenu. Do you have any idea wich that is?
  6. How to change width of Startmenu

    How could I do that?
  7. How to change width of Startmenu

    Anybody? Need Help!
  8. [rel] Vista Transformation Pack

    You've seen it here: http://www.crystalxp.net/galerie/en.cat.3.htm This site is linked quite often. You'll for sure have seen it in the first post of this thread.
  9. Mac Office Icons

    Thats better!
  10. How do I change the width of the Startmenu? I use Xpize and because of that the design Royale. Is there any possibility to change the width of the Startmenu without changing complete back to luna? I love Xpize and the Royale theme.
  11. Mac Office Icons

    I've seen them as Icon somewhere in the web. Made the icons with pics I've taken out of the JPG you posted. Thats not really perfect. If you send me your eMail Adress I'll send them to you. Do you have the PNGs of the symbols?
  12. Another Button

    Yeah, I've seen that. Is it possible to change it without changing the iconsize of the Desltop icons?
  13. Another Button

    Is it also possible to change the iconsize when I add a new entry?
  14. [question] make icons on the desktop bigger

    With Icon Packager you change indeed the size of the Startmenu together with the iconsize of the Desktop. The change with the Win properties is possible but you could only chosse bigger. Not the exact size.
  15. [question] make icons on the desktop bigger

    Start Icon packager and go to Settings. There you can find the oprion icon size.