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  1. nlite is best option man no hassle at all that way ^^ Damian666
  2. lol, it seems i have to fix my links a bit huh ^^ **** , good call marxo Damian666
  3. i am glad you finally got it and only way to make it less transparent, is fixing the skin you use on TT make your own on it, its not that hard. cant really make it use system colors :/ and no man, no x64 yet... Damian666
  4. well, 2000 is not gonna look like that without some skinning engine man, e.g. TT without that, simply forget it to be honest, it wont ever come close... Damian666
  5. you hate vista, but try to use vistapack... hmmm... sorry, you have to look further then. Damian666
  6. i could... but why? if ya wanna patch it silently, just take the file, and put it in your setup CD Damian666
  7. lol, good find man very nice job. and about the autoit error... when the new anolis, or XPize is released, old damian is proberly migrating to that. only downfall... it needs .net2 to run. but it will be much cleaner and better then autoit. it will even support X64 files but nothing is decided, just wait for it. Damian666
  8. yeah, i allready told him it was crap to work with the GUI is so messy, it took me a whole day getting it just right. Damian666
  9. well, good that ya fixed it. ^^ and now you know why Tclock is not installed by default its a b***h to work with, trust me, i know... you can check if full skinning is enabled, and run through the options one by one to see if ya can enable some stuff. oh, and dont use a windows blinds skin, just dont... trust me on that. as i said before, it needs a lot of playing with the options, and i cant even start to write a full guide on it, would take me ages Damian666
  10. agreed, the key has been legit for some time butpirates got their hands on it, and it was blacklisted. i just laughed because i never saw a "real" version of it ^^ got so used to the pirated thingy, was suprised to see the real one surface Damian666
  11. well, it comes close... a noob would not see the difference... Damian666
  12. ok, thats funny, i never even saw a sticker with that key, we al know that key i think. but to see it on a sticker... lmao Damian666
  13. i can add one... Latest Addmuncher - wont install Damian666
  14. nice, not the errors, but the report is very nice. thats something i can work with ^^. 1./ the "fancy" taskbar is done by a program called Tclock, but due to it having some compatibility issues, i dont install that by default, nor do i link to it in the program. its a advanced feature sort of speak, it is present in the installation, look in the vistapack folder, and then extra's. you can run it from there, but it needs some work to get it up and runnning mind you. when executed, your clock will vanish, try to find the exact spot it should be , and look for a Tclock popup text, there you right
  15. well.. yeah, it does modify systemfiles... just like XPize does actually. to bad it didnt work for ya. sorrry for any trouble you had. Damian666
  16. well, thats to bad man i have a lot of users that dont have trouble... to bad your not one of them. i am sorry for any trouble it might caused you. maybe you can tell what exactly went wrong? that way i can fix it. Damian666
  17. why not check out vistapack 2000? it is not windows blinds, i agree, but its free, and in development still... by me actually ^^ check on here, its on this forum somewhere... or go to my site... www.vistapack.org Damian666
  18. lol, look who is still alive ^^ well, IF i go to vista, i will use that, thanx ^^ although i maybe go to the anolis framework, much less work for me Damian666
  19. no it isnt, i still see it man :S Damian666
  20. exactly what i want to know, to solve it, rename the backup file to uxtheme.dll and its all solved, but yeah, like to know what wend wrong... Damian666
  21. well... maybe we can reverse enginere it, with the ok from tihiy ofcourse that would be ok right? Damian666
  22. well, just to let you guys know... i have a new mobo and cpu, which is x64 compliant, so i am going to make a x64 version too damian666
  23. indeed, thats exactly why we made it ^^ to help all people out Damian666
  24. no way...? O.o thats weird, well i am glad it worked out for you have fun man Damian666
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