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  1. last testfase has begun, its not going to take long now damian666
  2. well, to be honest with you guys... this program is kinda dead nowadays... i dont think tihiy will even support it anymore. we have to wait patiently for deadalus to hit the world in her face. Damian666
  3. hahahahaha, ok cool. thought so too Mara Damian666
  4. thanx guys, oh... and you both have a point... so let us leave it there huh? ;D i will always check the stuff myself so, it wil be ok... again thanx guys, i will include you in the credits, but not Mara, he is allready in there i think damian666
  5. thanx a lot, it will maybe make the pack late for a week, but its worth it another language to support Damian666
  6. hmm, let me look man, but about that 115 one language one, that one is not needed. its a test file. about the dialog caption, change it to Date and time, its my own language btw then you are good to go Damian666 thanx man
  7. thanx Mara, indeed it only patches files for now... i am still looking for a good way to integrate it in the setup If you can tell me what strings you modifie i can send you translated strings ok, look in the shell32.dll AND sysdm.cpl AND timedate.cpl folder, and lookup the resfiles there all those resfiles should be translated to french. just open it up in reshacker, and there you see the dialogs i translate, just add a french one too the list, copy the english in there, and translate it. thanx for it, you will be credited in the readme and stuff. What extra's does the /S switch apply ? all
  8. i hope this week, but i am not sure if i am going to make it... and screenshots? no. you just have to wait man Damian666 @theutlass, it supports nl, en, sp it, and de for now... so no french... sorry, you could help me translate some stuff if you like. then i can support french too, do it this week, and i might get it in the new release... and yes, the /S switch does apply all the extra's. svcpack?, no, do it on first run, that will work
  9. I just wanted to show the greatest stuff you have done successfully with Vistapack, that i really really like. Cool What do you mean? What is that "cursor" for really? It doesn't attract the beauty of windows very much with that cursor, really. Shouldn't it be better with the Windows Vista Orb logo? its not a static picture, thats the problem, its a animation, which is made up of a very long bitmap, which plays round and round. very hard to make, be my guest, and try it if you succeed, i wil include it No english language support on installer? the installer chooses the language of your O
  10. ok, i was going to comment, but now you lost me man... that second post, those are my things so why show me? i know them allready :S i know some things need a lot of improvement man, i am working on it and i am not going to include a lot of extra software man, i hate it when my system gets slowed down by running stuff in the background. and about the "cursor" in the right corner, trust me... its not the cursor, its custom made. and not by me its very hard to make a nice one for in that corner. language support only done for the installer, not the patcher... shutdown dialog fixed in new versi
  11. better yet, wait a couple of minutes, and get the new version. prerelease for n ow, but it fixes the bug Damian666
  12. @nexus06, open the patch, and then press ctrl and 6 at the same time. then you should see a dialog popup telling you the file is restored, reboot, and your are fine again. let me know if that worked for you. Damian666 p.s. dont use the reportfunction for that man, just post here.
  13. well, i really hope so man. it seems to get worse and worse... maybe m$ changed some things in files or something Damian666
  14. yes, new version out hopefully this week. that fixes that bug so be patiuent and stay tuned Damian666
  15. yeah, i know about that bug man, but unfortantly its not my pack, it is a bug of the rpl2k.dll. which is made by tihiy, so i am very sorry, but i cant fix that. only thing i know is that you dont change the colormode... sorry Damian666
  16. thats why i tell you man, and call me damian, not sire Damian666
  17. ok guys, good news, the restricted account bug is finally fixed. i cant believe it took me so long... but now we have it fixed, i can push out the next version, and go on with the vistapack Damian666
  18. ok, i was just warning you man... there are mods far worse then me around man if they think you use cracked software, you get banned. simple as that. thats why i warn you, windows versions like webmosis are cracked versions you know. its illigal to share a XP install man, i am willing to help you modify your own install, but if i see any cracked software or whatever, i ban you without further notice, no hard feelings, but its just not done on this forum man Damian666
  19. yeah, sorry... my fault fixed the link now Damian666
  20. ok, poll closed... users have spoken and chose the black logon. Next version will have that Damian666
  21. ok, got it and will check it out man damian666
  22. uxtender is the new uxtheme patch i am making, but i have some trouble with the current patch process. the resultiong file doesnt work on restricted accounts so... Damian666
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