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  1. yes, as i said, i agree with you man Damian666
  2. i agree, BUT... please note that some , me for example, make themself a little bit of money with adsense on their site. that would fall away if all went to one page, which i dont like for obvious reasons, i dont mind if my XPize pack is going there, but not the separate one, please no But getting it all in 1 place what XPize packs concerns, hell yeah Damian666
  3. yes, and the two other files that are needed on vista to use all kinds of themes Damian666
  4. thats what they call modifype man it will "fix" the checksum, maybe you should try that. just google for it, "modifype" damian666
  5. nah, its well XPero, we were both a bit out of line here, lets just forget it ok? i can help you guys with my resources, i have a lot of them so we just have to change them to make them more fitting to the xpize stuff. not that it is diferent, because i have kept the way resources are stored the same as in your source. if it works, why change it right? so, we will see what happens man, keep cool Damian666
  6. trust me man, its not that i dont speak english very well, honestly i think i do... but that 1 word, i really didnt get so just speak english, thats much better, for you, and for me and just to get in on it right away,... QUOTE all right, here's the first question. is it possible to use relative paths instead of absolute in vize? also there must be something wrong with the spacing in vize, just like ricktendo64 has mentiond about sidebar.exe it looks that the same problem exist with c:\program files\internet explerer\iexplore.exe for example. Any ideas? if that doesnt work, you can always d
  7. yeah well, just checking, language barrier i didnt get that word all that well. well, if you would like to have me, after all the above fighting we did... i am available. but no more holy war thingys man. Damian666
  8. ok, i am almost there... just one more question, and its the biggest one for me... that means that only i will alter , or upgrade my pack? if so, i am in, if not, then forget about it, no hard feelings. Damian666
  9. which means at first they will stay intact? just a download mirror and publicity? damian666
  10. @happy dude well, what my concern is, what will happen too the respective owners packs? because you know... i love making my pack, and what will happen with it if i integrate it in the XPize project? will it still continue?, or will it just cease to exist? please note that i dont mind the competition, hell... we all know there are a lot of vista style shellpacks out there. but its different if binding it in a bigger project, thats what troubles me about this. so give me a anwser i can live with, and i will help you guys with a headstart on the resources... and no, lets not begin a holy war, v
  11. yeah, i agree with ricktendo, be my guest and get them from vista. and no, i am not planning on selling my software, i just want to keep it clean with you guys. i hate if we would get mixed up and stuff so. thats all guys, no need to get offended because i let my view on things see here... Damian666 p.s. i didnt use the word "steal" anywhere man...
  12. @XPero, there is nobody that can force me too share my resources man. now if you asked nice, i would consider it, but trying to decide what you can do with my stuff? not nice man, i thought better of you man. damian666
  13. i was just talking about the name man. and ok, maybe my first versions were based on your installer, but it is not anymore, thus i made it closed source. period. but sticking with vize, thats ok with me Damian666
  14. well... the vistapack is certainly been based on the XPize source in the past. But because of the hard maintainability of the first source files, i migrated to a self made patcher system. so no, i dont think i will include the vistapack in the new upcoming XPize project, sorry. ofcourse it would be ideal if i could get you guys to drop the vista idea, but hee... its a free world i just wanted to say that that name is taken. Good luck with your projects. Damian666
  15. at first i was joking, but now i really want to let you guys know that the name vista pack, is taken... i dont mind getting a bit competition, but let not use that name ok? i was first with that name, so its sort of copyrighted by me Damian666
  16. your very welcome man, you help me too, so i help you in return have fun with it man. damian666
  17. ok, i finally have it done Mara see attachment for new Dutch translation Damian666 Dutch.rar
  18. translation is getting there , you knwo me... busy buy busy But i have a vb to autoit converter for you want to have it ? damian666
  19. well, if you need help... you know who to ask right? damian666
  20. lol , hi mara, where the hell have you been man? we were looking for you man damian666
  21. Vista pack??? do i see a little copyright enfringement there??? XPero, never thought that of you damian666
  22. ok, thanx Chris, i got it and have put it in. damian666
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