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  1. Heya guys!! I figure that I can get some help here about a funny looking error report dialogue I've been getting. In case others were wondering- I HAVE made modifications to my Windows XP install using nLite- so if its any component I have removed (which I really don't believe so), then I need to track it down. Now, this isn't the classic Windows XP error report dialogue (http://www.conwex.info/blog/blog-images/Windows_Explorer_Error_Report.jpg), but something different. Note: The error in this instance occurred when I tried to access the SUPERAntiSpyware context menu in the tray area. But oth
  2. I also notice that many people (from, well, everywhere) are misunderstanding what the purpose of XPize is. Many think it's just a new theme and that it takes more resources. Lifehacker comments explain quite a lot. (And a bunch of folks don't notice the changes made. Which is supposed to be good, because it means it a consistent GUI, but for those who never had a problem originally, they could have cared less.) I also notice a bit more activity (discussions and issue tracker) activity back on CodePlex. All in all, this is a good thing .
  3. (from your xpize 5 r6a thread) The things you've found with the XML-schema W3bbo had is interesting. I'm sure he'd love to hear some feedback on it to see what he can improve and tweak on.
  4. Did you see the advanced options button with the R5+R6 versions? The list/ tree view is still there... W3bbo made a simple-selection option for non-experienced users. He kinda figured they would get intimidated by so much resources/ information being presented to them at once ("user-friendly" has many directions-- some more simple, some more detailed; we're trying to find a balance). EDIT:: Ah, sorry. I realized that you were talking about xpize version FOUR, and not 5. I can't immediately recall xpize 4's installer. Tree view in v5 can be improved... But I don't think that's an immediate prio
  5. xpize does not have an entry in the start menu (though it has an uninstaller in the *Add and Remove Programs* menu). There really is nothing more to xpize (like *using the program*) other than for it to patch the files/ allow users to download customization tools and make their own packages. If you need to tweak some xpize settings again, you'll have to use the R6 installer (if you deleted it, you'll need to download it again). However, if you use xpize multiple times, you'll see two (or more) uninstaller entries in the Add and Remove Programs. W3bbo is aware of the issue and has it noted; he
  6. Have you already installed R6 yet? (Is it really difficult to change the file association icon post-install? If it is a hassle, I guess you'll have to make due by unselecting all the extra icons and stuff so you can keep your own icon associations.) The descriptions are from the .anop packages (I believe), in this case the default xpize ones. W3bbo has been working on compiling translations together, adding various tweaks to the program, making some new resources, and tuning the program... Basically, I don't think he had the time or effort to add the descriptions for advance settings . (Sinc
  7. This MIGHT be an issue of residual files left on your computer when older xpize installations didn't uninstall correctly. This is NOT by design. (I've been told that xpize R6's uninstaller is more complete than the previous versions. Previous versions of xpize forgot to uninstall themes and stuff, and it might have left files that screwed with future installations.) You can try some things (and remember to report back if it fixes the problems) -- I'd also assume that your visual style is the one that you selected from the xpize installation? **Find the residual files (it's probably best if you
  8. This is normal behavior. There are no negative effects to this (other than you not liking it). I dunno the specifics of it (you'll have to ask W3bbo about that), but IIRC, before xpize, it would just be a pure, plain blue wallpaper (I think it was standard). (I know you can get a similar effect -- having a changed wallpaper before the welcome screen appears -- by integrating a customized theme with a wallpaper in nLite. That wallpaper of the theme would be the wall that appears.)
  9. To expand on W3bbo's 7zFM problem:: From: http://killercookie-server.media-xshell.co...amp;page=01_FAQ
  10. This is the theme Marru_xD was referring to:: http://oddbasket.deviantart.com/art/Royale-Remixed-44294818 Royale Remixed seems to be in accordance to what you want. Otherwise, you'll need to do what W3bbo suggests (manual edition via Resourcer+ Photoshop and stuff)
  11. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=136419 -- possible, but difficult. W3bbo is seeing what he's able to do with it.
  12. Heya guys!! So I've run into a problem, and W3bbo doesn't immediately know how to reproduce nor correct the issue. I'm running Windows XP Home Edition and returned results shown in these screenshots: Has anyone experienced similar problems? Think this problem is WinXP Home specific? Here's my install log: http://pastebin.com/m60e44b9a
  13. cheers to the new release, xpize 5.0 !! !! W3bbo pulled some late nights to get this done, so let's leave him a bit alone to rest up, shall we? (on other notes, please remember to install .NET 2.0 or later to run xpize 5.0; remember to report bugs [especially with the shell32.dll@20MB+ issues];; and probably some revisions on the website and writing up of Anolis tutorials, xpize FAQ/ documentation;; contact potential persons that can do video tuts and develop packages) W3bbo also plans to release a tool that simplifies package development-- make sure to check in with him for more info!!
  14. I've been quite busy lately, so I haven't been able to even make/ test AddOns, but I have been able to gather all the tools necessary for making an AddOn. I will need to do some reading on INF, scripting, AutoIT, and tutorials on the tools... Sometime along the road (>.>) ... (school has been really annoying) thanks very much, JD74 !!
  15. hmm, may I ask if you will be back in action now my friend, or is this an update to show us how the AddOn is made ? (btw, really appreciate it !!)
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