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  1. hmm... so you tell me there is nothing uninstalled??? O.o what AV where you running? most AV's block autoit scripts you know... and uninstall of the font should work without problems man... thats just a simple case of regentry and filecopy... nothing fance or anything so... hmm, some more info please... Damian666 @smiley, like wauw man, those are nice thanx alot
  2. well, testing yes, to late to include fixes? no. testing is for finding this stuff, and take them out. so your welcome to make me one, if you can... and what file is that dialog in? the one thats to low i mean? i really want to take out all bugs, because if i am correct, this is going ot be the last large update i will ever do of the vistapack. not because i quit, but because the beta of windows 7 is almost here so you feel him right? we are going to get a windows 7 pack after this so to all, please report as much as possible, so we have a steady base to build the new pack on what features?
  3. i run it from there, because i use the same function on uninstall... i cant run it from the tools folder, because it is uninstalled then, so i copy it to temp. that way i dont have to write seperate functions for the same thing... only fix i can give ATM, is switch of the reloader in the options tab, that will end your irratations just run it manually after a update and your fine, only then you will see thatmessage. i will see if i can get that behavior out for next version. Thanx for reporting man Damian666
  4. thats ok man thanx for keeping me ontop of things Damian666
  5. hmm... well it runs the refresher after every reload, so there is a fault to begin with... something is not patched right, hence the reload, and refresh. but why is it looking for a ramdrive??? did you install from there??? the registry place i use is a runonce entry, not a simple run on start one, thats why you cant find it. but a fix?hmm... i need to know more , how come it chooses your ramdrive, i never saw that before... @squeeto Hi man Damian666
  6. umm... dude... i am sure i have the 3.3. version... at least i do at my own PC... i will check and update accordingly, thanx man Damian666
  7. well, i am in testing stage of my 2000 version, and after that comes the xp version testfase so... but a timeline? NO Damian666
  8. yeah... sadly but true... autoit is flagged as virus by almost all AV's. so yeah, false positive Damian666
  9. moved from windows cust. to vista topic. please post in right section next time, thank you. Damian666
  10. well, to be honest... tahts why i am going to take it out i think... its unstable for a lot of people damian666
  11. ofcourse it works, but now certain strings in your files will be in english, instead of portuges... outlook is not able to display more colors then that, sorry vistatheme without true ttransparency? no. for taskbar, install tclock3 , but be warned... its beta software and no, it cant be centered. else i would have done it dude thank m$ for those restrictions...
  12. well... , shell32.dll, sysdm.cpl timedate.cpl i think that are all files i need. Damian66
  13. ok noted down, thanx for report Damian666
  14. well, for that i can only say one thing... go to WPC , and seek out the member Alexnrs, he is making something too, which involves this. if someone would know, its him... check it out, and ask him for help, thats my best advice in this matter, i can only call gdi and brushes and dc's in autoit, which wont help you a lot in this matter so good luck man. Damian666
  15. well, cant say i like it myself but... who knows Damian666
  16. ****... i really didint know that man. well, then you could do the patch first, and take out stuff later with nlite , that should work man. thanx for letting me know man. Damian666
  17. ouch... that's a serious error man... it cant find any one of the files, ****... ok, this needs some serious work i will return to you. Damian666
  18. well, i dont need to man, it doesnt look intoo the file, just if it is present. try moving the source folder to c:\ maybe that will work. btw, i am on vista too so, it should not matter. Damian666
  19. hmm... it should man... It checks for "\I386\TXTSETUP.SIF" so, it has to work, because that file is always present, it determines the txtsetup part of teh setup, which is always done. it cant work without that file, so its very weird... sure you select the source folder? and not the I386 folder? Damian666
  20. well, at first glance... its much stabler indeed. i had some trouble with the old skin-ini, but after recreating it manually, i can say it works again... only the startbutton overlay seems to hate me i cant get it back in place, but overall... i will keep it in for a while longer to see if people are willing to test it out for you. maybe we can crush some more bugs. but you did a great job man i am off to find myself a new windowskin for it vistastyle ofcourse. thanx a lot, and i will keep you posted. Damian666
  21. oh, trust me... i will thanx a lot man Damian666
  22. great man, i thought you were gone or something Damian666
  23. also very welcome man Damian666
  24. yes, i totally agree with XPero man... the way Nuhi does it with Nlite and Vlite si teh way to go IMHO. and then we can always make a page for the addons on the XPize site. and setting it back to version 1.0? hmm, maybe tahts a good idea? XPero? Damian666
  25. Mara, if you want me to update teh dutch language file, then you have to make sure the lines are present in te english template, line 147 not found Damian666
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