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  1. proberly 2 more weeks for next release guys. and i think i am going to go a other way after that... want to make it a patcher system, which comes with the vistapack, but can be used as a general patching system. that way users can make their own packs, and applie it with the system. could be cool, and give users more choices. the ones that want it, can be posted on the official forum and site ofcourse. let me know what you guys think about that... Damian666
  2. your walking a thin line here mate... those windows versions are hackes, and illegal. WE DONT WANT ILLEGAL STUFF HERE, you WILL get banned. so dont say i didnt warn you. Damian666
  3. hmm, yeah... thats true i will try that, thanx man damian666
  4. yep, as i said, modifype is the way good luck with your modifications man Damian666
  5. no, i am sorry, but that is not the case man. reshacker cant recreate that checksum. only modifype is capable of cheating around the setup file checks. trust me, its all over the forum here... search for modifype, you wil see... Damian666
  6. ok kontini, got the msoeres, and squeeto... i cant open the rc file, maybe save as a res file for me? Damian666
  7. you have too "modifype" the file. this makes sure setup doesnt detect the change in the file. google for modifype, sure you get a hit. Damian666
  8. poll added, please let me know what logon you like. if you have another which you want to include in the poll, let me know. damian666
  9. yeah, its a real pain in the a** that dialog man, i know its to bad i cant find the other tabs to include te picture everywhere. so maybe we have to go with your one squeeto. and man, its good to have you back on the design team Damian666
  10. so ullfurinn, what do you think i can do about it? any help is welcome man Damian666
  11. next release? mainly fix the 2000 uninstall bug, and for XP, sp3 stuff. also looking for some new stuff, together with the users here i am planning on letting you guys in on this. so WE can make it the best pack out there Damian666
  12. yeah, i am still working on it man. sorry... i WILL find a way, trust me Damian666
  13. yes, i am totally aware of that, but i have a fix for you take the attached file, and replace the patcher with the new one let me know if it works ok? Damian666 vistapack 2000 fix
  14. oke news flash... the hexdata is correct, so i am not being overconfident... BUT the automated process makes it work only on a admin account, why? i really dont know, if i compare the auto patched and hand patched file, they are identical. so it beats me... still searching though. Damian666
  15. ok, maybe i was a bit to overconfident... i checked it on my testbox, and it worked there, but when i tested it on my english testbox, it didnt... so what the hell is going on here? i dont know. you dont have a problem if your on a normal account, but on a restricted one, it errors up your explorer!!! so, maybe not fixed then... but if its the problem of the patch itselfor some settings in Windows... i really dont know, i checked a few pre patched uxthemes, and they all have the same patched code :S i will report back... Damian666
  16. if you want the vista taskbar and tray, install tclock. that will do it. Damian666
  17. ok guys, after all these days, the solution is finally found. problem solved, so stay tuned for next version damian666
  18. yeah there is actually, its called controlclick. you us ethe window info prog thats installed together with autoit, and check the name of the window and control. then you use the controlclick function to click that control. ControlClick( "title", "text", controlID) title is what you see as title on the window with the control. text is some piece of text that appears in the window, and controlid is the id of the control that you found by using mentioned above program. thats it really, very simple if you get the hang of it oh, and read the helpfile man Damian666
  19. ok, i have a temporary fix for you guys. dl the attached txtfile, and replace the old one in the comctl dir with it. then just force reload the comctl file by entering comctl32.dll in the box and press reload. on reboot you will be happy to use your programs again it seems like the new comctl doesnt like his bmp's to be patched... dont know if it can be done. enjoy Damian666 comctl32.dll.txt
  20. yeah, it looks like comctl is used by a lot of programs man... i am allready looking in to it Damian666
  21. ok guys, please note that there is found a bug in the patch. it will only work on admin accounts, not the patcher, but the patched file itself... yeah, i know, its really weird man. we are investigating it now. stay tuned. Damian666
  22. its cool man, forget about it Damian666
  23. thanc you very much squeeto, it looks like your all over the credits man thanx again. Damian666
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