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  1. ikr? lmfao they even went as far as opening your site when you press learn more xD
  2. latest insider preview, just reporting
  3. I noticed when I installed last version its not registered anymore. is that a thing in the program, or is that me changing hardware to much?
  4. use the import function the program has, that's why I added it, so people can update it themself
  5. i have x64 tihiy, still happens for me though, i am allready on ltest version, tried beta too. cant rightclick the startbutton either on my end. if you need a log or something, testing whatever, hit me up on PM if ya want. Dami
  6. dunno if its something with SIB, but whenever i install it on my win10 machine, explorer goes in a restart loop could be a combination of tweaks though, cant find the reason
  7. that happens on win10, dunno why... as tihiy said, delete win10 and install win8.1 xd ill just deal with it.
  8. install went fine here, wonder if there is anything we can do about windows displaying EVERYTHING in the start menu > all programs? cant delete folders there either, all i get is a expand on right-click O.o
  9. well, if its broken in a earlier build, its gonna be broken in a newer one man...
  10. nice one tihiy, bought it , <= meant startisback obviously xd if youre making explorer better, what about tabbed windows?
  11. nice man does this has any changes for 2000? damian666
  12. yea i noticed ^^ didnt think it was needed, because of the import function. but ok, ill update Damian666
  13. thanx man, will take a look long time no see btw ^^ Damian666
  14. yeah, that was just a stupid mistake on my part, trying to call a program that wasnt there XD 3 will rock your socks off ^^ Damian666
  15. Marxo said: as you see, final testing fase is begun, if ya want in, ya need to apply Here if ya wonder why signup is on WPC, marxo is resource manager, i am just coding it from now on damian666
  16. yeah... that would sum it up i guess Damian666
  17. oh, you didnt notice??? glad ya like it mate Damian666
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