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  1. ok, thast a very weird eror man, try uninstalling the true transparency and Tclock3. try that, and if nothing works, uninstall the whole thing, and try again with a fresh install. but without the above mentioned extra's. please report back if done. we go on from there damian666 p.s, s***, you cant uninstall ofcourse, the patcher doesnt work right? ****... i will be back in a few.
  2. well, thats also possible man, if you like that approach... then just let it execute with teh /s switch on the runonce. that should work, but it needs a reboot, just tat you know. damian666
  3. well, if you use nlite, it will do it for you, else you just patch your file on your live install, and then cab it and put it in the i386 folder Damian666
  4. ****, there si just one mara there man. oh well, wil you help me please? i cant get the DL progressbar to accurately tell how much is done would be great if you could help man Damian666
  5. no, i send to right person, look on WPC and yes, i will upload two screenshots for comparison. damian666
  6. well, above mentioned changes are aleady applied, and the little tweaks for the logofftext remover and the refresher are done too. i have found someone willing to make me a vista look-alike logon, but as you can see in teh poll, we are tied at the moment so we wait, and for the rest... we will see. i asked Mara to help me with the updater, i have trouble with the progressbar damian666
  7. you should use control click man tha is a much better way to do it check the helpfile for it Damian666
  8. for those that are interested, i am moving the download location to a better host. almost unlimited bandwith, and no problems with downloding and because of that, i am creating a update module for the patcher. it can check for a update on startup, and if its released, prompt the user to get the latest version stay tuned. Damian666
  9. ok, i will look at it man damian666
  10. hmm... well you know... we not all use that theme, so i think i cant do that man. it really is not a problem of the pack, more of that theme you see. i never had that problem, so i think that guy has to fix his theme sorry Damian666
  11. lol, but then you dont know what pc i had before man trust me, its a speed monster for me i never had anything higher then a 1ghz cpu, so you can imagine how that feels right? and its nice to see you can spend so much money on stuff, but i cant man. i dont have the extra 50 for a decent cpu, let alone for a dual core, oh, and they are way more expensive here too man. so please stop putting me down, its a speedmonster for me Damian666
  12. , would it be that simple zxian? that would be nice man thanx for the suggestion, i will look. it seems it does not hang, now i have my case open... so it is proberly the heat Damian666
  13. well,you allready helped man so thats cool dude. just have fun, thats all what matters. Damian666
  14. yeah, good idae, to bad i dont have any other cards in there except my videocard. i did try to open my case, to see if the temp was teh thing that was it. because the temp of my cpu is 61!!! much to high, but my fan is spinning fast, so i dont get it, maybe its the hot weather? very strange... Damian666
  15. i got them Mara, and added them right away can i write you up as a permanent tester? thanx smiley welcome to the team Damian666
  16. yeah, your both right guys... but i am just 1 person dudes and at the moment, i really cant do much about it, my pc is f***ed at the moment so Damian666
  17. yeah, i thought about that i will see if i can test it, but i dont have a great enough psu yet... anymore ideas guys? thanx in advance Damian666
  18. hi guys, i hope someone can help me with this, i am getting pretty desperate at the moment last week, i bought a pc via the net, from a guy... now please note that i am not really in the dark about pc's, so i went to this guys house, and checked this pc out. it looked like a real speed monster, pentium 4, hyperthreading, 3.40 ghz. and a lot of other numbers and s***, which are in the attached everest report. it worked great that first week, i was very hapy with it but then came my girl, and asked me to check her mp3 on my pc. which i did, **** i did it froze after a half hour or so, and fro
  19. ok, thats cool. if you do, please comment it ok? i wil send you in a PM Damian666
  20. well, as far as i see... i have to figure out what file is making WU do that, and take it out the pack... thats all i can do for now. i hope i can build a exclude list in the patcher, but maybe i just have to start again... and build a new patcher from the ground up, new things learned, and new things found in Autoit so i will think about it man. and the logoff text is certainly a thing that can be improved, want to see? you as fellow AI scripter? maybe we can figure it out together Damian666
  21. If it only does not change order of icons it would be great. dont get your hopes up man well... check explorer manually if the icons are changed... and let me know that Damian666
  22. ok, i think i have it, but i am not sure man... take the new refresher, and place it in the tools folder, replacing the old one and let me know what it does now man. Damian666 new refresher dont forget to unrar ofcourse
  23. ****... i thought it was just my PC that was acting up... i have that too with the IE7 stuff... **** m$ and for the iconstuff, just execute the refresher again man that will fix it. its in the tools folder in the vistapack programfolder. i made it new, so we could expect somebugs go to the extra tab, and there in the force reloader, fill in explorer.exe, and press force done Damian666
  24. and it wont look nice man... to much different colors then. trust me, let us keep it this way... Damian666
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