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  1. VBS2EXE decompiler posted at TPB and Demonoid. VBS2EXE seems kinda buggy... it doesn't seem to like large scripts. This first version of the decompiler isn't ideal, but it should work for most scripts. In the future if I can get VirtualProtectEx API to work properly in Vista I'll update the decompiler. Also, updated version of ExeScript decompiler which defeats the 128 bit crypto in 3.0 and 3.01 is on TPB.
  2. i've used PerfectDisk for a long time and have always touted it as being the best....but i just tried UltimateDefrag and i'm very impressed. here's my take: PerfectDisk is for intermediate or corporate users. it has nice enterprise features for an organisation, and it's small footprint makes it attractive to saavy home users. UltimateDefrag is for power users and features the most configurable defrag options i've ever seen. this is for people who know exactly what files/folders they use the most and don't need an algorithm to place their files properly. (even though it does contain a few different algorithms that do just that) UD was also smart enough to tell me that i have my NTFS last access attributes disabled (with the option to re-enable) and thus can't organize files according to that attribute. the disc shaped graph is brilliant, now if only they would make one with the right number of platters for your drive.
  3. if you use ExeScript to compile your vbs to an exe you should get the predictable results you're looking for.
  4. thanks for the info, but i can't find any US mirrors with the ISO files. not really interested in burning that many CDs anyways, too bad they don't make it a DVD.
  5. my fav type of music is the Benny Hill theme song.
  6. used UltraISO to extract this from XP64. (.txt extension added so that MSFN would allow me to upload) boot.bin.txt
  7. how new are the included slackware packages? are they the old trusty versions or newish? i stopped using the ubuntu flavors because they always include old stuff. i hate chasing down 50 dependencies to build an updated component.
  8. that's a good question and i think you answered it yourself. i thought maybe the p35c supported more 1066 ddr2 memory modules, but i just checked the memory support lists and it looks like both of them support the exact same ddr2 chips...so i think the only difference between them is the ddr3 support. p35 chipset will probably be old by the time ddr3 is affordable
  9. i run old games easier now on new hardware than i did with a 486 when they were new. dosbox is beautiful. no more trying to figure out how to squeeze an extra 4k out of conventional memory! p.s. here's a decent video card for 26.99 after rebate. (SAPPHIRE 100577L-1 Radeon 9550 256MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X)
  10. news is a bit old, but still a good read: Written by Matt Chapman Tuesday, 26 June 2007 Microsoft’s plans to lure gamers onto Vista by making certain games work only on that operating system seems to have suffered a blow. Shadowrun and Halo 2 have both already been cracked by hacking and warez groups. Patches have been released for both titles that allow Windows XP users running DirectX 10 to play them. Hacking crew Razor1911 took the credit for breaking the Shadowrun coding so it runs using XP. The procedure doesn’t seem to have been that complex – with the crack only needing to overwrite some files in the installation folder to work. However, the cracks aren’t that unexpected given what some firms said at the time of the games’ release. "First Microsoft claims that it was impossible to implement DirectX 10 compatibility on top of Windows XP,” wrote CEO Brian Thomason of reverse-engineering firm Falling Leaf Systems. “And now it also wants us to believe that it couldn’t successfully launch two DirectX 9-based titles on XP either. We plan to expose both theories as patently false.” Both of the titles had been released to take advantage of Microsoft’s online games service for PC gamers, which is similar to the Xbox Live service. source: http://www.absolutegadget.com/news/games/f...070626-593.html [i took the liberty of correcting the "Razer1911" typo]
  11. if you want to post (or PM) the exe i can probably remove the "press any key" thing for you.
  12. the strange part is that you just get a blinking cursor. most modern BIOS will at least give you a tiny bit of information along the lines of OS NOT FOUND PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT or something similar. you don't get anything like that? double-check your BIOS settings, especially the RAID and IDE parts. just because a BIOS setting is labelled as RAID or IDE doesn't mean it won't have an option that relates to SATA.
  13. disrespectful to whom? autoit? encouraging someone to use anything other than autoit isn't disrespectful, it's just solid advice. i'm sorry for not liking autoit. it's inefficient, slow, and buggy. also, i think autoit encourages people to make bad design decisions and implement autoit hacks instead of addressing the real problems at hand. just because someone recommends something and i disagree doesn't make me a bad person. this is a board for discussion. i didn't use foul language and i didn't spout any personal attacks. i did use some strong words, but a program this terrible deserves strong words. it's a scourge to be reviled by self-respecting scripters everywhere. please send the MSFN management my best regards, -root
  14. it doesn't matter where he got the backup if he owns the game legally.
  15. Halo2 was a huge letdown for me when i got it for Xbox. Seriously, this game kinda sucks. The story is crap and the game is short...really short. I think most places rate it at 10 hours of gameplay, but I don't think it lasted more than 7 hours for me. on top of that the graphics are probably still DX8. you're better off trying a real shooter for the PC.
  16. if you use MinGW, you can find a very nice free IDE for it here: http://www.bloodshed.net/devcpp.html
  17. i'd help, but i have no clue what you're trying to do. it sounds like all you're trying to do is extract MDF/MDS from a spanned archive? and to all the haters: it's perfectly legal to backup your game.
  18. i first posted a VBS example, then realised you were using normal VB, but i'm putting it back. either way, that GetFolder statement is strange looking. GetFolder returns a folder object which contains various properties/methods. here's a VB example: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/186118 and here's a short VBS example: http://devguru.com/technologies/vbscript/q..._getfolder.html (even though it's in VBS it should be similar enough for you to understand)
  19. autoit sucks, avoid it like the plague. it runs okay 90-95% of the time, rest of the time it will figure out a way to mess up. you can check out MSFN's own WPI: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=93 personally i use Microsoft's StartCD. it's small, fast, compatible and it looks good. though i'm not sure how legal it is to use for commercial purposes. i talked about StartCD in this thread. bah. i just noticed that you started the very thread i linked to.
  20. first install the decoder using the retail installer and input your key. (also install WinRAR from rarsoft.com, you'll be needing it) then using regedit or similar tool export the following registry key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{EAFD99D7-54B6-4e87-8C7C-6A3C85F8997C}\Instance now extract my installer (it's just a self-extracting WinRAR archive) to a folder. open up install.reg with notepad and scroll down to the bottom. swap the demo license information there with your own keys that you previously exported. now right-click either my silent installer or regular installer, and choose "Open with WinRAR". drag your new install.reg into the WinRAR window. that's it! don't forget to uninstall the retail decoder before testing out your new installer. oh, and please let me know how the installer works for you, it's been working great for me. i'm a big fan of this decoder, it's amazing...
  21. HDs store information digitally just like optical media, so Andromeda's assertion that 1s and 0s don't fade is still valid. However, i don't think the OP meant literal fading in the sense of a faded photograph...but if he did think that then Andromeda's post is the most important one in this topic
  22. my definition of astral travelling - a state of consciousness between meditation and sleep. i think sometimes it's just a lucid dream, other times it's deep meditation. is it for enrichment or entertainment, or neither? that's for you to decide.
  23. the greatest need....hmm. i'd say intelligent posts with good intent and clear meaning that discuss the technical aspects of Microsoft software. i'd help, but i'm no good in that area
  24. Microsoft still has strong demand for XP Embedded, built on XP codebase. That's the reason we still have SP3. Microsoft has said all along that they've been working on SP3 for XPe....so I never doubted the future of SP3 for XP.

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