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  1. I am using an SSIS package to import a csv into SQL and wandering how to add a date column that pulls the date from an environment variable that is set in a batch process and can be passed to the ssis package when called in that batch.
  2. I have a program that parses a csv into other csv files so that they can be imported into sql. The executable prompts when it is complete to hit any key which actually is the enter key that it really wants. I am trying to get around having to change the source code of the program and recompile because of internal costs of doing so.
  3. Neither of those tricks worked. Any other ideas?
  4. are you saying put a single enter into the text file? A blank line?
  5. I have a batch script that calls a program and runs it. The exe wants the user to hit the enter key before quitting and then letting the batch go on. I do not have a pause in the script it the prompt is hard coded into the program. How do I get the script to enter a literal enter key so that it can complete the program and go on with the script?
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    Hi My name is Dan!
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