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  1. Hello friend, could you please mail me the source codes.


  2. Here is the question. I need to be able to set the correct time on my Windows xp machine before it joins the domain as if the time is out think its 5 mins it will not join the domain. Now I have some PC's that the BIOS clock is not correct. so I can not use the Hardware clock to set the time. I can set the time with w32tm but to do this I have to be in the domain first. I could use Netdom (2000 version) to set the time but this needs creditials and does not allways work. So I thought about NTP my routers run NTP (Cisco) and I do not need to provide creditals. How do I do a query /cmd line /pro
  3. Very nice, As Geezery said a cmd line switch's would be nice. How about deltas on images?
  4. lol Unknown result? I know what the result it is all documented. I work for the biggest IT contract currently alot of users more than 250,000 across more than 1000 sites. the information I have provided is all the info I have received from this board :-). I have one Image when I say image I mean I have one "Imagex Image" not really an Image its a bunch of files, this includes all my drivers for my current models. I can deploy this by WDS, CD/DVD or USB it takes 3 mins on my slowest machine by USB. If I have any other models then I can inject the drivers into the "Image" I can do a SMS wipe and
  5. if the script your talking about is Johan's then...... Build your image on a machine that is a uni proc place all your drivers in your desried location. Download spdrvscn.exe from www.vernalex.com download... pskill.exe psloglist.exe sync.exe from sysinternals. Place all these files in your sysprep folder. use this batch file and adjust it to point to your driver folder.. rem Infrastructure Team @ECHO OFF CLS ECHO System Preparation Tool ECHO. ECHO Before continuing please: ECHO 1. Be sure that the pre-sysprep steps were followed. ECHO 2. Image the computer previous to this, as the sysprep E
  6. what services are running?
  7. Hi, I have downloaded the Smart Start Scripting Tool Kit Version 1.8 now all the tools work if run locally apart from the "cpqacuxe.exe" This tools is used to configure the RAID card. I have built my UFD winpe 2 image with all the packages and Imagex. I included all the drivers from the download in the imagex by using the peimg inf= command. I can see all my Disks and Networking is working fine (NC Multifuction Device :-)) When ever i run the "cpqacuxe.exe -s" to save my config i get the egg timer brielfy and then nothing. Does anyone have this working? I am running on a ML350 G5 with a e200i
  8. Just to let everyone know.. I downloaded the HP Scripting Toolkit Version 1.8 and this now includes winpe 2 support. There are extra drivers now for the multi function Nic broadcom driver. I have not tested all the tools yet. but its looking good.
  9. well your in luck cause the new HP Smart start scripting toolkit Version 1.8 has all the drivers for winpe 2 now which includes the multi fuction nic driver
  10. got it all worked out now... I have not bothered with the SDI boot into ram method etc.. I have formated my UFD's with the HP Format Utility and used pe2usb. to create and copy over the files to the UFD. I placed my scripts in the system32 and copied over my wim image to the root of the UFD X:\Images. Nowe when the engineers change the desktop hardware they then boot the UFD so that it does the following.... Formats the drive and sets the drive up how I want it lays the wim onto the drive It then pulls up a hta with the Computername and asset details which the engineer inputs. this updates the
  11. sounds to me you have nearly done it. How does the bootmgr.exe.mui get picked over the normal one?
  12. Use the mui version to get round the checksum issue
  13. Has anyone done a winpe 2005 image built with windows 2003 R2, created a SDI image and boot into Ram with a UFD? Ok guys I want to make a UFD Bootable with a SDI image that only needs to have support for diskpart, vb script and cmd prompt I would also like to have another partition on the UFD to hold some scripts and a wim Image. Has anyone done anything like this before? And No I dont want to use winpe 2.0 as I have a few machines that have 256mb of ram an even tho I can boot these machines with winpe 2.0 I can not create any pri partitions.
  14. Well at the moment you cant as this file is protected. The file is a dll and I forgot the name of it I will look it up when I get a moment However the mui version of the file is not protected. I have seen one place on the net that talks about chaning this I will dig the link out when I find it.
  15. can you try and re create your problem in vmware and send me a screenshot?
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