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  1. pretty interesting stuff. nvidia may win on raw power, but if any game developers incorporate all of ATI's fancy new stuff i think ATI could look better. re:InvaderFromMars seriously, wtf are you smoking? puff puff pass whatever it is, i want a toke.
  2. if you have the money to waste on quadcore then you have the money to get at least 640mb
  3. CAD: http://www.octree.de/ not GNU, but free for non-commercial use
  4. death to floppies. i've always hated the **** things. even when i bought the best game on earth (doom shareware) on floppies i hated them. the only thing floppies are good for is boot sector virii. re: dexter i built my system years ago and i've always been able to boot from usb/flash drives. also, it takes me 5 minutes to install an app/game and then run it these days. back in DOS days i'd have to spend an hour making a custom config.sys and autoexec.bat for the stuff i wanted to run depending on if they used EMS or not and how much conventional memory they demanded. it sucked. so basically i disagree, i'm more productive now than i was back then. and i don't have to keep 3 different floppy sets of OS installation disks for when a random disk goes bad. (yah, remember that?)
  5. turn on memory remapping in BIOS or get a newer motherboard with memory remapping. your pci devices are stealing some of your RAM. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929605
  6. can anyone test hardware acceleration for me?
  7. no attitude from me. he really did save the day. i ask you, where would MSFN be without "There is a difference between is 128-bit and is equivalent to 128-bit" ?
  8. to answer my own question...it looks like the T1 is the newest revision of that board, and if i want to use fast RAM i'll need to use an approved set. (basically, approved sets look like they're 2.1 volts or lower)
  9. samsung makes really nice LCDs. recently bought a 46" TV, and the only ones with a nicer picture were the expensive sony bravias. (even then, i'd say the sonys were only marginally better, not at all worth the extra 700-800 bucks)
  10. specifically looking at the EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1...
  11. glad i asked the experts, i think you found a **** fine heatsink....thanks for the tip. and yes, i think you may be right....wickerwolf must live in a fridge in finland
  12. I made a crappy little installer for: NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder Platinum 30 day Trial Version: 1.02-223 Release Date: June 28, 2006 For information visit: http://www.nvidia.com/object/dvd_decoder_1.02-223-trial.html Notes: Simple self-extracting winrar + batch files installer, feel free to make a real installer. This is an XP or newer only installer, you'll have to fix it yourself for '98 or '95. It does add an entry into the Add/Remove Programs list for easy uninstallation. It's working perfectly for me, but I am unable to test hardware acceleration as I do not have an NVIDIA card. There are probably a few unnecessary registry keys in the installer, too. Size: 1.64mb Download: Normal installer Silent installer This is a 30 day trial using the following demo key: First and Last Name: NVIDIA Trial Email Address: dvdtrial@nvidia.com Last 4 Digits of Credit Card: 2004 Activation Key: 7152-9346-DD6E-2CB0-79A3-5F08-AC23 Feel free to edit the installer to include your own serial if you purchased it.
  13. the Zalman 9700 looks okay and the Scythe Infinity looks alright too, any thoughts?
  14. does t-13 count as integrated? i use RyanVM's .net 2.0 installer and a batch file like this: example.bat: for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\WIN51 set CDROM=%%i: reg delete HKLM\Software\Microsoft\PCHealth\ErrorReporting\DW /f reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup /v SystemSetupInProgress /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f "%cdrom%\$oem$\dotnet2.exe" reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup /v SystemSetupInProgress /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f where "%cdrom%\$oem$\dotnet2.exe" is the path to your .net 2.0 installer you'd put example.bat in your svcpack.inf, for discussion about why you need to fuss with the registry read this: http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/200.../06/591694.aspx as for a no-install method, i think you'd have to create your own.
  15. lol i was too stupid to scroll up the list
  16. When XP setup first starts if you press F5 at the time where it says "Press F6 to install RAID/SCSI" you're supposed to be able to select the HAL to install. When i do that the only selection i'm able to choose is the i486 one, is there any way to fix that? I don't really mind changing my HAL afterwards, but it would be nice to do it the right way.
  17. using nLite i don't think it froze up on me before with a blank disc, but it definitely is now.
  18. yah, it's called automatic updates. and by the way, EULA != Law just because Microsoft doesn't allow something doesn't make it illegal, use your brain.
  19. bah, my fault. this forum works great! everytime i post a problem i realize it's my own fault just minutes later!
  20. you don't decrypt hashes, you calculate the the hash of a given file (or set of bytes) and see if it matches. you "crack" hashes by creating a file that has the same hash as another file. this is called a collision. for any given hash for any given algorithm for any given file there is an infinite number of possible collisions. hashes are inherently insecure, just think about how they work. that is why they are always just a small part of a security implementation.
  21. I know what the problem is! You have a deadly computer virus that is devouring the pixels, leaving blotchy white spots behind.
  22. i'd say it's either some power management setting in BIOS that's disabled or windows installed the wrong HAL.

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