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  1. err, that's that question, can you do something like that in VBScript? So far, I haven't found an answer, you have to pass in the predefined number of parameters to every function call (unless you pass in an array), you can't have it take 0 or 1 parameters it seems.
  2. Sorry guys, you seem to have misunderstood me, I'm not talking about WScript.Arguments as in arguments to the script itself, but actually a function within a script that I'd like to be able to call with either one parameter, "a message string", or no parameters, in which case the function would behave slightly differently. I suspect that I cannot call a func/sub defined with one arg without any args and that I must pass an empty string to do this
  3. I was wondering if there was some way that I can write a function or sub that can be called with or without arguments? I specifically want to be able to write a func/sub that can either accept 1 or 0 arguments and then handle that inside the func/sub to respond differently. I suspect that the best I can do is pass in an empty string, but I'd be happy to hear anyone's wisdom on this?
  4. Hi, I am currently writing some command line tools and was wondering what the most portable way of having a script called myscript.vbs that works like any normal command line program. I have tried so far testing for the name of the script host executable and if it's wscript, then doing in an if block shell.run "cscript.exe """ & Wscript.ScriptFullName & """" WScript.Quit However this opens the script in a new cmd window which is a bit of a problem, especially since you can't read the output before the window closes. I know I can change the default scripting host of the system to be
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