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  2. Hi, I'm stumbled upon this retro stuff, because I noticed, that I was able to start an old Windows XPSP3 32bit. I also got an abandoned Windows XPSP2 x64, that didn't start in August 2015 again after I manipulated a registry entry (Which I don't remember). Then I started to copy the partitions into files with a tool disk2vhd or so, and booted them in virtualbox. I then was curious about windows 98 in virtualbox and read about kernelex 4.5.2 and 4.5.2018.23, sddwin 7beta, Servicepacks 29459 winboard Updatepack 1.2 Win98, sesp2d_de.exe (but on a english system), U98sesp3.exe (v3.64? preferences>ver). I tried to find a recent browser that can keep up with new standards and current TLS, because many things are downloadable from github or sou8rceforge, but I'm mostly only able to download such files with lynx with openSSL support enabled. I tried also Midori 5.11 from 2015, it starts, but nothing appears. K-Meleon 75 starts and I can surf, but it crashes on sf or github downloads or if I try to look in preferences. I got Notepad++ 5.9, Opera 11.64.1403, SeaMonkey 1.1.19, RetroZilla 2.2, Filezilla (latest possible version for me), ccleaner v2.29.1111, clamwin 0.99.4, Clam Sentinel 1.22, f-prot16b, nod32dos and virustotal uploader 2.2 working. Firefox 23.0 starts, but freezes on loading websites. I think I didn't get kexfat working(afair?), but installed ntfs and usb support. I installed some dlls under %windir%\system, like normaliz.zip and pi-ms-win-crt-runtime-lt-1-0, I think, to get filezilla working. Process Explorer v8.52 is working. So I can kill firefox I think, maybe Opera is for me the best solution, but I'm not comfortable with it.
  3. If you have to protect your computer from all threats or you are afraid of data theft, do not hack your personal files and folders So for that you have to install McAfee Activate and you have to put the McAfee Activate enter product Key in it to get you into the running process.
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  5. I have done a lot of testing now on what is causing the logon failure after Apply of Updated Windows 10 x64 Version 1909 on internal GPT SSD booting in UEFI Secure Mode. I can conclude now that this behaviour is not affected by Disable Hibernate Or BootMenuPolicy (Legacy / Standard) Or Local Account instead of Microsoft Account. It turns out that just Windows Update of the fresh installed Windows 10 x64 1909 is causing this logon failure After Apply of a Captured WIM file of this Updated 1909 Windows x64 version. Strange enough first booting into Safe Mode solves the problem. Probably the Microsoft Security is too Severe ......
  6. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1707555.html If you have installed it , it would not work .
  7. I decided to install NET Framework 4.5 through the msi netfx_Full_x86, but I got an error that I had to run from setup.exe, but then I edited that with Orca MSI, a Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache v4.0 error, someone knows that I have to do about it? Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QSu7HpgjVomrb_-WJd-kubzf6W2txtxL
  8. Hello, well using catalyst 4.11 it something i did the first before i post here, its in my first post. After that LoneCrusader make me give up on it because it was not working. I didnt retry with your link cause its not work actually: http://dl2.opendrivers.com/dl_file.php?dl=dl2&brand=display-and-video%2Fati-technology&file=wme-8-03-98-3-041103a-019079e.exe&check=c861ca602t7b2a&driver=44ak5 I will retry and this is link for the drivers i find : http://www.opendrivers.com/download/driver-18305.html This conversation of vogons bring 4.7 and 5.9 catalyst drivers too : https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=45116&p=449707
  9. The screenshot in that blog is of a prerelease version, and was apparently borrowed from their 2014 blog post pertaining to Windows XP. There has been no prerelease version since 4.10 in 2016. The bad news in that blog is the link to FAQ about Extended Security Updates for Windows 7, where the following question and answer can be found under ESU coverage:
  10. - Installed 98SE from CD to a regular 10GB HDD - Installed BHDD31.ZIP for LBA-Support. - Converted to Fat32 via Fat32 Windows-Tool - Cloned HDD via CloneHD to 250GB HDD. (Still 10GB partition) - Expanded Partition to 100GB with gparted by swapping disks to another machine. - Installed Network drivers for PCI-Card - Installed Windows 98 SP3 v3.56 - Installed KernelEx & UNICOWS - Installed other handy tools... Firefox, WinRar, Apache2Triad (for easily swapping files via ftp), TweakUI Recently: Installed ATI Catalyst Suite 6.2 to Support my R9250 and tried the whole DirectX and AC'97 things.
  11. Now keyboard input gets all messed up on my win10 laptop. Trying to play a game, then wondering why most of the control keys aren't working. Then I open an explorer window, type the letter "w" into the search bar and it closes the window! Things were fixed after doing ctrl-alt-del.
  12. With KernelEx updates by Jumper on Windows 98SE, you can go up to 2.8 with SeaMonkey, theoretically you can try 2.9, but it will crash a lot more often and will not work well. SeaMonkey 2.9 is the last version for vanilla Windows 2000, and SeaMonkey 1.1.19 the last for Windows 98/ME. Both useless for proper HTML. As a test, I try to load my main daily news website; If the blocks are rendered exactly like I see on my macOS, then it's working as expected. If they render in cascade (meaning CSS is not rendering properly or some HTML5 tags aren't being recognized) then it's garbage to me (unless the layout looks sort of a mobile website as a fallback, then it's acceptable). With BlackWingCat's kernel extenders on Windows 2000, I can go to the latest (and I really mean, latest) SeaMonkey: 2.49.5, and they announced that it will be the last version supporting Windows XP and Vista. "How rude". I was becoming a fan of SeaMonkey after that until I learned this news. At least Youtube works, sites are rendered as expected. Probably some super new CSS3 properties aren't, those that are in the draft for the next version of CSS. Hopefully - and I haven't tested yet - CSS Grid & Flexbox are still supported. If KernelEx with updates on Windows 98 is supposed to make possible to run XP-like apps, then why it doesn't work in practice for SeaMonkey? Something must be missing. The most decent browser I could run on Windows 98SE vanilla was probably Retrozilla 2.2. No Youtube, and no proper rendering of my favorite websites, though. And some cipher overlap errors somewhere else. Opera 10.63 probably was a little better. I haven't tried other browsers in a vanilla Windows 98 apart of RetroZilla, SeaMonkey and Opera. I know Firefox 2.x won't render OK.
  13. see my text ,version added now: "Since i installed Newmoon (27 SSE), KM-goanna for the first time with installer....."
  14. I am not able to use the Windows find. I followed this tutorial to rebuild my index. This did not help. https://www.geeksinphoenix.com/blog/post/2013/02/24/Search-for-files-and-folders-faster-in-Windows-8-with-Indexing-Options.aspx After that I followed this tutorial. This made it worse. I was able to find some files previously. Now I am not able to find any files. https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/windows-8-1-search-can-t-find-files-607534/ What do I want to do next?
  15. Dunno, I have ran 7 there but I have not recently, I don't remember so much as to that.
  16. Does the performance issues also affect systems with an AMD processor?
  17. So far there's been two security only updates that have telemetry, and I'm wondering if it can be modified to remove the telemetry, and repackaged as a update to install?
  18. Not first, but I did tried with a new profile, and the result is about the same: It did not crash at first, yet after browsed for some pages it crashes with the exactly same message. The memory was still abundant (committed about 69% seen from procexp) at the time. I think you may omit this report, since my system is not supposed to run IA32 build. Let a real user test it. I'm afraid I may mislead you. I am happy with the normal build. Thank you.
  19. 4.5 introduced the driver that patches modules in memory instead of on disk. That hasn't changed a bit (yet). However "KernelEx" is now overused, so maybe k4xp and kfive/k5? Possible additions to the driver include rloew’s i686 + my finesse sse exception handling, and Wdmex code.
  20. Thanks again for all responses. My screenshot needs are simple, it's good enough Windows 98 has a built-in tool. Thanks for the information @Drugwash. Windows compiling or cross-compiling for Windows isn't something i want to start, compiling in Linux no problem. I will keep my existing script, tweak as needed. Bash scripting is easy for me and no compiling is necessary. Getting to be an old dog, set in my scripting ways. Still an awful shame so much good software gets left behind. You don't have to answer, curious you don't multi-boot Windows 98? Tried everything @siria and the Firefox linked still failed. When i reference SeaMonkey, it's actual SeaMonkey (v1.1.19). Always enjoy your rants, don't understand too much of the modern world either. To me >90% of websites should still be HTTP only, no HTTPS. Guess the Wikipedia administrators justify it, as users need to be able to securely log in and edit information. Most websites are like this, people logging in to news sites or blogs to comment on articles. May take another look at RetroZilla, can't remember if i already tried it. SeaMonkey v1.1.19 supports SSL2, SSL3 and TLS. Can't see a TLS specification in settings or about:config, presumable TLS v1.0. Re-installed Firefox v2.0.0.20, it provides TLS v1.0. This also failed on Wikipedia today. IMHO, regardless of the workarounds and browser juggles, failing to keep a modern OS on a system for fallback is an exercise in frustration. Doesn't matter if it's Windows 98, 2000 or XP, newer releases may just bump up the inevitable a couple more years. My significant other clings to Debian 7 (Wheezy), even though long term support ended in 2018. It's now ancient in the Linux world, three major releases old. So far i've worked around issues by modifying source code, compiling newer software, using curl instead of wget, etc, but it will require eventual upgrade. My newer Linux installs just work, no need for this stuff. For me the biggest limitation is not the OS but the hardware, as many Linux distributions and newer browsers no longer support 32-bit systems. It's all a moving target anyway, just fun to experience the ride.
  21. Firefox THEMES VistaLover said: > Your only source of Complete Firefox Themes currently is what has been salvaged from AMO by the web archive Am shocked. Again :-( What a loss, what a senseless destruction frenzy by the Mozilla boss again, of precious, hard work. And even only 1 backup left, which can vanish any day too. So my idea was now to download at least this one as example skin, if ever needing one some day. And fell into another shock, whoa: 2MB per skin! and a new one needed for every new FF version! And with tons of bugfixes, over 140 versions! And double as many again for Linux! Ouff.... am giving up, not enough space even when saving only a dozen versions, plus Linux, would be already whopping 50MB. Considering that 140x2x2 together make about half a GB to store, for just 1 theme - frankly, am starting to understand the CAA maintainer...
  22. Thanks very much, I've got the installer for 4.04 now.
  23. > The current plan is to fork the project with ongoing development continuing as 4.5.2020. > 4.5.2016 API support will then be slimmed down to XP and below for stability. (Kexstubs will still be supported.) > (Or should 4.5.20 be the slimmed version and 4.?? or 5.0 the ongoing?) Just my opinion, but I've never seen much logic in keeping the same old main versions forever in any product, and only counting up the X.X.X.xxx sub numbers, despite major updates. Like the old gecko engines too, e.g. 1.8.1.xx, and some day Mozilla jumped to the exact other extreme. Or Seamonkey too, also gives the wrong impression of being a very early product version yet, when seeing that it's still only version 2.x Seeing a lot of development going on for KernelEx too since the good old 4.5.2 version, it IMO deserves a new main number long since too. Perhaps 5.x for max XP and 6.0 for new developments. Also like the years as part of version numbers. KernelEx2019+2020, why not. Just saying ;-)
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  25. What did you do to set the system up? Any notable steps?
  26. @VistaLover FTDeepDark v14.3 > this is what need, thanks a lot!
  27. I'll add to the Sheet Todo list an option to customize the target filter string. Then wildcards could be added with no restarting needed. It could also search for conflicts and even create a dated backup. The current plan is to fork the project with ongoing development continuing as 4.5.2020. 4.5.2016 API support will then be slimmed down to XP and below for stability. (Kexstubs will still be supported.) (Or should 4.5.20 be the slimmed version and 4.?? or 5.0 the ongoing?)
  28. It was veeeeeery hard to set the system up till here, had big problems with LBA-Support etc. I'd really love to not do all this again.
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