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  2. We've been using a fork of Chromium, it comes with a portable version, or a silent installer, both of which work on Vista
  3. If PC has a USB port but doesn't support booting from it, you can use pxe boot
  4. I already made this post but I didn't detail it enough and it was too long ago anyway. My system: i5 8400 (Z370 HD3 by Gigabyte) AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT My issues: - UAC takes a long time to dim the screen - Login / Logout is not smooth (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CjWJbCCMDM7WERfxGpUmiiBAywucTElA/view?usp=drivesdk) - Changing theme is very slow, sits there on Please Wait for minutes on end - Changing resolution takes a while, screen flashes and windows move around a lot - Bluetooth Xbox One controller drivers???? Other than that I was able to gain the scrolling on inactive windows with KatMouse. Best program ever. Noticed that some of my older games run natively on 7, was a bug plus for me. For some reason sleep does not take long anymore. It goes to sleep faster than 10 does now.
  5. It doesn't work , we all have tried
  6. OK, I gave up, since I wasn't getting anywhere with this - I replaced the system32 version and all is well again. I will play around and see if the stability of anything else is adversely affected, though my guess is it probably doesn't matter at all.
  7. Today
  8. How have people here been installing Chrome? I've been trying to install SRWare Iron 70 and not been having any luck. Ditto for Chrome 70. I'm wondering if there's a simpler way than trying to use Application Verifier on a trace of files. Maybe not possible but how are people installing their programs exactly?
  9. ok found it for server 2008 hope it works
  10. Yesterday
  11. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work with a winword.exe.local and dssenh.dll in there, It's odd that others have not had this issue though, which seems rather bizarre. Would it be prudent to just replace the system32 one or keep trying to find a different way? My Dependency Walker didn't show dssenh.dll at all, but neither did Dave's and his works...
  12. oh damn how do i install sha-2 or whatever its called lol
  13. No , https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/4569557/windows-update-sha-1-based-endpoints-discontinued
  14. It can be anything. Just make a new text document and rename it to winword.exe.local. and yes, repeat.
  15. I tried restarting Windows update service, didnt work.
  16. What is this file supposed to be exactly? Just copy winword.exe for instance and name it winword.exe.local ? (+Repeat for excel and powerpnt?) I've already got dssenh.dll in the office14 dir.
  17. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/dlls/dynamic-link-library-redirection Just like the thing I did to fix SHA-2 encryption in Office 2007 in Windows 2000, you can create a *.exe.local file for each office application and copy dssenh.dll to the office14 directory, along with possibly older versions of crypt32.dll, schannel.dll and rsaenh.dll.
  18. also yh im using a vm that may be the problem
  19. Hey (again) so basically i got an error (code 80244019) trying to update vista I really want to try the externel kermel (made by win32) and i cant update Any solution? Heres an screenshot
  20. OK, I just tried substituting the wsusscn2.cab file I've been using with the other one I had on my system in the D:\Users\Dave\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\MBSA\Cache folder. That is obviously an older version (in fact from 2018). WUMT works fine with it! It scans and shows me the "Installed" updates. The script produces a very similar result to before, but the exit code is 0xC800042D, not 0x8024000B. Is that better? If WUMT works with the older version of wsusscn2.cab, why won't it work with the newer version?
  21. I just used e42 for 10 years instead of 1 or 2 My MSE is green right now, after a reboot, so we'll see if it goes yellow again. If/when it does, I'll just run this reg script!
  22. FWIW, the CWDIllegalInDllSearch registry entry does not exist on my system. I've never installed SP4.
  23. I did earlier and things SEEMED to work with the system32 one replaced, THen again I have no idea what this DLL file does or what programs use it. Those were the only 2 I saw The odd thing is Dependency Walker doesn't even show dssenh as a loaded DLL...
  24. You need to do some tests. I'm not sure if that DLL is also used for connection purposes or local encryption only. In the mean time, I would search for any other registry setting that changes DLL search path.
  25. Yup, no difference, even with both set to 0 Thoughts on system32? What's the downside of that?
  26. @daniel_k Changed another related reg setting I saw there, no effect. At this point, I'm wondering if it would be best to just go back and replace the system32 one. Obviously the Office14 way is simpler if it works, but since it's not, is there any real downside you can see to replacing the system32 one?
  27. Checking now... if I have it, can I just delete it? UPDATE: Mine is set to "1" - 1 (Blocks a DLL Load from the current working directory if the current working directory is set to a WebDAV folder) Office14 isn't a WebDav folder, so I'm not sure what the deal is here... Even when set to 0, I still have the issue so this doesn't seem related?
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