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  2. There does appear to be a problem when applying FIX95CPU to a full OSR1 installation from CD/scratch. RTM installations later manually updated to OSR1 should not be affected. FIX95CPU tests for the existence of FILEXFER.EXE to determine whether the version of 95 being patched is RTM or OSR2... FILEXFER.EXE does not exist in RTM, but does in OSR2. Apparently it exists in OSR1 as well. Looks like I will need to find another file to test for to make the determination. Anyone who may have further input on this please chime in. On the other hand, if you're not getting anywhere with 95 RTM or OSR2 either on this machine I'm not certain what other problems may be in play. OSR2 should definitely work, even if the others don't.
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  4. this pref is enabled by default. did you change it in about:config?
  5. No issues thus far with both New Moon 27 and 28 and this forum. The only thing is dom.storage.enabled needs to set to true to post here.
  6. Basically he's right. The only thing I'd add is that you don't need to use Win 7 to partition your new HDD; you can use third-party tools as well. I gave a couple of links; he mentioned MiniTool's Partition Wizard. I don't know if Partition Wizard will run on XP but it will definitely set up your HDD correctly. You just shouldn't use the tools that come with XP to partition your HDD. Once partitioned, you can format your HDD with XP; if the partition is aligned, an NTFS file system will be aligned too due to the way NTFS is designed.
  7. Try blackwingcat's PEMaker and change the PE subsystem from (presumably) 6.1 to 5.0 or 6.0.
  8. I've tried installing it on Vista, and while it indeed installed, after launching, Windows complained that it's not a valid Win32 application: I guess the same will happen under XP.
  9. OK, so that's Quantum-based with the "Photon" interface, right? My first thought was, "that couldn't run on XP;" but: On Windows 7, it certainly looks like Photon (and a bit too much like M$ Edge). I can't test it on XP until Monday; in the meantime, can anyone confirm? https://www.comodo.com/home/browsers-toolbars/icedragon-browser.php (Warning: a dialog box will pop up offering to install "Comodo cloud Antivirus" and change your home page and default search engine to Yahoo on all supported browsers. You must click the teeny "Decline" button if you don't want to do that. Seems a bit PUPpy to me....) A Quantum browser would have drawbacks; the chief ones being no legacy extensions and no NPAPI plug-ins (except Flash). Still, a Quantum browser on XP would be quite a feat.
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  11. I suppose it is better than having the nag surreptitiously installed as a scheduled task which is what happened with XP (Pro 32bit). I have other Win7 Pro installations and not, at least not yet, been prompted to install the "Important" nag update on them. This made made me suspicious so I've checked all scheduled tasks and Customer/Windows Experience opt out settings and am pleased to report found nothing. But just the fact the update nag has been presented as "Important" is going to make me even more careful with my update checks from now on.
  12. different technologies. if you can make rust creating XP compatible binaries, and if you can make firefox > 53 XP compatible, please tell me how to do that.
  13. Newmon is slowly loading scripts for google services. You have to wait until the gmail has completely loaded. When you switch faster than gmail loads - then you have a heavy CPU load and newmon freezes. This also applies to other modifications of the palemoon - serpent, i.e. mypal, and also the original palemoon itself. Another firefox comodo icedragon fork on FF 65 has quick startup and fast gmail support. Neither serpent, any newmon and mypal have a quick start. Icedragon you will polish, add a lot of extensions and amaze with speed. It's much faster than firefox 70.0, than chrome. Why authors of slow browsers do not use instant icedragon solutions? @roytam1
  14. GZDoom 4.1.2b is the last XP compatible version (archive page). The XP support was dropped at the same time when the developer switched to Visual Studio 2019 (announcement thread).
  15. A word of caution to anyone running Vista on a VMware virtual machine - VMware Tools version 11.0.0 comes with an user mode OpenGL driver that expects K32EnumProcessModulesEx in kernel32.dll, which only exists on Windows 7+, thus one may unexpectedly get an error about the missing function when trying to run an OpenGL application, then application reporting it was unable to find an accelerated OpenGL driver or failing in some other way. The last compatible VMware Tools version is 10.3.10. This should be reported as it seems like an oversight rather than intentional breakage, plus the function is actually supported on Vista, just resides in a different DLL, so it would be trivial to fix.
  16. Hi. I converted my image file to .ESD for decrease space, but i need more space for write it. I saw a topic that someone asked this question for windows 7 and some users told can remove everything in Source folder instead (install.wim, boot.wim, setup.exe). i did it and work on vmware, so i need to know no problem in the future? Thanks.
  17. You're probably trying to download it with Internet Explorer or Edge, which are sensitive to incorrectly set MIME type on the server where the file is hosted. Try using another browser.
  18. But... but... with all due respect, why on Earth would anyone actually *want* to get either?
  19. UPDATE! I have done another major rework on all the versions of the UOC Patch (45 ESR, 38 ESR, Macintosh). The Enforcer has not been touched. Please update to the latest version and let me know how it runs on your machine!
  20. I use NM28 and does not freeze at all after signing off. Cheers
  21. My read of this article is that the March 2019 versions (v1) of KB4474419 and KB4490628 are sufficient for most people. These two are required in order to install any subsequent versions. The August version (v2) of ...4419 seems to be a reminder to update. The September version (v3) of ...4419 seems to only add a patch for boot issues on Intel Itanium64 machines. If I were to rebuild my system from scratch using the original oem disks, I would have to reinstall any recent updates that I want. I haven't actually installed any of this nonsense yet, but I've downloaded these two patches just in case kb4474419 kb4490628
  22. Anyone here using Gmail? Does New Moon completely freeze after leaving Gmail only for me?
  23. Yes, I cut the text file into two halves and now it works. But it means that I have to start the application twice, one with the first half, one with the second half of the text file. There is no way to raise the maximum number of items?
  24. Probably, quite a few know of this (including you), but does no harm to post of it. https://bookmark.house This Bookmark House (B.H) is simple and (via Ads & Donors) free to use it. https://bookmark.house/docs/help BOOKMARKLET = Will work on most all (old) Win OS Browsers to 'one click' create a 'Online URL Bookmark' at the B.H website. So, for FIREFOX Android, there is a specific B.H ADD-ON (Extension) for it. That you use it to save a URL to the B.H website. B.H website allows IMPORT and EXPORT of your URL data base. 'IMPORT and EXPORT' is listed under B.H "OTHER OPERATIONS" button. B.H is obviously NOT a SYNC situation. But say the MOZILLA FIREFOX SYNC service did 'disappear' as an option. THEN, the B.H service would look MORE attractive as a 'fall back' solution strategy for BOOKMARKS sharing between Devices (my view).
  25. In the text file which comes with OldNewExplorer it would be best if @Tihiy leave out his personal comments. Whether or not you like dark mode @Tihiy is not relevant, and your included opinion is not necessary.
  26. Sometimes that can happen (but ok for me right now as just tested), try saving the link, via right click.
  27. that's the matter we like helping with
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