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  2. Old phones, yes. New ones, no. Thank the good guys developing Android for removing this useful feature, the good guys developing Windows for NOT providing drive letter/file access via MTP and the sheep common people for not having made a big fuss about it. There are workarounds, and third party tools, though: https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/22979/drive-letter-for-mtp-connection-under-windows https://forums.androidcentral.com/general-help-how/495665-how-mount-mtp-ptp-drive-letter-usb-mass-storage-ums.html https://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s3/210019-how-can-i-get-drive-letter-windows.html jaclaz
  3. Don't know if this is related to your problem here but when Firefox is updated to 67 it creates a new empty profile so may be defaulting to that instead of your usual profile. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/software/firefox-67-switching-to-empty-profiles-causing-data-loss-fears/
  4. The Legacy version is on the second page of the link you entered.
  5. Switched to DuckDuckGo (also search engine) with customized settings without cookies. It is a great compromise between my language, privacy and more research results. Make your customizations and then copy/paste the link:
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  7. Yeah, there are some workarounds how to achieve it, but I mean that it should be supported natively. Or better, in fact, there is really no need to have some kind of support for Aero Glass - it is satisfactory that all browsers will give up that stupid trend where they disable system native titlebar and render its own titlebar (imitating the same look as system one) on Windows 10 (what's the point to remove something and replace it with something which imitates the removed thing?). It is really mysterious why this wrong behaviour has been implemented for Windows 10 only and it works correctly on any other system. I guess that this trend comes from Win10's UWP applications that do exactly the same (replace default DWM-rendered titlebar with its own GDI rendered parody).
  8. I'm using the external manifest way to get my glass back in FF but I can chime-in.
  9. I don't even install updates anymore, i just update my wim, re-create an iso and also copy it to my usb installation stick. Can't remember the last time a hotfix actually reached 100% on 10 without the stupid failed configuring updates message.... i have several computers and they all do that if i try and install an update the normal way via the .msu so i don't bother anymore. (and that's on an unmodified installation) i.e. not tinkered with.... updates failing to install for me was pretty rare on xp, vista, 7 and 8. i started having failed updates more often starting with 10 th1.
  10. Ublock stopped supporting firefox-legacy? There is no ublock release for firefox-legacy at https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases
  11. Sometime ago, I reported this issue into Mozilla's bug tracker, but it seems it was completely ignored. Now, on FF 67, on my work computer, Aero Glass in FF still works correctly but on my home computer the CSS property "moz-win-glass" is ignored. Maybe if more users report this issue to Mozilla, some developer will care about it. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1418759
  12. Are you using a recent version of 7zip (v16 or above, though I think v9.xx+ is good enough)? You can also try using @i430VX's installer: http://i430vx.strangled.net/files/XP/RoyTam Browser Installer.exe
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hey, sorry to be such a newb, but could someone please talk me through installing New Moon?? Recently fixed up an old XP machine and heard this was the browser to get but when I tried to extract the .7z it says the file is multipart or corrupt. I assume I'm missing something that's gone way over my head!
  15. I have a Galaxy S5 mini connected to this desktop computer (P4 , 2 GB ram) truough an USB cable. At boot, Windows recognizes the device and tries to install it as a removable media player. I do no want it as a media player, would like instead to install as a removable storage device, so I could access any files stored in the phone. How can I do this ? I know that at least some smartphones can appear as removable storage, but do not know how. O/S of the computer is 32 bit Windows 7 Home.
  16. @~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~: You have to download "High Definition Audio Sound Driver 9".
  17. I still don't know which driver I'm supposed to download from the original link... http://turkeys4me.byethost4.com/programs/ HDA Driver 9 or AC'97? Please translate into amateur computer user-friendly language. Tell me if I'm getting this right. This topic is so long and the files are all scattered 1. Download HDADRV9J.zip 2. Place HDA2.DLL in C:\WINDOWS\System 3. Make sure HDARSR.EXE and WAVEOUT.EXE are accessible (place in "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM" for convinience) 4. Place HDAICOUT.HDA in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM Notes: Originally a Windows 3.1 driver, but works in Windows 9x with tweaks The driver makes crackling sounds and needs improvement Sound is much more clear with DirectX 9.0c installed and extremely low MinFileCache/MaxFileCache settings (crackling still remains) In virtualbox, set MinTimeSlice=100 (100 !!) in SYSTEM.INI [386Enh] VirtualBox installations of Windows 3.1 CANNOT use System Acceleration, but VirtualBox 98SE REQUIRE ALL System Accerlation. Also, I am planning to install NT 4.0 on another hard drive of my Dell Latitude D600 and maybe R60 as well (probably gonna try ME on the R60 again). Perhaps I can get ME working on the R600's 945GM chipset (LoneCrusader's unofficial INF), VEMP, use this audio driver (HDA), and then figure out ethernet and wireless... Even if I don't succeed completely, it's one step closer to obtaining 9x on modern hardware9x with a Duo 2 T7200 would be great. Too bad it doesn't natively see dual cores.
  18. Yes, it is. Just download from here: https://www.7-zip.org/ Choose 64 bit version for newer systems, like windwos 10, and 32 bit for Windows XP
  19. I never realized you could do that. I set to "identify as internet explorer" and now I can view some youtube videos. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Bookmarking a video will not let me watch it but if i seach for the exact video sometimes it will play. I couldn't find the override.ini
  20. I would like to find a way to disable service workers while "filtering" the sites that need them... I will investigate it once I have enough time to delve deep in the patch. Meanwhile, I have released a new version, to fix some bugs. The archive name is the same, "2a", but there are some minor improvements under the hood. As always, please update and let me know if things run better.
  21. I don't know how WinZip got there at all, nor how to get rid of it. Is 7Zip free and easily available?
  22. Mediafire is working now. Patch downloaded fine. You're probably right; it was probably a problem with the site that's fixed now. BTW, see this post: ... if for security, you want to "lock down" service workers so they only run on sites like Mediafire that require them.
  23. I ran it again on Win 7, to see which three failed. But I got zero handshake failures this time, so the failures must've been intermittent and/or server-side.
  24. And they are still available on the latest virtualbox releases ,but the flipping audio never worked for me with them
  25. That's weird, since on build 7601.24441.amd64fre.win7sp1_ldr.190418-1735 all of the handshakes have succeeded, along with the tinyurl root CA being valid (COMODO ECC Certification Authority). Using version 0.39b of the tool and my schannel.dll file version is 6.1.7601.24441
  26. Windows 7, same machine. Nothing.
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