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nLite getting bashed in "editorial"..

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I'm reminded of a quote, the origin of which temporary escapes me.

"You must be doing something right if they've started shooting at you."

I've always taken this to mean that they are reduced to this because

they've run out of legitimate objections.

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man this andrew guy must be one of those IT employees that can't make a difference between winsock and the print spooler, and for some reason somebody promoted him into a high responsability job :lol: thus, this article.

Also, probably one of the many that never even heard about the Windows XP Embedded concept.

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I've also noticed that he has Moderation turned on :)

Let's see if my 'Carefully Reasoned Argument' , which incidently

does mention XP Embedded and Windows PE, makes it through his



Good luck. Should be interesting. I also checked out his forums to see what's out there. What struck me was that the majority of the threads and posts are by Andrew himself or members with single-digit numbers. :lol: He's in his own little world.


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What a load. Only people ready to die go to war. In other words, little ol' grannys with their new Dells, are never going to even hear of NLITE.

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I can sort of see where he's coming from. He's one of those guys who probably wouldn't dream of editing the registry, an INI file or god forbid a metabase.

Maybe he's tried nLite, without knowing what he's doing, and been frustrated at not getting the results he expected. Reminds me of a famous quotation:

On two occasions I have been asked, "Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?" I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.

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Hahahaha, thx maw!! I needed a good laugh!

I really enjoyed how he repeatedly mentions that only the "Microsoft programmers" are qualified to take apart Windows. And also how he mentions all the "supposed" testing with 3rd party apps, and that (once again) only Microsoft knows.

Not only is he comparing Microsoft to an all-seeing, all-knowing, omnipotent being, but if Windows is SO rigorously tested, (and only they know how to put it together), then how do you explain all of the game/software incompatibility problems in Vista?? :blink:

And as for "verifiable proof of any performance gains", I think all of us who use NLITE have verified it for ourselves personally. Just disable a few services, and eliminate a few absurdly unnecessary components (which will reduce the number of REGISTRY entries, thus truly making Windows more responsive and boot faster... proven and verifiable!!)

It's entirely too obvious that the blogger works in a Microsoft Support center. Poor lad. :(

read this earlier.. load of rubbish... im still on a 127MB install from feb 06 smile.gif

Can you share your .INI with us here?

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To be more accurate, that "editorial" does not bash nlite, it bashes "nlite users" and the whole concept of trying to make Windows work as it should amd how we want to, by removing unused or unwanted parts, or by creating custom systems, by booting from USB (said to be impossible by the good MS guys) and whatever not officially supported, so it indirectly bashes also users of (from memory, sorry if I miss anyone):

Fred de Vorck's Win2K pages and Tommy's HFSLIP

Winbuilder project


98 lite and XPlite (Commercial)

practically everything ever written by Mdgx

Blackviper'r Registry pages


Dietmar's and all the other people work on USB booting


and, by extension, all the work of ReactOS, Tinykrnl, SAMBA...

So, in a nutshell, all the fun we had in the last few years.

This guy is not bashing nlite, it is trying to demolish us and one of our primary source of entertainment! :realmad:


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I'm sure that many users share his opinion, and as jaclaz said it we do it for fun. Also the majority of Windows users are afraid or annoyed by the idea of the reinstallation in general which is the basic point when using the nLite - File Round-Robin.

CPU, lol

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There are some people out there apparently so smart they think they can do things better than the programmers at Microsoft.

Like taking IE out of Windows ? Since more than 10 years, MS programmers swear it's impossible. :rolleyes:

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