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  1. Do you have any kind of USB device plugged in that it may be trying to boot to? Possibly a card reader or something? I've seen this before. Just a thought.
  2. CPU

    Windows Animatons

    shdocvw.dll has the, "Earth to Folder" flying paper, and the, thing where you are asked to turn on autocomplete in IE. I'm not sure where the other one is you couldn't find.
  3. I think it's time to stop feeding this troll.
  4. Your lack of knowledge busted your install, not nlite. I'm still trying to figure out how nlite automatically chose a folder. When I run it, I get this... Nothing chosen in the address field. Nothing in the drop down. Hit Browse and Desktop is highlighted. If you hit OK here, you get a nice message telling you what you've done wrong, and what to do to make it right. If Nuhi makes any changes to the program, it's not to fix a bug, but to make it more NOOB proof. Have a nice day.
  5. I'm pretty sure you must keep modem support, because the system sees the phones as modems.
  6. I tried all the uninstalls/reinstalls, this and that, and never found a solution. So, sadly, I used nlite to make a new iso, and just let it load up the drivers. I hate using a full install of XtracraP, but I could not stand the lock-ups. Maybe someone will find the cure for us, 'cause I really want to get back to my tiny install.
  7. When I have an IE window open, and click a link that either goes to a flash site, or plays an flv or swf video file on an html site, after I've read the page, or viewed the video and then close the page (foreground), the original page (background) I had open is frozen, with the hour glass going on, and the title bar stating that IE is not responding. If I wait, sometimes a long time, IE eventually comes back to life, and I can can again scroll or close out normally, the page. I have installed the lasted flash player and Sun java, but no matter what, I still get the freezes. What have I removed that can cause this, or do I need to install some other software I'm not aware of? Except for this annoyance, everthing else works great, and my system just flys. I don't remember which version of nlite I used last on around March '07, but that install had the same problem. I was hoping that an install using the newest version may have fixed a bug that would cause this. Any help appreciated, and see below for my last session ini Last_Session.ini
  8. What chipset does your motherboard have?
  9. CPU

    Which AHCI driver?

    Please delete... I misread the original post.
  10. What a load. Only people ready to die go to war. In other words, little ol' grannys with their new Dells, are never going to even hear of NLITE.

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