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nLite 1.3 RC2 - Santa's patch 2


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Hi, I have an idea for a few tweaks:

Removing map network drive/disconnect network drive from my computer right-click menu

Removing the my recent documents folder found in documents and settings\user\ This folder comes back even when you delete it, isn't there a way to completely remove this functionality from xp?

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Pistolero, no, please compress and attach the txtsetup.sif.

But this error is somehow familiar...are you telling me that the other engine works?

Sure. Here goes the file. This issue happens all the time with the default engines from 1.2.1 on up to 1.3RC2. The error does not happen when using the alternate mkisofs engine.

Also, pretty interestingly enough, the MD5 file hashes are not the same when compared between the default engine-mkisofs ISOs:

Default= 1635C5326AACB60A579F2F5E466C7458

mkisofs= F0101DB3195B098A6A1E147871837389

So I guess the txtsetup.sif file itself is not corrupted as I can mount the ISO and read it without a problem, but instead there is an error in the way the default engine handles ISOs bigger than 3.5GB or something...


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I dont have any issue with iso ngine on any previous nLite versions, i just use windows CD and dont add hot fixes, just SPs.

So im sure the ISO ngine works perfect!

Ill test RC2 at 11:47 PM JAN 16, 07 :thumbup:

Tested! at 01:27 AM JAN 17, 07

My only complain is:

it keeps the WORKGROUP default name instead i set AMD.

i hope you could fix that!

Close to 1.3 Final :thumbup


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