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  1. Problem solved, First of all I took everyones advice from last week: Ran the free TrendMicro Hijack and rootkit finder/killer, no problems found Ran a full scan using both Avast and MalwareBytes, no problems found Ran the msft system upgrade compatibility tool (kb947821), some problems found with an old installation of office 2010, but nothing that would affect MSIE Ran the automated WMI diag tool from msft and wmimanage /verifyrepository, some WMI problems found with the same office 2010, again nothing that would put the zap on MSIE From an elevated command prompt, I ran the following one-liner I found on another forum from a user called 'archer'. This did the trick FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*11.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /quiet /norestart" This apparently cleaned out a borked / aborted install of IE11 and rolled back to a previous, functioning install of IE8 (the factory default for Windows 7). Rebooted, verified that IE8 was still functional. Kicked off a fresh install of IE11, that ran fine, pointed the machine at MS Updates, those ran fine. We're going to run this on a similar machine in a test environment next week with a registry trace tool running to see exactly what it going on under the hood. Thanks to everyone for their help last week.
  2. Hi guys, I know that you're all trying to help and for that I'm very grateful. I'm constrained by some corp security challenges and being unable to put more than 3-4 hours a week into this for troubleshooting. I hope to be able to work the suggested anti-malware and logging requests sometime in the next 2-3 days. Also going to do he WMI checks (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=7684) and patchregcleanup (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=2698) as suggested by a member in IM.
  3. Won't revert, the machine is 'stuck' with an inop version of IE11. Tried to 'remove' it via the windows feature section of control panel, all that does is deactivate the s/w and remove links/icons, it doesn't really de-install any component of windows. I can't find any way to force-reinstall IE11 on top of itself. Because IE11 is installed and can't be wholly removed, IE10/9 will not install on top of it (a newer version of Internet Explorer is already installed). IE11 is wholly unresponsive, looking at open IP ports, it's not even attempting to hit the network. As I indicated in the first post, just about any program **other** then IE11 works fine on multiple protocols. IE11 once-upon-a-time worked on this particular machine. The user can't say when it stopped, other machines in the office have the same Microsoft Update logs and patches. Tried all of the techNet and Microsoft support forum articles on broken internet explorer including how ot install/re-install. Most of the articles consist of rookie MS staffers doing cut and paste of stock troubleshooting advice with no follow-up. It appears as though something is broken in the way IE11 talks to the OS tcp/ip stack.
  4. "full malware scan using Avast, etc, etc."
  5. Every other 'net program on this particular computer can connect to the net, Opera, Firefox, FTP, uTorrent, POP/IMAP email, everything. IE 11 cannot. Removed and reinstalled IE 11, removed and reinstalled the tcp/ip stack, did the netsh int ip reset trick, net card drivers up to date, full malware scan using Avast, etc, etc. Anyone have any constructive ideas?
  6. A year after it was released, is it still 'safe' to install kb2557711 on a running system or should it now be only used on a bare-metal fresh install? The KB article was reviewed and presumably validated in Jan of 2014 listing three additional hotfixes that are required. Since then (01/2014), have any other hotfixes been superseded at all? Besides the three additional hotfixes and two reg settings that are noted in kb2775511 (kb2732673 being the most critical of the three), are there any others that need to be installed? thanks!
  7. I suspect that a sticky-notes gadget in the task bar indicates a pending note.
  8. if you do the mirroring through disk manager, it will make the necessary entries for you.
  9. You've downloaded a time limited beta/release candidate. It will stop functioning in March-June 2010. Knowing that, how many machines do you really want to put it on?
  10. I downloaded just fine with Opera on the 5th. Both images, average 450kbps each.
  11. Ahhhh, I forgot the deal with basic/dynamic disks. That's exactly what I've got here. For the record, the drives I'd *like* to mirror are the same model adn capacity, identical. Is here anyway to downgrade a dynamic disk to a basic disk?
  12. I must have taken a long drink from the Stupid Bottle this morning, but for the life of me I can't get my C: to mirror to another available drive. My D: mirrored just fine. Help, hints, antidote appreciated! Thanks
  13. deleted too much ps2 and usb stuff? seriously, you KNOW that you need to give us your last session file before anyone will have a guess.
  14. Ok, my quest for 'expanded' sidebar funtionality continues. Is there any way to have the taskbar duplicated on other edges of the screen. I'd like to have the SAME taskbar on the top and bottom (or left & right) of my screen. ????
  15. If anyone has access to the real-leak of 7077 (MSDN, etc) would you post the checksums (MD5, SHA, etc) here. definition; 'real-leak'; traceable directly back to MSFT, no side stops in CHina or Russia for translation. Thanks!
  16. It also looks as if 7077 (whatever) 'expires' in March 2010. This meshes nicely with an anticipated GA of Win7 of July-Sept 2009.
  17. And make sure that the system you are using to do your WinXP work isn't running Vista.
  18. That combination of stop codes is well known as being unrecoverable; the only solution is a full reinstall WITH THE PROPER DRIVERS AVAILBALE WHEN THE F6 OPTION IS AVAILABLE. sorry.
  19. rats. I was hoping for the hide/show functionality of sideslide (northglide.com). I guess I"m going to have to get used to win-space
  20. Just started to play around with Vista and Win7. I'm used to several XP addons that 'slide' a menu in from the edge of the screen. All I have to do is to jam the mouse pointer to the screen edge and hold it there for a sec. Is there any way to make the Vista Sidebar behave like this? thanks!
  21. newsposter


    Impossible to read. I won't be reading or commenting here until the OP learns some punctuation and sentance structure. It is hard to believe that someone (anyone) knows anything about computers when they are unable to communicate effectively.
  22. And that is the point if pidgen; it looks at license keys and compares them to the actual version of XP that is being run/installed. It generally keeps people from using corporate/vlk keys on home/personal installations. More functionality and more checks were added in sp3 so yes, you can try to blame sp3 for breaking things but it only breaks things for people who mix their keys up (or have other problems with licensing).

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