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  1. @myselfidem, thank you very, very much for the reply. This is actually my workaround (I use a little BAT file int he Command Prompt autorun reg key - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor\autorun - to set my network drive and change colors). However, my question to bensam is how he implemented this tweak, because CMD does NOT respect any custom settings put in its shortcut properties, so the tweak applied by RT7Lite is always active on ALL new CMD windows, regardless of whatever settings I choose as defaults... @Bensam, can you please describe what the CMD prompt color change tweak does and how? Thanks! You can use Start |Run and write cmd type: color /? Sets the default console foreground and background colors. COLOR [attr] attr Specifies color attribute of console output Color attributes are specified by TWO hex digits -- the first corresponds to the background; the second the foreground. Each digit can be any of the below values. If no argument is given, this command restores the color to what it was when CMD.EXE started. This value either comes from the current console window, the /T command line switch or from the DefaultColor registry value. The COLOR command sets ERRORLEVEL to 1 if an attempt is made to execute the COLOR command with a foreground and background color that are the same. Reg file for white color Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ; White color [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor] "CompletionChar"=dword:00000009 "DefaultColor"=dword:0000000f "EnableExtensions"=dword:00000001 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor] "AutoRun"="" "CompletionChar"=dword:00000040 "DefaultColor"=dword:0000000f "EnableExtensions"=dword:00000001 "PathCompletionChar"=dword:00000040
  2. Hi Bensam, AWESOME program you have developed! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU! I have a question about one of the tweaks: I built a DVD with the Change CMD Prompt Color tweak, which worked, of course! but now I need to change the colors of those prompts which I start as Admin, and said changes do not stick! next time I open the prompt, it is back tot he tweaked green over black... can you plese indicate where I can disable this tweak on a live system? Thanks!
  3. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    Hi Nuhi, Reporting that patching hacks (TCPIP, SFC, UXTHEME) seem to break a slipstreamed XP SP3 RTM install. IIS will not install, WMI ditto, Task Manager will not show user name owning a process, 99% of true addons do not install (they seem to integrate OK, but are absent from the finished product) Any chance you could look into it, please? Thanks for all your kick-a** work! Pistolero.
  4. Integrating SP3

    Nope... running under good old XP SP2 to create the install media... One thing I found out is that disabling nLite patching system files (TCPIP hack, SFC disabling, etc) then I can ping the test VM @ around T-16, which is promising. But older addons still seem to kill the install :-(
  5. Integrating SP3

    See this means installed and installing, not slipstreaming. Hi Kel, I am having very weird issues with an XP Gold slipstreamed with SP3, pointing to weirdness with addons integrated with nLite. One of those addons happens to be your UberPack 12 (I mention it because it does integrate seemingly OK but the pack never makes it into the final, installed OS). Many things are also missing, such as WMI control, IIS, and weirdest of all, user names in the process view of Task Manager. None of the old Mrs. Peel addons make it, most of yours, some of mine... it's a mess. I just did a test with the same addons but with an SP2 source, and everything works as advertised... Are you seeing any of this weirdness with your own addons on your SP3 source? FYI: I notice that the resulting DVD will suck because the test VM doesn't respond to PING until after the 2nd reboot after RUNONCEEX...
  6. Hi all, Has anyone been able to integrate the 3Ware Escalade 7000/8000 RAID drivers into Windows 2003 32-bit and have it boot successfully? I am getting OK through text mode setup, OK through graphic mode setup, but upon first boot into the OS proper after setup is done I get an infinite reboot loop. It may have something to do with NLite complaining that "the parameter is incorrect" when slipstreaming the drivers... Please help.
  7. nLite 1.4(.1) - - ->

    Thanks for the reply, Nuhi. I consider it a bug because it still integrates incomplete, missing and/or corrupted files out of a bum CAB without giving any kind of feedback or errors. The resulting Windows CD is useless as IE ends up broken, and another very weird symptom of a broken install: Normally, you should be able to ping the install-in-progress computer right after it installs the networking components at around T-25 or so... a broken CD will not return pings (even after it joined a domain) until the box is at a login prompt. Fixing this would be really appreciated, as it will save a ton of time when troubleshooting bad nLitings.
  8. nLite 1.4(.1) - - ->

    HUGE, HUGE BUG found! Hi Nuhi, I found what I think is a big showstopper in the way nLite handles corrupted or incomplete CAB archived addons! Because CABs store the file list and details at the beginning of the file AND lack of CRC support, you can still open most corrupted and incomplete CAB files with your favorite utility and see what's in it (extracting will, of course, fail miserably). The problem lies in the way nLite (and the RyanVM Integrator as well) handle these corrupted files. Neither program will report any failures or halt the integration process when a bad CAB is encountered. Invariably, the resulting CD will be totally broken (IE will not work, many crashes, instability, etc.) You can very easily test this by mangling a CAB file with a file splitter (keep the CAB extension, though), perform an integration, and you'll see the result sucks horribly! This happened to me with an old addon, and due to this it took me forever to find the culprit. It was a file date of 1980 which gave the crappy file away, but by then I had already wasted days trying to get the CD to work. You could possibly fix this by making nLite's extraction sub-routines read the file listing in the CABs and make sure all the listed files were extracted successfully, and if not halt the process. Or even better, just *skip* the bad addon and continue (this will also be useful for other addon errors which stop the integration and waste time when they could just as easily be skipped. Hope this report is useful!
  9. [Release] XPize Darkside 2.1

    Very cool indeed! What if I want to do an unattended install? Does it support the same switches as regular XPize? If not, what are they so I can perform a fully silent custom install? Thanks!
  10. Here's what I do: I install firefox and whatever extensions I like. Tweak it and set it up sweet. Then I close the program and copy the Mozilla dir in %AppData% to another partition. After I rebuild, the first thing I do is rename the default Mozilla folder and copy the backup back to %AppData% and then fire up the browser. Bingo! all my tweaks, extensions and settings are right there, just as they were before the rebuild! HTH.
  11. Debby does nLite

    Can you imagine how much fun a sociologist would have deconstructing this topic? :-P @Debby: Keep on hacking, girl! Question: You have a choice of getting ONE gift, either a very expensive piece of jewelery (diamonds, of course), or a equivalently expensive huge-screen HDTV set. What would you choose?
  12. [Release] XPize 4.6

    Thanks, XPero. One more question: How will the XPize installer handle finding ActiveSync 4.5 and Office 2007 instead of 4.0 and 2003, respectively? If it will freak out/break those programs, what are the silent switches to skip them? /noofice and /noas? :-) Thanks!
  13. [Release] XPize 4.6

    Thanks, XPero! Quick question, what are the unattended switches for 4.6 final? I wish to install it unattended and also skip IE7, RDP6 and the bootscreen...
  14. [Release] XPize 4.6

    Never mind! It looks like you fixed the issue! YOU ROCK! All you hard work is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU! Respect.
  15. [Release] XPize 4.6

    Awesome! Gracias XPero! BTW, your site appears to be unreachable at the moment :-(