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  1. Thanks I had no issues downloading today.
  2. Anyone have a backup of the tool? The attachment gives the 500 internal error when trying to download.
  3. Maxfutur

    Windows Updates

    WannaCry Fix for XP: 2017-04 MS17-010: SMB Server Critical KB4012598 WindowsXP-KB4012598-x86-XXX.exe Replaces 2011-04 MS11-020: SMB Server Critical KB2508429 WindowsXP-KB2508429-x86-XXX.exe
  4. Could you try Teamviewer QuickSupport into the Start up folder to control the machine? https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/windows/ I wonder if you already achieve the USB3 drivers setup.
  5. Hi MrMaguire. Did you achieve the bootscreen?
  6. Solution: http://www.microsoft.com/download/details.aspx?id=41542 (for download) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2917500 replaces Security Advisory 2798897: Certificates Revocation Malicious software removal tool link
  7. Microsoft Security Advisory (2916652) Improperly Issued Digital Certificates Could Allow Spoofing Published: Monday, December 09, 2013 Version: 1.0 At this time, no update is available for customers running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, or for customers who choose not to install the automatic updater of revoked certificates. Microsoft security bulletin summary for December 2013 MS13-097 2898785 replace 2888505 in MS13-088 MS13-098 2893294 replace None MS13-099 2892075 replace None MS13-101 2893984 replace 2883150 in MS13-081 MS13-102 2898715 replace 2849470 in MS13-062 That's what we have for this month.
  8. It doesn't contain: :EOF I'm about to try it, long time not slipstreaming
  9. JFYI: Every known HBR is included in Mim0's updates list.
  10. For almost 2 years i used HFSLIP for slipstream (after nuhi went on "vacations") and after slipstreaming, used nlite for components removal + config + tweaks. In XP, i had modified the original source reg files with the tweak that makes quicklaunch bar to show in taskbar, disable annoying WGA "update", and few more tweaks that i needed so, everytime i use HFSLIP & nLite i didn't include a regfile to integrate. Do a test, maybe it works much better than "like 'out of the box'" and i say 'maybe' because there are unnofficial updates.
  11. Enable 'Back' button and change to 'Start over'
  12. I have never used XP x64, so maybe AMD64 in the chain is useless and is not needed if there is setupldr.bin in I386 and has been not a problem for XP x64 setup disc creations, not a single boot error report.
  13. There is a new version released: 11.9.900.117
  14. Today we will have many updates in MS13-081: Windows XP Service Pack 3 - (2847311) - Remote Code Execution - Critical - Replaces: - 2753842 in MS12-078 Windows XP Service Pack 3 - (2862330) - Elevation of Privilege - Important Windows XP Service Pack 3 - (2862335) - Elevation of Privilege - Important Windows XP Service Pack 3 - (2868038) - Elevation of Privilege - Important Windows XP Service Pack 3 - (2883150) - Remote Code Execution - Critical - Replaces: - 2876315 in MS13-076 Windows XP Service Pack 3 - (2884256) - Elevation of Privilege - Important Internet Explorer 8 Windows XP Service Pack 3 - Internet Explorer 8 - (2879017) - Remote Code Execution - Critical - Replaces: - 2870699 in MS13-069 Internet Explorer 6 (Optional IE 8 Fix) Windows XP Service Pack 3 - Internet Explorer 6 - (2879017) - Remote Code Execution - Critical - Replaces: - 2870699 in MS13-069
  15. The 'AMD64' that you have seen in the boot sector, is for XP x64.
  16. Why not to post direct link? http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56155351/Tools/Spanish.lang http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56155351/Tools/Spanish.lang
  17. If you work with nLite in english, is weird, but if nLite is running in other language than english, then you are using a translation file.
  18. May i ask you if you have a localized setup of nLite? It can be a "normal" behavior in nLite in the case of, when you use a localized nLite (translated to your language), nLite only Save to your "Last session.ini" what is translated, if an option is not translated or its ID is not integrated in the translation file, is not going to be added to the "Last session.ini" file and there is when you get "the unticked" option.
  19. The first times that has really been a nightmare, also because I didn't expect such behaviour (after the first image I was like: "my nLite settings..wtf!?").Luckly, now I don't need to change much configs. A nLite auto-merge feature or a global setting or, at least, some warning.. would be nice. I totally agree with this!!That would be useful also when you need to add manual tweaks. I disagree somewhat with you guys. Piling up last session preset is not a big deal once you understand its behavior. You can use names or numbers or a combination of them. There are 2 preset files, both have the same name with the difference in "_u", wich is used by the unnattended settings, any preset that you have with whatever name you have changed, it is going to be recognized by nLite. For me has been very easy to find 6 presets after try&error, i started by renaming with names. The difference between one or the other i have found with 'beyond compare' (trialware), not a big deal. I prefer to keep off too many details because it would be too much work and it will take too much room in the screen, i like the last nLite behavior (v1.4.9.1). Suggestion: I think that it is very easy to add, and is related to last session presets, add rename last session on preset selection after its first time of nLite use. Additional to it, option to add/edit a description in the preset in the same section, useful when using more than one OS or nLiting the same OS in a different way. One more, pre-set a name to a new "last session file that is going to be created with nlite" instead of leave it by default. Has been a long time that i haven't used nLite, my last updated source is somewhat outdated, maybe a year but i used HFSLIP for slipstream and nLite for component removal, tweaks and unnattended source.
  20. While not being specific with antivirus, is better to do scans from linux because there is a chance that viruses get hidden for antivirus for windows. I'm going to talk about kaspersky because i have used sometime ago. When it runs installed in windows environment, you can do a live CD/DVD (from the installed kaspersky) to scan your computer in case that "kaspersky for windows" didn't found anything or windows got scr**ed by some kind of virus. Well, this "live CD" runs only in Linux, if you try, you'll notice when it starts loading linux modules. So, as you stated "an antivirus for Linux would check for linux viruses", is not right and the best option to check for virus in windows, is from Linux because the virus can't hide or protect itself in any running process (sometimes these virus are running its own modules as a service to protect itself from antivirus, can't remember a name to tell but there are many of them acting like that).
  21. I do call my ISP tech support around once a month and i laugh when they ask for my OS because my answer is "linux", then they go to the hardware and i say "the cablemodem is wired only, power unplugged for minutes or all night because there is no button reset". That takes less than ten minutes to have it fixed by increasing something where they are or just get the answer "a technician is heading to your home tomorrow". The problem has been that technicians do a barely good job when they come to check and/or repair, the bad thing is an expensive monthly billing with any kind of tech support included, needed or not.
  22. I do not recommend to install/integrate KB2803821 or KB2834904 from MS13-057 (Windows Media Format Runtime), read the info here: http://www.infoworld.com/t/microsoft-windows/another-botched-windows-patch-ms13-057kb-2803821kb-2834904-222636
  23. Just copy the registry entries in a text file and save it as *.reg http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/140336-the-file-checker-hfslipfc-for-hfslip/page-57#entry1044248

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