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  1. I had a problem with corrupt files on my 5yr old computer. The type of files you mentioned (last person). Turns out the problem was either my computer ram was going south, or my burner was. I have a new computer that this problem does not happen on.
  2. Would this be possible? After tweaking your own nlite session, allowing the user to create an xp livecd...
  3. Hi, I have an idea for a few tweaks: Removing map network drive/disconnect network drive from my computer right-click menu Removing the my recent documents folder found in documents and settings\user\ This folder comes back even when you delete it, isn't there a way to completely remove this functionality from xp?
  4. Very awesome, glad to hear it's already in development. nuhi, just curious but do you have to create everything from scratch for this nlite vista release? I mean are a lot of the components (removal things, tweaks, etc) similar in both xp and vista or are they vastly different?
  5. Thanks very much! Is it recommended to uninstall the previous nero lite version before installing this new one, or is it ok to install on top of it?
  6. Great BTW I really think 'Nero' is more like an older version (pre- even) I think someone from the warez community wanted to have fun and renamed an older version into a bogus one, probably bundled some nasty stealth-ware into it as well. I just don't see Ahead jumping the version number to '7.5' so quickly, afterall the version that was just released ( makes more sense in the numbering scheme...
  7. I'd like to customize some of the entries under taskbar/toolbars, but I dunno where winxp stores this info (my bet is the registry) but just exactly where...
  8. Yeah, I realize this, when I install I only pick a custom selection, of course I don't select everything, but it's there for anyone that might need it for some reason. I like the codecguys because they have like 2 updates a month, and they update to the latest offerings, even if apple or real do silent updates to their qt or rm, codecguide updates their package to the very latest versions... And yeah, you are probably right about calling a codec pack 'the best', sorry about that. I know some are good at what they do and it's the persons choice on what they want to use, I've been using codecguide stuff exclusively for 2 years now, and I don't really bother with anything else, but there are other good ones too. But of course, there are bad examples of codec packs too. For instance I dunno why would anyone install the nimo packs these days, that pack is so ancient now, but I see people linking to it all the time on other forums...
  9. Hi, I would just like to share with you what I use to play streaming/browser videos after removing wmp/codecs with nlite... I use the k-lite mega codec pack (arguably the best codec pack out there), it also comes with qt alternative and real alternative. http://www.codecguide.com/about_mega.htm Afterwards, I install windows media lite found here: http://www.codecguide.com/download_other.htm This installs wmp 10 codecs into firefox/ie/opera/etc. It's very easy and has worked flawlessly for me. I don't think I've come across a site yet that wouldn't play video files for me. Try it out.
  10. Is there anything required for beta versions of office 2007?
  11. I just wanted to add, renaming 'Program Files' might cause a slight inconvienience to those that use tools such as system (file) cleaners. For instance, if you use CCleaner - http://www.ccleaner.com/ or any other utility which has a database outlining the 'program' directory, it might not find the custom naming scheme if you do so. An example, CCleaner uses '%ProgramFiles%' in it's .ini file. So the app wouldn't find your custom location and some features in CCleaner wouldn't work.
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