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  1. BT848.sys is a widely used video capture driver that's not signed, and disliked by Win7 x64. Having no interest in doing the F8 routine, I decided to sign it using SDK 6.1 for Win 7. Now, the driver says it's signed, and the certificate says "digital signature ok". I used a command line "cmd.exe /c certutil -p mypassword -importpfx codesigner.pfx" to make things more automated, but when the driver wasn't accepted, I ran the .pfx file manually to import info to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities/Registry, and it's says "import successful". With all that looking ok, Win 7 still won't accept the driver. (and, yes, I did use search, but may've missed something). BTW, I tried ReadyDriverPlus (which works fine on Vista), and Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider, and both resulted in permanent BSOD's, even in safe mode. I'm sure something has been overlooked, but what? Any ideas what may be tried next? Thanks.
  2. I was having a lot of troubles accessing my network. No problem going out from W7, but no fun trying to get in. I finally set sharing on all drives for NETWORK with full access, and it works both ways. I did find that after making any changes in network settings, I had to go into the machine with XP (XP64 actually), and redo the "Network ID" each time, otherwise, it won't recognize shared W7 drives...You'll get the "network path not found", or some other irritating message. If you're using the Agnitum beta, you'll need to set your Internet Protocol on the W7 machine to "obtain an IP address automatically". W7 firewall is broken down to 3 sections too, (just to make things easier, of course) Domain, Public, and Private--some settings act like they overlap, so check there too. If still no fun, go into the "Security" setting on your drives--it can be set for NETWORK there too.
  3. I'm happy with Win 7 in general--except for some quirky networking behavior. Anyone else trying Agnitums 2922 beta--AND getting it to work right? My network is fine until it's installed. Once installed, attempts to access the Win 7 rig are met with initial "path not found" errors, with the diagnose showing 445 port errors "and to make sure the port is allowed". It pings perfect, yet there's no network access with Agnitum regardless of what settings I try out. Windows "Network Discovery", and all that are still set as before. Remove Agnitum, and all is fine--except I prefer Agnitum. My other two base machines (XP 64, Vista 64) also have Agnitum, and no network issues there. Just curious if anyone has made more progress, or found "the perfect setting". Thanks.
  4. As "security' goes, that can cover a few programs. For the free stuff, I had good luck with PCtools firewall, Avira AV, and Tenebril's very potent Spycatcher Express. Other programs mentioned work good too--I just had the best luck with this freeware combo. But in the real "pay for what you get" world, I only use NOD 32 AV, and Agnitum Outpost Pro for my firewall (I swear by them, not at them). I didn't see Spycatcher Express mentioned. In the 14 yrs I've been messing with this stuff, I feel comfortable saying it's one of the most powerful spyware tools in the freeware realm....but tomorrow is another day, and sooner than later, another developer will be coming up with something even better for us to try out.
  5. I was ready for Win 7 yesterday. Like any new OS, there'll be glitches, but Win 7 has been the smoothest beta I've tested. I like Win 7 a lot better as a beta, than Vista in it's current form. Vista was/is such a pain, I never bothered to make or use any unattended installs. I've already got my autounattend.xml ready to go for 7--all I need, is Agnitum and the virtual drive folks like DT, and A120 to make their apps compatible. They returned my inquiries as to when they'll be compatible--"When Win 7 goes RTL". UltraIso seems to be the only app to make a virtual drive function on win 7--too bad UltraIso doesn't have some of those needed extra features like those found in A120. As soon as I used the "pin to taskbar" feature, I was hooked. Sometimes, it's the little things that are the biggest surprises. The methods to change icon size within folders is vastly superior to Vista, which has a horrible habit of resetting itself to "auto arrange", and changing icon sizes while it's at it. Minor issue, but very irritating.....come on Win 7--"your public awaits"
  6. True, my eyes aren't as good as they once were, but it looks like EN in parts of the error message, which I reckon means the english version. Is it possible your server is blocking it due to that? Has anyone else in your area had any trouble with the download? Did you try to copy and paste the link directly into your browser? Are you using a proxy, or any type of IP hiding utility? Go to Internet Options>Advanced, and scroll towards the bottom. Is the "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication" box checked? It may need to be in this case. Just a few ideas.
  7. Did you run task manager to see how much memory is being used? Does it show any unfamiliar programs running in the background?--CPU should show increased use if so. I have 4 gig of ram, and 35% is used at a standstill--that's 1.41 gig (I do have a lot of programs installed, but other than AV/FW etc., all are idle) CPU is using no more than 3% at standstill (3.0 Wolfdale, no oc). If you only have say, 512 of ram, that'd be like driving with the brakes on. You mentioned wiping it every 6 months--how often do you clean out the Internet cache, cookies, history, etc. in the meantime? How often is is defragged? How long since the hard drive has been REALLY formatted. Most drives don't have that long of a lifespan under normal use--warranty can be 1-5 years. If you're not ready for a new rig, and there are no other apparent causes (trojans virus's, etc.) try to upgrade the memory, and get a fresh hard drive--they are just to inexpensive now-a-days not to. But, that's just my two cents.
  8. I find myself much more impressed with Win7 than I was with Vista at this same point in testing. Far more programs work right out of the gate. I haven't had to add drivers to existing peripherals, or even look for any. I really like the pinable taskbar buttons. Win7 does a much better job at utilizing the available resources than Vista, but does consume a goodly amount regardless. A lot of operations are just plain faster. Program installation to file searching are much improved in speed. The only thing that would be a deal killer, is if I'm unable to make SPTD devices function properly--but it's still early in the game. Of course, your individual startup/shutdown will depend on just how many programs are installed. I guess if there was one thing I wish they would add, it would be a single window were we could disable ALL the stuff like Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, UAC, System Restore etc. at one setting, instead of having to dig around for it. Fact is, there will always be those of us who just plain prefer our 3rd party programs to the built in stuff.
  9. Odd that Tuneup Utilities 2009 will work for some, but not others. Agnitum told me on 1/12, that they have no plans on bothering with Win7, until it's ready for Gold. Now you know. Acronis Home 11 works fine (and more importantly, restores fine). You need to include that 200mb partition along with C:/, otherwise you'll have a non-bootable rig when it's restored. Alpha Button 2.2 works fine. One Touch Shutdown works as expected EditPlus3 no problems either. Nero 8 installs easily enough, but no luck with SPTD dependent programs like Alcohol 120% (or 52%) No luck with Starburn 11--keeps asking to install SPTD drivers...even the SPTD 1.56 standalone .exe won't install correctly. O&O 10 Pro Defrag works like a champ So does ESET's Security Suite Faststone Capture 6.3 is good to go Alchemy Mindworks GIF Creator loads right up HTML Protector 2.1 is an easy install PTFB (Push the Freakin' Button) 3520 seems OK R-Tools went right in, no sweat And a few smaller PG's like Drawing 4 Children, PIXResizer, and SunJava 6.11 went ok too There are others, but they're already listed in this thread. As with Vista, the vendors will eventually make our favorite programs compatible with Win7. But unlike Vista, I actually like Win7, so I hope more vendor support will be forthcoming sooner than later.
  10. Thanks for the quick responses. I didn't mention cam or card brands, as there have been a few over the years. Only a couple cams exhibited this behavior. The cams range from Stardot, Swann, Apec, and Atrix, and the cards have been either Avermedia, or Apollo. But, thanks to something you brought up, I believe the issue is resolved. You mentioned the length of cable. It's one of the 66 ft rigs with vid/power cable in one that came with the Apec. The cam lists power usage at 120ma in the day. and 300ma to 500ma at night due to IR lights. My power pack is 500ma. Your comment on wire length made me think that extra power may be needed at that distance, so I broke out an old 1A power pack to try. The image wasn't so bad during the day, but tonight when the IR's kicked in, things got to swaying pretty good--and really bad if the proc amp was accessed. Plugged the 1 amp in, and the rolling and swaying all but stopped. I had problems with interference a couple years back, but relocated a few things and took care of that problem (REAL bad with wireless cam and rat's nest). This wasn't really distortion as much as a visual assault. In a 640x480 image it looked like every half inch of it top to bottom, was one band sliding right, while the next one down was going left, and so forth. Reminded me of some of the lsd days in the late 60's with stuff swirling back and forth. Anyway, thanks again.
  11. Two different brand cams (inexpensive outdoor IR) with similar problems--the image sways side to side similar to fields of grass in a light breeze as seen in video games--but very methodical looking. I suspect there's an issue with the synchronization of the cams TV lines, and what the computer reads. (But I'm not sure, hence the post) The oscillation is very slight--but can make one seasick if you watch the cam long enough. Some folks don't notice it while watching in real time--but it shows up real bad in my time lapses. The cams are on my weather site, and need to have as stable of an image as possible to be worth more than two dead flies. Is there a cure for the image swaying? Is there software available for such situations? I web searched "image synchronization" among various entries, but came up empty on this particular issue. Ideas? Thanks.
  12. Problem solved, but what a pain in the rear end. After the tons of codec packs downloaded and installed--and none actually working, it came down to installing one lonely item-- Ligos Indeo Codec 5.11. A measly 1.97mb file (iv5setup.exe), that once installed, eliminated all the headaches. MP 11 started playing the .avi right away, and UltraFlash converter ran as it should. I installed CodecInstaller first to see what was actually showing up--the machine was full of stuff, including the .avi compressor--it just needed that particular codec to run... Sheesh, what else did the "minds" at MS leave out of Vista?
  13. Downloaded and ran MPC. Same results--codec issues. I have Vista 64 with SP1, and one without SP1. They are on seperate machines. Test results are the same for both rigs. The .avi will not run on either. I downloaded an .avi clip from the web, and again, got the same results. One rig has most of that annoying stuff disabled (like defender, uac, etc), while the other does not. I ran search on my XP 64 rig for "codec", and got flooded with results. A similar search on Vista 64 came up "0". (Thanks for the quick response too.)...(A later test shows it will run .wmv files, so it's not totally doa--but still no .avi's)
  14. After wearing out my eyeballs looking and finding tons of info that eventually didn't help, I decided to inquire directly. My weather cams save time lapses as .avi, which are then converted with UltraFlash to .swf before being uploaded to my site. There are no issues with XP64, but there are with Vista64, I get the ever popular "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or a required codec might not be installed on your computer." Of course, .avi is listed in the WMP file list as a standard file, and it's box is checked. The same lapse.avi opens and runs fine on XP 64, but not Vista 64. I tried ALL the available codec packs, but to no avail. Perhaps some small thing has been overlooked? I don't use WMP or any player per say. My .avi's are automatically dropped into UltraFlash each morning for conversion to .swf, then uploaded to the site. I rarely watch them unless there was a problem during recording. It was UltraFlash that alerted me to the problem on the first conversion attempt saying there was codec issues--then I tried to play the file via WMP--no go. (I've been switching over to Vista64, and, after the driver disabling episode, had the machine 99.99% ready to go--until this glitch) Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. Finally ended up using ReadyDriverPlus 1.1. It adds the folder C:\BOOT, and boots Vista up through there. I did mess with a couple more things in "Services" which enabled the complete F8 prompt where I could click the "disable driver signing"...still didn't help. I restored a clean image with Acronis, then installed RDP 1.1. RDP does have timing options during installation so you can still boot into Vista, or dual boot. If you don't use dual boot, etc. then RDP installation is pretty much "click next". RDP, which reminds me a lot of AutoIt, goes through the F8 layout, clicks "start windows normally, and then just as fast, clicks "disable driver signing". That unsigned video capture driver loaded up without a glitch, and is fully functional. Note, that RDP will not work right if you have the Acronis F11 recovery feature installed. It looks like it wants to start Acronis recovery, but doesn't actually do so. Use an Acronis recovery CD instead, and you're good to go. ...(still be nice to have an official MS method)
  16. I got down to one lonely driver, and that's the BT878.sys video capture. A very common driver that millions of basic DVR style cards rely upon (for those who only need to capture an image to upload, etc,. not the 4-16 screen surv. software that comes with some cards). It originally came by Illusion&Hope, but was ported to run x64 by Sergey Sakharov. It runs on XP 64 perfectly. When it got ported, that fried the integrity of the digital signature. Vista SP1 doesn't like fried signatures on drivers, and won't let you install it, even if you know it's clean. Odd though, is an option in internet settings that allows you to uncheck the "check for valid sigs on downloaded programs". Saw no benefit from it though It's true, that some folks need MS to hold their hand to make sure they keep out of mischief (like some of my friends and neighbors), but personally, I feel that if I want to crash and trash my machine, it should my choice--not the babysitters at MS. I imagine a fix will pop up sooner or later--sooner preferably.
  17. Everything I've been reading says the integrated SP1 disables ALL the tricks--and you can't remove any of the "fixes" it provides. There are 4-5 different versions of the bcdedit method, but all are no longer working. I can see MS setting things up to keep dummies out of trouble, but there should be a limit to this insanity. Seems if anyone is smart enough to turn folder/file control from SYSTEM over to Administrator, User, etc., they should be able to do something as mundane as installing an "unsigned driver".
  18. First, I looked and used search before posting (really), but I'm losing my sight in my old age, and may've missed something. I got Vista 64 Ultimate that came with SP1 integrated. It seems SP1 effectively disables all the previous unsigned driver work arounds like bcdedit, F8, etc. Figures the very last program I need, doesn't have a signed driver. Illusion&Hope BT878.sys, only modded for 64 bit avail. from Planet AMD. I ransacked services and registry--anywhere that looked like it might harbor some chance, but didn't find any way to set an "ignore driver signing" policy like in the good 'ol XP days. Is there anything in the pipeline to disable this nonsense?...or where one can find a signed version of BT878.sys? There's ReadyDriverPlus as a boot workaround to install wayward drivers, but it conflicts with Acronis, and tries to boot into Acronis as if it was at the F11 point, (but doesn't actually go past that point). I'd really rather disable it internally anyway. Thanks for any ideas or info.
  19. I Googled antispam for XP Pro x64, and found several free ones that do "work"--meaning you'll spend a lot of time marking each email as good or bad...little to no automation. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a program filter it out without intervention. Even some of the shareware ones weren't much better. Programs seperate from the actual client--not integrated. Forget that--I want to open OE directly, with what's need right there on the toolbar. CA's anti-spam is the best for that, but not currently x64 ready--too bad. I loaded Caretaker AntiSpam from SurfRight B.V. nl. It integrates into OE fairly decent too--good enough I sent off for a code for it--too bad, as 3 days and 2 "where's my code?" emails later, they have failed to deliver it--no response from support whatsoever ...Think I'll write CA, and tell them to get rolling on a x64 compatible version.
  20. Finished a fresh install of Vista business, and all seemed ok--until I looked at my two weather cam urls (they stream fine in XP). The image pops up, but without any streaming capabilities. Hitting "refresh" does not advance the time listed on the images either. The cams feed into a server, then back out to the net. On XP, they popped up and ran fine....here's the odd part--one of the cams is a Stardot Netcam--it'll run fine directly, but not through the server. I've checked about everything I can find, or think of, from "internet options", to shutting down the firewall, to reformatting, java settings, permissions, etc....nothing. If I "X" out of the url, and reopen the link, it'll be at the current time, but that's as far as it goes. This is the last item that needs attention on Vista--all my other programs, etc. work as expected. Thanks for any insight
  21. Hmmm. One has to wonder at the accuracy, since I'm actually 200 mi from the server--not the 100 listed. Still, not too bad for being out in the woods, 200 miles from the nearest real city....and sure beats the 43.3kbps dialup 3 yrs ago.
  22. Well, it works--but the image is pretty bad. There are two sections in the Willing software...one with the 16 compressors, and the time lapse section that offers MS Video 1, or Indeo 5.10.--(it only records in .avi format.) The Indeo image is smaller in MB's, and looks a lot cleaner, but won't play from the website...it plays fine directly off the machine. I'd like to find out exactly why it works fine here, but not from the site--I really don't want to have to use MS Video 1.
  23. Willing Webcam software controls the DVR, cams, etc., and can record the .avi in a variety of compression formats. I was using "Cinepac Codec from Radius"...I just tried MS Video 1 for a little while, then uploaded it. WMP opened the .avi from the site as it should, so now we know it was a compressor issue. The Cinepac has great image quality--the MS Video 1 image is pixelated like a cheap .gif. There are 14 different video compressors left to pick from, so it looks like I'll be busy for awhile. Thanks for the response.
  24. I used search first, and found a few things except an answer. I uploaded a 5-6 mb time lapse.avi to my weather site (and want to do so each evening). Using WMP, I can run the .avi on the machine just fine, but when tried directly off the site, I get a "corrupted/wrong format" error message. I went straight to the uploaded file itself and no go --if I drag it back off the site to the desktop, then it's fine. What idiotic little thing am I overlooking? Thanks.....
  25. Until recently, my IP address would go forever without changing unless I unplugged the modem, etc. I'm not interested in using third party services such as NO-IP.com. However, their IP update tool did catch my eye...Is there a utility out there, or a bit of script, that would let me know of an IP change with a taskbar notice?. After going over Google, I found one that sends an email--but if I opened the email, I might as well open the router page itself. It's no biggie to change the info on the site. I'd just like to know when the IP changes up front in real time. I have a weather site on a public server, with links to 2 webcams here at home--the cams aren't available when the address changes. I looked for info here too, but just saw stuff pertaining to NO-IP. Thanks.

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