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vLite 0.5 alpha - Vista Lite


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I installed the filter. Showed vLite where the files are (mounted ISO and burned DVD). vLite detected the DVD. Selected ultimate, business, etc. however nothing worked. Keep getting 'Mounting image error -> It needs filter manager, error 5'.

...Copied the DVD contents to my harddisk. And now it works...

FYI: I am running Vista.

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Roufneck, so it didn't report to you that it is read-only, ok, but anyway now you all know, copy the source to the HDD first like in nLite...I'll work on better scan of that in next one.

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Just a question - wouldn't vLite (and nLite) be more suitably classified as a 'The Ultimate Deployment Customization Tool' or 'The Ultimate Deployment Modification Environment Tool' rather than 'The Ultimate Deployment Tool'?

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Madhits45, started few months ago during early betas...it wasn't easy.

Spooky, I'll consider it. Have in mind that English is not my native language so I need feedback like that, thx.

puntoMX, not in public man! ;)

Ut\Collector, good, don't break it :)

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Very nice Nuhi! Thanks for the share. :w00t:

I just couldn't help noticing the name vLite and been thinking

In nLite n was menat for nuhi as far as I know.

So from nLite point of view, vLite makes you Vuhi

From vLite point of view, nLite means a light version of Nuhi :D

Sorry for my random thoughts.

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I am testing on Vista Ultimate Beta 5384 and left it to

do its stripping, went to check on it and the vLite process

had completely closed, so I re-opened vLite and browsed

to my source folder and it said:

Error accessing image. Error: 32

It started taking out the languages and other stuff I chose but

I didn't watch it do its stuff so I can't say exactly when it crashed

out. I will re-test it and post back. ;)

BTW Nuhi this looks awesome already!


Unrelated, but WTF is going on with MSFN, why have I got

a list of links to posts in this topic at the bottom instead of just

the normal post after post layout?

Its like this at the bottom:

nuhi vLite 0.5 alpha - Vista Lite Yesterday, 07:38 PM

boooggy hoooooray !!!!! finally..... t... Yesterday, 07:40 PM

Lost Soul sweet share nuhi i cant wait to test your latest w... Yesterday, 07:40 PM

Camarade_Tux I can't believe it : I was right, the new vers... Yesterday, 07:45 PM

boooggy its an alpha....and only big things were removed. ... Yesterday, 07:59 PM

Kelsenellenelvian Is this supossed to be able to be ran on XP to cus... Yesterday, 08:04 PM

Camarade_Tux Is this supossed to be able to be ran on XP to cu... Yesterday, 08:18 PM

luke.mccormick nuhi, with nLite, most images with drastic chagnes... Yesterday, 08:04 PM

dAbReAkA i know that nlite was that way too, but isnt there... Yesterday, 08:05 PM

boooggy kels when u first install vista it ask u if u inst... Yesterday, 08:11 PM

dazzlee you are the master, nuhi Glad to see this. Yesterday, 08:14 PM

dAbReAkA emulated my iso with daemon tools and browsed for ... Yesterday, 08:20 PM

Camarade_Tux emulated my iso with daemon tools and browsed for... Yesterday, 08:26 PM

Sn4k36 I haven't tested this out yet.. But i will soo... Yesterday, 08:57 PM

nuhi Kelsenellenelvian, well if you read that popup to ... Yesterday, 08:59 PM

Sonic install.wim vLited, testing in progress ! Good... Yesterday, 09:14 PM

Has this happened right across the baord or is it just me?

Tried changing it in "My Controls > Board Settings" to show 30 topics

per page and 30 posts per page but its not changed anything.

I hate it when it does this! :realmad:

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