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  1. I think You guys misunderstood me. I am talking about that background at logon screen we see in redstone update. previously it was 2 different images for lockscreen and logon screen, now its just single image which works as both lockscreen picture and logon screen ( where it prompts us to enter user password ). I am talking about changing that one. I know about LockScreenGone tool, but its irrelevent here.
  2. Hi guys, I am trying to set a custom logon screen for my Win10 RedStone update on OOBE mode. I am messing with it for last 15 days and found no luck changing it. I have found registry keys which are responsible for it, but I cant manage to get it working. It always select stock image after OOBE. Here are the keys I have found.
  3. For those who wants silent ( unattended ) installation of OldNewExplorer. I found a way to do so, as below. 1st, import following registry ( change values as per your need ). Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Tihiy\OldNewExplorer] "NoRibbon"=dword:00000001 "NoCaption"=dword:00000001 "NoIcon"=dword:00000000 "NoUpButton"=dword:00000001 "NavBarGlass"=dword:00000001 "IEButtons"=dword:00000000 2nd, register the OldNewExplorer32.dll OR OldNewExplorer64.dll ( depending on your OS ). example, cmd /c regsvr32 /s %systemdrive%\OldNewExplorer118\OldNewExplorer32.dll Above command might not work because it required elevated privilage. So there is a little tool which can do it. http://code.kliu.org/misc/elevate And example with above tool is below. elevate -c regsvr32 /s %systemdrive%\OldNewExplorer118\OldNewExplorer32.dll Done!
  4. Thanks for pointing that out. It was indeed the theme which didn't support it. Works fine with stock theme and other themes which support it.
  5. I can't see command bar when I check "Use command bar instead of ribbon". See the pic below.
  6. I am getting following error during audituser pass. It worked fine with vista. I searched on google but found no solution for it. Error: 2009-10-05 09:05:14, Error [0x0f00b0] SYSPRP WinMain: Failed to query pending CBS operations; hr = 0x80070002 Log: Answer File: ( shown only related settings )
  7. Yeah, just plugged them and thts all! however I had leakage test for 24 hours before fitting them inside case. also, it never got leaked till now . Thanks . It consumed much time as it was the 1st attempt, I m gonna make newer block in future ( with pins, arrays inside block ). I m thinking to make CPU block from north-bridge heatsink because nb heatsink already have fins which can provide better cooling .
  8. even x86 didnt work for me! havent tried x64 but seems its problem with services? It shows nothing much in error log about the error .
  9. I didnt know about this problem until I read this thread! Seems they had fixed it in later firmware version. I have SD46 firmware revision on my ST3500320AS 500GB HDD. Havent faced any problem from the day I have purchased it .
  10. I dont get it working! everytime it gives same error as following I installed windows many times and then tried to generalize it before capture but same error . it gives error at "starting services" phase, which service causing this error? any idea?
  11. Is this id*** trying to prove 90% ppl of the world are idiots who are using windows? . it seems some companies paying these kinda f**ers to write/speak against microsoft! shame on them.I really hate this kinda articles.
  12. Yes, its between case and radiator, I 1st wanted to keep it outside surface of radiator but it was looking ghetto!! However there is enough space between case and fans that those fans can suck enough air .
  13. I just want to say, stick to your old OS if you dont like to try out something new! Dont blame on newer OS without upgrading old system hardwares they require, if there is something new, then we have to spend some time to learn and to have habit of it. I never be agree with people who always keep saying "Linux is better than windows" , are they trying to prove that over 80% people ( official figure, except pirated windows users ) using windows are idiots who choose windows over linux, linux which is even free while windows is paid? so far, I dont have any complains regarding win7 even didnt/dont have with vista! upgrade your PC and everything will run smoothly! on wikipedia.. p.s. I should post this msg on some other topic related to win vs linux but I couldnt hold myself..
  14. @Zenskas, Yeah you are right, I cant move PC that freely! But I m good in my own with PC repair so its not a problem for me . Forget abt LAN parties, nothing is happening here lyk that . @itachis, Cost is the reason I have did this myself, and who dont lyk their own made junks? . It was a fun making it!
  15. Test the tweak in normal mode. i.e. without silent switch. This will check whether your batch file runs that .reg file or not.
  16. Yes, firstlogoncommand works that way. i.e. It run after oobe phase when user logs 1st time.
  17. 1. search google for "regshot" 2. download it. 3. run it. 4. take 1st shot of registry using regshot 5. run your tweaking program ( like tuneup utilities, vista manager, vista tweak etc. and set any 1 tweak you want. 6. take 2nd shot of registry using regshot. 7. compare registry changes.. 8. get the changed values from 1st shot to 2nd shot. 9. save those values as .reg file. 10. done!
  18. lol!!! another guy with same problem . check my topic below http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=138235 however, with vista it worked fine for me
  19. check unattended setup log for executions/errors. you can find log file inside "Windows\Panther\UnattendGC\setupact.log" see what happened with ur registry command. post log here too ( just OOBE or sysprep phase log wherever u have given command to run ur tweak ).
  20. Well, this is an old topic, I posted my wc kit pics on some hardware forums few months ago, got good replies so I thought to show-off my ghetto kit here at msfn too . so Here we go... 1. The CPU Water Block 2. Water Block with acrylic mount 3. Lapped contact surface of the water block 4. Radiator with 6x120mm - 80 CFM Fans. 5. Reservoir ( Submersible pump inside, 1200 LPH ). * System Pics below *
  21. You mean snapshot on VM at oobe phase?or after completing installation? what if it keeps failing? Isnt there any proper fix for it?
  22. Coming straight to the point, I am using following option in winpeshl.ini which was working fine with vista What exactly it does is, It starts "start.exe" which is my custom app created with autoit. it loads fine with win7's PE( as well as vista's ). Clicking on "Install Windows 7 Ultimate" executes windows7 setup with specified unattended file ( x:\setup.exe /unattend:answer.xml ) and it loads also fine,. Now here comes the problem! Setup now not detecting any HDDs ( OR is it asking for windows7 setup DVD? ) on machine! . Now if I start "setup.exe" without any parameters to see whether it is problem with my answer file, but even starting normal setup.exe also not getting any HDD listed!! Now, if I start setup in normal mode ( no unattended, no answer file, no winpeshl.ini, only normal winpe without any scipts ) directly starting setup , then everything works fine! even, If I do folowing, Boot DVD > setup> repair computer > recovery tools > command prompt > Setup.exe /unattend:answerfile.xml" Then even this time it works!! So, I think there must be problem in "winpeshl.ini"( why its not detecting cd/dvd OR is normally windows start setup using DVD's "setup.exe" instead "X:\setup.exe"? ) . may be settings changed with winpe3? OR it doesnt load pnp drivers? plz keep in mind, everything which doesnt work on win7 setup, worked on vista very well! please help me out, otherwise I m planning use winpe2 to setup win7, but then I have to copy many files from winpe3 to winpe2 which are needed to setup win7 ( like unattended setup reference library..etc ). waiting for some replies EDIT: Weird! See, what isnt working is "X:\setup /unattend:answer.xml" < this setup not detecting any drives!! Now, I tried following ( Below "D" letter is of DVD drive containing windows7 setup DVD ) "D:\setup /unattend:answer.xml" < IT WORKED! So I thought there must be some files missing in "sources" directory of boot.wim , so I copied all files from DVD's "sources" directory to boot.wim's "Sources" directory, also copied setup.exe from DVD to boot.wim but still same problem!!! However setup.exe from DVD works fine!! while in vista everything is working fine even if setup.exe called from WINPE!! p.s. as for now ,I have managed to get it working setting variable for DVD drive, but I still have question! why microsoft did this stupid thing?
  23. Thanks for the reply, but I still faced the problem, I thought that workaround workd for me, but after finishing sysprep and rebooting , it gave me "Configuration error" so I think it didnt work!! I tried to redo the image, but same problem again! can u explain me what exactly I need to do?

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