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  1. On Vista x64 the pc speaker doesn't ring on incoming Skype calls. I don't know if this is a vlite or skype problem. When I install windows XP it is working. The same situation happens on both pc's I installed it on. Is there something needed for Skype? Does anyone have the same problem? Other question is, how can I test my pc speaker? Is there a program for that? TIA.
  2. Hehe, disregard what I said about '.sys was mostly used for windows earlier then XP'. It's been a while since I digged into this. But I did suppress the .sys warnings because of the million warnings in the driverpacks. Like I said before, a lot of .inf files are very badly written. How some of them work, I still don't know. If I remember correctly, on the msdn site it said somewhere the .inf files need a SourceDiskFiles section. DrvComp only looks into this SourceDiskFiles section. It is impossible to add all the exceptions by hand for the badly written .inf files. So if you need to compress other drivers, copy them by hand to the destination folder and DrvComp will still compress them for you.
  3. I've looked it up in the source code. It doesn't give a warning for .com, .sys, .dos, .vxd. .sys was mostly used for windows earlier then XP. In the driverpacks were a lot of XP drivers who had very bad written .inf files. They included a lot of older files from previous windows. The easiest solution then was to disable the warnings for .sys. So basically it was to suppress the huge amount of warnings with compressing the driverpacks.
  4. If I understand correctly, your program does post-windows-install installation. I was referring to integrating drivers into images.
  5. It doesn't check the destination. It only reads the source inf files, copies the necessary files and when ready compresses files in the destination dir.
  6. Development is stopped for this. For two reasons: 1. I am using Vista installs only at the moment and it has an different and easier driver integration system. 2. As stated earlier, this program is written in NSIS. It started as a project to learn the NSIS language and possibilities. However, the program got bigger and started to hit the limitations of NSIS. Maybe when I have the time I rewrite the program to .net, C++ or another language. If someone feels like starting with this, the code is included in the first post.
  7. @Kingskawn It compresses all needed files and stores thes in those folders. Not in 1 big file. @godan The inf file is too big. One of the short comings of programming in nsis.
  8. Since a week I am running vista x64 too. Had a lot of problems with my connection while using µTorrent. After a lot of reading I found 2 solutions. One is patching tcpip.sys. However this doesn't work (well) in vista x64. Fortunately uTorrent and Azureus have build in preferences for net.max.halfopen and bt.connect_speed. With these settings patching tcpip.sys is no longer required. Goto µTorrent -> preferences -> advanced set net.max.halfopen to 4 (This is how many connection attempts µTorrent will make at the same time. This value must NEVER be higher than 8 for unpatched Windows systems! You can still have 100+ connections to seeds and peers depending on your µTorrent -> bandwidth settings.) set bt.connect_speed to 4 (This controls the number of connections per second that µTorrent makes. This value must NEVER be higher than 8 for unpatched Windows systems!) set peer.resolve_country to false (for slow connections) Changing these settings will also get rid of the million 'event ID 4226' errors. The only downside I saw so far is that it can take a few minutes before µTorrent get to its full speed. The good thing is that I can browse the net again or even play games without any problems while µTorrent is running. I hope this can be of any help.
  9. Hi Viper999, Sorry I didn't reply to you or others any sooner. Lost my internet connection for a long time. Anyway, I had lots of time to look into the code and try to improve it. However, I programmed this a long time ago in NSIS. Thats also where the problem lies. NSIS is primarily used for installing software. Because of this I have hit the ceiling of the possibilities and need to look for too much work arounds. I'll add the source to the first post in this thread. I hope someone can improve it or even better, help me rewrite it to .net or C. My skills are not good enough for this right now. Regards, Roufneck.
  10. Just finished another project so I have some time to look into this. Will try to work on it next week latest.
  11. Never mind... I just found syssetup.inf.
  12. Thanx for sharing this gosh. This is exactly what I looked for cause it keeps me in control of my custom builds. I am making my own build environment from scratch based on yours. I probably end up the same as yours but its just so I understand it. One question though. What does the InfAlwys mean? For example do I need to keep moviemk.inf or can I just remove all links to moviemk.inf and all files used in moviemk.inf from dosnet.inf and txtsetup.sif. It seems that windows setup copies moviemk.inf to the inf dir and after copying it detects inf files and executes those. So if windows doesn't copy this file it doesn't execute and I don't need to edit it and replace it.
  13. Just did some more testing. Leaving all language settings and keyboard settings in nlite deletes all keyboard layouts as well. Installing non-nlited XP SP3 gives me all the keyboard layouts and I can select the spanish keyboard. So I guess this must be a nlite problem. Besides the missing keyboard layout, nlite seems to be working well with SP3 v3244.
  14. It's probably not a nlite bug, but I am missing all keyboard layouts except the United States Dvorak/international. I have to do some more tests to see if it happens with a non nlited XP SP3 install. Just wondering if someone knows if this is known for SP3.
  15. Thanx It has to do with the quotes. I can fix this. Besides that it uses some language codes for file location. I need to look into this.

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