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Hi all

i have receive e-mail with title MICROSOFT PROMOTION YOUR EMAIL ID HAS WON!!! and this mail taking about that i won money here is that part of this mail

Congratulations to you as we bring to your notice,the

results of the First Category draws of MICROSOFT PROMOTION

INT. We are happy to inform you that you have emerged a

winner under the FirstCategory, which is part of

our promotional draws. The draws are being officially

announced today 24th of October,2006. Participants were

selected through a computer ballot system drawn from

2,500,000 email addresses of individuals and companies

from Africa,America Asia,Australia,Europe,Middle East,and

Oceania as part of our International Promotions

Program.Your e-mail address,attached to ticket number

xx-xxx-xx, with serial number xxxx-xx drew

the lucky numbers x-xx-x-xx-x-xx and consequently won in

the First Category.You have therefore been awarded alump

sum pay out of 1,000,000(One MillionEuros), which is the

winning payout for Category A winners.This is from the

total prize money 1,500,000 shared among the two winners

in this category.

and i asked for send a claim e-mail to mail attached in this mail with my reference number

and i did :yes::w00t:

I wanna to know if this Real or Fake!! :}:}

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I agree. That looks like one of the spam E-mails I got. It's appearing that I may be required to have my internet service account deleted and get a different internet service account, because I'm getting non-stop spam E-mails.

The majority of the E-mails are porn-related. :realmad:

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I'm sure Microsoft loves giving money away on "contests" like this one. It fits right in with their business model. :)

Yet, you wouldn't believe how much people fall for such stupid things. I remember one that said that Bill Gates would give a portion of his fortune or something to people who would forward an email. Nevermind that it would be a totally stupid thing for him to do. But I've seen mail servers brought to their knees because to much people (hundreds of them) forwarded that one message to hundreds more. The simple message (like 1 sentence) quickly grew over a MB with all the headers and stuff quoted (multiply that by a few thousand copies...) There are idiots out there falling for the simplest things. Just like spam is not going to end anytime soon, just because there's a bunch of idiots who buy junk from spam emails (diet pills or what not), making it profitable. As some already said, I propose we take warning labels off, and let the problem solve itself ;)

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Microsoft never writes an e-mail with All-Capital-letters subject :D

Just like the spam I get, I get an e-mail weekly telling me that Microsoft will cost for using msn messenger, But If you forwarded this e-mail to 10 persons you will use it for free :P

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The most definitive way is to see what address and where it was emailed from.

(most of) the header information can be forged, but look up the IPs in the Recieved: lines since those can't be easily faked - example: I can send an email, and at the very top or the bottom of the Recieved list (can't remember which one, I think it was the top...) you'll find something like

Recieved: from [xx.xx.xx.xx] by xx.xx.xx.xx

Where the first xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP of the machine that initially sent the mail, and the second is the IP of the first mail relay. I can insert my own Recieved: headers to disguise my IP as a mail relay, but my IP will still show up in the headers. In your case, you can check the IPs there to see if they seem logical - mails from M$ will always emerge from some M$-owned IP, and then go either into your ISP's mailserver or one of the mail relays of the internet main backbone. If you see any other IPs there then it's probably faked.

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