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  1. Features of Download Manager

    The orbit download manager? http://www.orbitdownloader.com/
  2. Change Opera Icon

    If you want to change only the opera icon displayed when opened not the exe itself: 1- Enter Opera:config in your opera 2- Click UserPrefs 3- Scroll to Application Icon property 4- Now type the custom icon url Restart Opera.
  3. I'm already a big fan of Opera, one of my favorite browsers And I don't use IE 7 (As it is) Anyway, I tried re-installing, But didn't work, Sorry I don't know what do you mean with Dial-A-Fix.
  4. Hi, After installing Internet explorer 7, Any Software that uses IE core files and dlls silently crashes, I found the error is because of a dll called ntdll.dll (C:/windows/system32/ntdll.dll). Returning to IE6 fixes this issue. Any suggestions, please?
  5. Microsoft never writes an e-mail with All-Capital-letters subject Just like the spam I get, I get an e-mail weekly telling me that Microsoft will cost for using msn messenger, But If you forwarded this e-mail to 10 persons you will use it for free
  6. With some googling, Someone in a forum had this problem and he removed this dll and a new one was generated, I removed the dll Is that okay?
  7. After I installed Mcafee 2006 security suite trial, I receive an error when I launch any application, Clicking OK would simply close it and launch the software, But Sometimes It cases the applications to crash silently. The error was: (Application name)- Bad image The application or DLL C:\windows\system32\fkfhgjdn.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette. I Tried checking the dll files with the windows CD, But no luck.
  8. I want to change the boot screen, But I didn't check it while installing Xpize, Should I remove Xpize and install it again to choose to xpize the boot screen?
  9. I recently bought a HP Pavilion dv4435ea Notebook PC, when configuring the computer for the first time, I accidentally choose Arabic language for dialogs & menus of windows xp home edition SP2, Now I can't re setup it to English language.. Is there an easy way without installing the whole windows again to change windows language?
  10. [help] Can't enter windows anymore!

    Oh my! it's getting worse and worse After trying to do every type of repairing using win xp cd, by repair console or Auto repairing system, nothing is fixed, The computer now doesn't even load windows it just says operating system error.. And I tried Formating the whole drive, but it just says"drive C is corrupted or damaged" Looks like I need a new disk drive @InViSibLe Gr: I just did that and still hangs, now it doesn't even show me this list.. Thanks for replies
  11. Is windows defender better than Mcafee Antispyware? Is it a rule that the shareware is always better? Please advice Another question, Are these programs take care of malwares as well, or I need a separate software for it? Thanks
  12. [help] Can't enter windows anymore!

    I left the repair install to be the last solution, as It's so important to me not to lose any data.. Is there a certain auto-bootable software that I can burn to a Cd, and fixes windows problems? btw, my computer manufacture is HP..
  13. When my computer hang up completely after using IE 7, as I just have connected my computer to the Internet for the first time, I had to shut it down with the power button. Then on the next startup, the computer get stuck at "loading" screen, and after many shutdowns using the power button, it told me to choose to run windows normally or safe mode, and If I click on any choice it just lock again I have windows xp, 512 ram, and pentium 4. please help
  14. My new Avatar

    I think the first one is better, the shadow in the second one makes the text hard to read. Very nice sig btw