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  1. DAve I`ll be checking out very soon your script! THANKSSSS
  2. Does anyone know how can I get the top left logo (WInXP) transparent?? Thanks PS. My new winntbbu, although is not finished!
  3. what do you believe is better and safer for a smooth installation!
  4. what do you mean? The key is exact! I`ve used over and over again today.
  5. found it!! Thanks Dave EDIT: well i`ve launched teh setup and its says that my XP Key is invalid! i`m lost, once more.
  6. hmmm great post here!!! What do you mean you can`t do upgrades....like going from ME to XP? Still you can patch it with windows apdate and all that...correct?
  7. Hmm that`s what I had. Really weird! How can i know if WMP9 install before or after the hotfixes??
  8. wow...lots of people having problems there. i`m trying again using the SVCPACK.INF method now. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Dave! The only problem is changing the TEXT color to black or something like it! Otherwise you can`t see anything!
  10. Numinous I used the method you described, but I`m getting errors once I check the installation with qfecheck. It says that several of the hotfixes must be reinstalled. I don`t have a webserver where to upload the image but I have one to show you, if you can help me! sigh :/
  11. I see...no adaware either.? M$ Office is a go for me
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