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  1. link to download is not working for awxdTools1060.exe
  2. seems that the files "daemon4123-lite.exe" within svcpack does not contain 'daemon4123-lite.exe' but 'daemon4122-lite.exe'.can you confirm.thanks
  3. just downloaded and tested the latest update.thanks for the prompt fix.Thank you very much johndoe74 and radix.
  4. I did test the addon on windows.Will try in RunOnceEx
  5. can you prevent the latest version 4.12.2 with SPTD 1.56 from connecting to website after installation completes.thanks
  6. thanks for the latest update.your effort is very much appreciated.
  7. updated addon. try now thanks for the updated addon.works great now.Thank you
  8. after setup completes for v4.11.1,it opens link to DAEMON homepage.Can you prevent this from happening.Thanks

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