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  1. DAve I`ll be checking out very soon your script! THANKSSSS
  2. Does anyone know how can I get the top left logo (WInXP) transparent?? Thanks PS. My new winntbbu, although is not finished!
  3. what do you believe is better and safer for a smooth installation!
  4. what do you mean? The key is exact! I`ve used over and over again today.
  5. found it!! Thanks Dave EDIT: well i`ve launched teh setup and its says that my XP Key is invalid! i`m lost, once more.
  6. hmmm great post here!!! What do you mean you can`t do upgrades....like going from ME to XP? Still you can patch it with windows apdate and all that...correct?
  7. Hmm that`s what I had. Really weird! How can i know if WMP9 install before or after the hotfixes??
  8. wow...lots of people having problems there. i`m trying again using the SVCPACK.INF method now. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Dave! The only problem is changing the TEXT color to black or something like it! Otherwise you can`t see anything!
  10. Numinous I used the method you described, but I`m getting errors once I check the installation with qfecheck. It says that several of the hotfixes must be reinstalled. I don`t have a webserver where to upload the image but I have one to show you, if you can help me! sigh :/
  11. I see...no adaware either.? M$ Office is a go for me
  12. wow! Good work there! What about Winamp2.91Full, Adaware6, a popup-stopper like Pop-Up cop, Real alternative and quicktime alternative, UltimateZip, Just some ideas....... no...?
  13. I `ve the same problem Enclave is having. I did a Setup Screen and its only displayed at 800*600 and on my LCD looks really bad! Anybody has a site were to upload the screenie of my setup......?
  14. place the files inside the already made directories!
  15. Alright, how come my uxtheme.dll does not get patched? I followed line by line the directions of the Guide but still it does not work. I even tried patching it manually after windows installed but it does not work anymore!
  16. hmmm is there any way to see how the Setup screen will look during the installation or everytime you have to reformat everything??? an exe file somewhere....?? yes....?
  17. What I`m saying is: is it perfectly fine to install all the Nforce2 drivers after having installed the Pre-Sp2 hotfixes....correct? Usually I was installing windows, then install the nforce2 drivers and the update windows.
  18. Can I install all the drivers for my NForce2 Motherboard and graphic card after having installed all the hotfixes using the unattended CD. Is that correct? It won`t change performance wise the PC.? THanks

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