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  1. Ahh works now. I removed the Logitech drivers and it works now. Thanks..
  2. I'm having problems with my installation during the Installing Devices stage. Anyway I made a cd that works perfect on one of my PCs the one with a Geforce 3. When I install it on my main comp with a Radeon 9800 and Nforce2 board (included drivers on the cd) I get problems when installing devices section of the GUI setup. It just hangs there and goes to black screen (monitor off) back to GUI setup and then black screen (monitor off) and back to GUI again. This happens over and over again at 34 mins to finish install. I've tried renaming my directories: GART = 000 MEMCTRL = 001 SMbus = 002 IDE = 003 USB = 004 SATA = 005 ETHERNET = 006 Cat 3.7 = 007 Nvidia Display = 008 Nvidia Audio = 009 Logitech = 010 Doesnt work.... Just hangs there and going black to gui black to gui over and over again.... Anyone wanan show me their OemPnPDriversPath with 3.7s and Nforce drivers??? Thanks.
  3. Anyone figure out how to do a true silent installation?
  4. Quick Launch Solution

    A little off topic but I am having trouble getting a few reg tweaks to work. I run my reg tweak in the cmdlines.txt but have problems with the visualeffects section of my reg tweaks. It does not load my visual effects tweak. It does not also load my superhidden for the advance explorer.
  5. Quick Launch Solution

    Works perfectly... Only problem is that when you get the hex code make sure you get it with the correct length. I got my value from my computer and it has a length for 7 icons so when I started it up it had 7 icon length quickbar for the 3 default icons that are there. If you plan on putting shortcuts there make sure you have the correct length set.
  6. Chon the problem with your reg file is that you did not increment by 10s..... As explained previously by Terminator 2.... You went from 110 to 150. You need to go 110, 120, 130 Anyway I do think that the reg way is much simpler to use. Less syntax in general. Its easy to script though but the reg way has alot less what do we say? Cut and Paste. However the inf way does have an advantage of being able to place a message at the top which I might wanna do to say my Best Friend is an id***...
  7. Calling all Radeon users

    Yes I know that but the problem is that does it matter about the order if the only driver is going to be the nvidia driver..... Out of only your OEM drivers.... Can someone post an example of their winnt with an nforce motherboard and all numbered.. I assume I will need to rename all the folders where they reside.
  8. Calling all Radeon users

    I'm wondering if the order in which you type it into winnt.sif has anything to do with it. I have a cd that is suppose to install ati, nvidia, and Nforce drivers. But I have a computer that only would take the nvidia display drivers. A 1.7ghz pent with a Geforce 3. Right now I have problems getting the new nvidia drivers to be installed. Anyway if the computer would not load those nforce drivers or the ati ones then the order becomes meaningless?
  9. Hmm i'm wondering with 1024x768 if that is the resolution you start with right after the reboot of txtsetup...... OK finally got it to install the 40.31 drivers because the new 45.25 or whatever was giving me problems. It definitely installed the drivers because I booted up with them. But it is still a 800x600 setup screen.. I dont understand how this could be causing me to only run 800x600 because the setup only installs the drivers after it is in the setup. Let me try installing a pre made one maybe mine just sucks?? check my winnt.sif:
  10. Using cd that came with my dell computer. Would that make a difference? Hmm just installed on that computer and it seems that it didnt install the new 43.33 drivers.. THat might be a problem
  11. Can anyone confirm that the nvidia cards can get high resolution at setup???? specifically a geforce 3 If so tell me the drivers used.... or any method that worked before actually getting it to run at high resolution.
  12. That would make sense but I always thought that the driver was installed during the "Installing Devices" phase so for 5 mins I would see a screen that was low resolution. Anyway I have a Geforce 3 ti200 and when it installed the driver 45.33 it still uses low resolution.
  13. Registry Tweaks, Part-1

    I'm still trying to figure out how to put the status bar in explorer by default (not internet explorer). I have tried putting what the previous person suggested with the streams default registry key and it doesnt help. I tried it as a reg file for cmdlines.txt so that it will be installed before logging in. tried it after logging in. It doesnt work. Anyone else have some suggestions?
  14. How do I change the resolution of the setup screen? I edited my setup screen and it worked but it is only displayed at 640x400 or 800x600 not sure which one but def not 1024x768..... I set bitmap 103 with a 256 colors 1024x768.....
  15. Problem with getting them to wait for each other. When I used this method I was able to get it to run the Update for installing all the problems with GUI etc... However the problem I have is in getting them to wait for the CMD files to finish before starting another process. I used a vbs script to hide the windows and it might have caused some problems but when it runs the cmd it starts it but doesnt wait for it to finish before starting the next process. For regular setup files like direct9, etc..... it will wait for each other. But when it gets to a cmd file it executes and moves on to execute something else.