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nLite 1.2 Beta - Return of the warrior


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hi! First of all thank you nuhi for conceiving and developing such a program. I've known it for barely a week and has really changed the way I look at windows unnatended setup!

Now to the point: I can't seem to find the download link on the webpage either. All I get on the downloads section are links to nlite 1, 1.01, and the framework and framework lite. No link to nlite 1.2

Could you maybe post a direct download link so that the people having this problem can download the software too? I can't wait to get my hands on it! :P


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Great job nuhi.. Themes integration rules!

Now I've got a couple of problems..

First, I've removed Infrared and i'm getting these pop-ups on first boot saying some files are missing.. all the names of the files have "ir" .. so i'm guessing it's something to do with infrared.. but after that no problems whatsoever.

Secondly, nlite isn't recognizing the media i put in when i come to the "burn iso" page. I clicked refresh, but still nothing! I have 2 drives.. one a dvd drive and the other a dvd writer. Nlite shows the dvd writer under the drives.. but when i click on the "eject" button my dvd rom ejects instead.. :blink:

Other than that, my fresh install is working perfectly!

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Maxfutur, some sites listed 1.0.1 as 1.1 and there is enough features to jump anyway.

S0mE0nesMiNd1, what exactly isn't clean? Do you know what are visual style themes?

puntoMX, what a mighty addon you have there ;)

emodel, forgot to check alternatives with all the new dlls, gonna do it later on.

r3incarnat0r, thank you for the help on this version, for those who don't know he greatly contributed to bugfixing tweaks and the new services page.

Louie, ok gonna check

Lamer, it should work fine, if not make a new thread with preset attached.

IceBlackIce, exactly.

ZileXa, so what if the entry was renamed, I won't make that detailed changelog, no one does.

tijuana, try ctrl+f5 to refresh the page. If not then go here

arvind, ok we can already see a pattern, there is something fishy with multiple devices, gonna see about it.

About IR...I presume that happened while installing some sort of Bluetooth device or ?

Actually better is to start a new thread and attach the preset, thx.

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Yeah greaaat nuhi!

Framework lite doesn't work and the silent update wasn't noticed on german-nlite. Now there is a monster thread of screaming users: " Where is my ISO?!?" :}

Anyway, figured out that "prompt repair" fails wehen MSAgent is removed with 'folder MSAgent must be copied to HD first...' error. Or has this other reasons?

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