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  1. This was the command to insert the language pack into the wim file Dism /image:%systemdrive%\work /add-package /LogPath:AddPackage.log /packagepath:win7_x86_en.cab This is the info of the index I was trying to install with Winntsetup ... I also have the lang.ini in the sources folder, but I dont believe Winntsetup cares for it. I cant test it another time atm or see the exact details of the crash... but if I had to guess I would say its because I didnt use an english image and added the portuguese language, but did the other way around and somehow that messes up something when trying to apply that image instead of installing it. -edit- Since I couldnt try again, i've made some digging and found this: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd799255%28WS.10%29.aspx That could explain it =)
  2. It was a vanilla image with a dism command adding a language package.
  3. I just tested the ThinPC installation and it was successful. One more issue, when installing windows7, from what I understand the program applies the selected image to the disk right? I tested with one that had applied a different language (and installs fine when running from the setup) and it doesnt work using WinNTSetup, it crashes after the first reboot (when installing devices)
  4. I think there's an issue with the RunAfter command, when running from winpe i must specify the full path of the command, even if the file is in the same folder as winntsetup.
  5. Thank you for the explanation.. I'll take a look on some of that info to integrate on my deployment tools.
  6. @JFX Could you please explain what is done in the "Integrate drivers" part? Do all files get copied to some folder?
  7. Not sure if its working as intended but only giving the nt5/nt6 parameter in the command line does not work, it always runs the Windows7 setup screen, if I add the source parameter as well, it works and goes to the proper install screen
  8. And which features of a program that hasn't even been posted about in five years do you think are important to add to this one that is constantly being updated and talked about? Cheers and Regards Like I said, the option to load a settings file, that basically are the settings from the unattended and present it in a GUI so the user can change some options on the fly instead of editing and saving template files.
  9. Nice tool, congratulations. Are you still developing it? I would add a save/load button for ease of use. Is there anyway to add the features mentioned in this program? http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=12201 When I install Windows XP, I want to sometimes use the customers key instead of loading my own unattended file...yeah I know I could just edit the unattended file before loading it, but anyway more features cant hurt.
  10. Thanks for the reply, this problem cant be profile related since, some of the data is in profile folders but others arent. Vista is with UAC enabled and atm the user wasnt in limited-user account because previously the problem occured while the user was with limited access.
  11. Hello all, First and foremost, this will sound you weird, believe me, if i was in your place i would think the same, but try to read it with an open mind. I work for an IT shop, and give support for customers with their computers, i have this situation in one that is costing me some years of life, i will try to explain the best I can. The customer had a computer, he called me saying that some user data was gone (excel, word and some pics), I went and took a look there, but couldnt find anything suspiscious, with various diagnostic tools like procexp, autoruns and like that. The computer had avast installed and updated, but since i couldnt find what was causing it, i assumed it was somekind of virus or rootkit and installed the computer again with Windows XP (after being formatted) and installed mcafee, but this time the customer was working as a limited user, and I turned on the audit when deleting files in the folder the customer usually worked. Some months later he calls me again and the problem was back, same situation, some user data was gone, no program files affected as far as I could tell. The files were deleted in all the folders the customer worked, and even in some pens that he used to do backups. The thing is that now i would know what was causing it because i had the logs right? wrong...the files were being deleted but no process was showing up in the log, heres the log of one of it Abertura de objecto: Servidor do objecto: Security Tipo de objecto: File Nome do objecto: C:\dados\Trabalho\Os meus documentos\Agente Antonio Soares\Fax Diversos\Fax SR. Rui-21-02-2008.docx ID de identificador: 1124 ID de operação: {0,723700} ID de processo: 4 Nome de ficheiro de imagem: Nome do utilizador principal: TEXTOPC$ Domínio principal: GRUPO_TRABALHO ID de início de sessão principal: (0x0,0x3E7) Nome de utilizador cliente: Utilizador Domínio cliente: TEXTOPC ID de início de sessão cliente (0x0,0x5A239) Acessos DELETE ReadAttributes Privilégios - Contagem Sid restrita: 0 As a way to try to solve things, I would think that it was related to hardware, so a new computer was put there, with Windows Vista and called it a problem solved. But as you would guess the problem occured again, some months after with the exact same behavior, user data being deleted, but now as I have instructed, the backups are safe, because the costumer only plugs in the pen when doing backups and then plugs out, leaving the files safe. There are 2 computers in the network, the other one has Windows Vista too and nothing ever occured to that one. The costumer now noticed a new behaviour, the "My Computer" icon disappears from the desktop some time before the problem occurs. Does this tale rings a bell in any of you? Because nothing to me makes sense in this problem, logic tells me it must be software related, but what? The costumer tells me it installs nothing suspicious, there was even a time he was working as limited user and the thing occured still. Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks
  12. In case you want to use several MSP files, use the /admin switch and make the file, save it somewhere (besides the update folder) and when running the setup use the switch ( /adminfile <file.msp>) and you're done.
  13. "new: Prompt repair Unattended mode" - this means i can boot from cd and choose repair an instalation and the repair will work unattended?

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