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  1. Thanks a lot. Really useful! I was wondering why KB3039779 is not in there though?
  2. Hi, When I receive attachment and click to save it on my drive it removes the filetype. For example, when saving test.doc the file gets renamed to test and I can't open the file... I know I could just type the extension but it's pretty annoying to always do that. I can't seem to find a setting that could help me in outlook or vista's control panel. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. I don't know if its possible with office but if you want it to install before the first boot you need to create a sfx archive and run it at T13. there is plenty of information on how to do this here
  4. thanks Ill try it out and give some feedback edit: It worked great here on Windows XP Pro SP3 FRA
  5. the data from your OS must be in the source folder sp3, ie7, wmp11 goes in the HF folder you may use the dynamic Hotfix list from HFSLIP website for more information
  6. if you don't want it to be unattended just don't choose this mode in nlite
  7. you can alway try hfslip, it will do the job
  8. looks great nice work ! bonne st-jean baptiste
  9. ronmanp

    missing updates

    Hi, I slipstreamed SP3 + all hotfixes from the dynamic list but after installation Microsoft update asks for the Root Certificate and KB898461 For the root certificate I dont understand, because its in the HF folder ... My os's language is Portuguese- Portugal Except that everything is perfect ! Id like to know why this happens to me
  10. wow good job ! I have a question... I made a merged switchless installer of .net 1.1+sp1 etc , + .net 3.5 + language packs and I understand I need to run it at runonceex or guilogon but will it show a progress bar ? Because the user wont know why the pc is working so hard. ps: escuse my english lol
  11. why dont you simply select the .inf file and integrate with nlite ?
  12. it won't make XP faster, the only way to make it faster is to remove some service you don't need (network, printer, ....)
  13. I would say : l'amour est une amitiée passionelle. or : l'amour est une amitiée brulante. something like that..
  14. if the cd already has sp4 just slipstream the hotfixes released after sp4
  15. nevermind I found it exec 3<> ~/sdelrc read langue <&3 exec 3>&- this will read the first line of sdelrc and create a variable named $langue with it ! ps: I have another question ! Is it possible to use a case inside a case ? Because Im getting a error with this ... echo "Quel langue? / What language? (F)rançais / (E)nglish?:" read language case "$language" in "f"|"F" ) echo f > ~/sdelrc echo "Écraser le fichier SpecFICH (O)ui , (N)on?:" read confirmation case $confirmation in "o"|"O" ) mv -f $1 ~/corb.dir ;; "n"|"N" ) exit 0 ;; esac "a"|"A" ) echo a > ~/sdelrc echo "Overwrite file FILESpec (Y)es , (N)o?:" read confirmation case $confirmation in "o"|"O" ) mv $1 ~/corb.dir ;; esac esac

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