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  1. There are different pidgen.dlls for different XP SKUs. In the i386\ip subfolder of the extracted SP3 is a pidgen.dll for XP Professional. In the i386\ic subfolder is the pidgen.dll for XP Home. p means Professional and c means Consumer aka Home Edition. If you change it to the right one there should be no problem. Maybe the pid.inf has also to be replaced? Nlite works great on Win Vista and 7 - no need for compatibility mode. I just use an xpsp3 source and everythings fine.
  2. The source files in XP folder should be checked first. Open the driver.cab and/or sp3.cab in your XP source folder with WinRAR and press [ALT]+[T] for testing the cab archive. I guess your cab files are corrupted...
  3. Besides that WU/MU is not ready for SP3 yet there are also no updates for XPSP3 available atm - except the timezone fix KB942763. MS is going to re-release a bunch of fixes when SP3 gets officially available, e.g. most the IE7 Updates. As you can see in KB942763 when extracted, there has to be an SP3GDR and SP3QFE folder inside.
  4. You need to integrate SATA drivers for your notebooks chipset.
  5. Here is the link for the german users build 5508 -> windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-deu_bff98b4e9afe67c6b150e8ee3f7073d2c88aa971.exe
  6. Hi I can confirm this. Integrated b5508 into RTM source applied some tweaks, removed components and changed "WINDOWS" to"WINXP" - but it was still WINDOWS. Changing the "Documents and Settings" path to "Docs" went fine. Moreover most tweaks did not work...e.g. show known file extensions. Integrated IE7 and it works but the quicklauch icon of IE and the show desktop is gone, this is the first time since many installs. setuperr.log is empty, this was the ini -> LETZTE_SESSION.INI
  7. You can edit this manually before creating ISO in winnt.sif in this part : [SystemRestore] MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk=3 RestorePointLife=7 But nuhi was talking about any bug of this ... That's right but this isn't done by manually slipstreaming SP2 too - that's why I prefer to use a clean XP Pro rtm/sp0 here for slipping ANY SP! But you can use "merge cabs" (??? usually I see it in german ) in Options page of nLite to merge driver.cab and any other spX.cab in one file. I dunno what happens to the spX.cat file and the win51ix.spX tag file - maby this is a hint for nuhis todo list? But it's his decision. kindly reminding for examing/todo list : Server 2003x64 sp2 ger + IE7x64 ger problem
  8. I tried to integrate IE7-WindowsServer2003-x64-deu in Windows Server 2003_x64 SP2 DEU with nLite and I get the message "This hotfix isn't made for this Windows Version!" Integrating IE7 en-us in Server 2003 x64 sp2 en-us works. Maybe you can fix this in next version, nuhi?
  9. chris.b

    XP SP3 Intergration

    You can't simply install KB888111 on sp3 - thats the problem here. So I suggest integrating as driver.
  10. chris.b

    XP SP3 Intergration

    Maybe you should try to extract KB888111_sp2 and integrate the files as drivers. The extractes files are : /commonfiles /hdaprop.dll /hdashcut.exe /hdaudbus.inf /hdaudbus.sys /hdaudio.inf /hdaudio.sys /hdaudres.dll /update /eula.txt /kb888111wxpsp2.cat /kb888111wxpsp2.log /spcustom.dll /spmsg.dll /update.exe /update.inf /update.ver /updspapi.dll /winxp /portcls.sys empty.cat sprecovr.exe spuninst.exe spupdsvc.exe for XP sort these files out in one directory : hdaprop.dll hdashcut.exe hdaudbus.inf hdaudbus.sys hdaudio.inf hdaudio.sys hdaudres.dll kb888111wxpsp2.cat portcls.sys In case of portcls.sys there's a newer one in sp3 an maybe you must replace it with the one in sp3. Can't test here. Then integrate thie folder or the inf with nlite. UAA drivers should work then.
  11. Suggestion : Try it! Comment : It will work fine. One of my base XPs is also a Dell OEM Pro SP2.
  12. Maybe you missunterstand me I kow you can not fix this over night. I just wanted to know where in the setup.log or setuperr.log you see that the security center causes the problem? You see what I mean?
  13. Hmm in setuperr.log there was only the usernv.dll thing. Should be something in setup.log too?
  14. Wow seems to work flawless now. So just removing Security Center does break XPSP3 rc install? Where and in what errorlog did you see this?
  15. I also have some problems since this 3264 build. I'm slipping WMP11 and IE7 into it and on 3244 it was working fine. Mainly the tweaks are broken and many of my Inf addons are not working. The files get copied over but dlls are not registered and no shortcuts created. Weird This is the INI I uesd with success on 3244 and now isn't working ->LETZTE_SESSION.INI In setuperr.log there's only Fehler: Setup konnte das OLE-Steuerelement C:\WINDOWS\system32\userenv.dll aufgrund folgenden Fehlers nicht registrieren: DllInstall hat den Fehler 2147746132 (80040154) zurückgegeben. and in setup.log are some missing files of course and e.g. : externel Program rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection nLite.inf,U returned Code 0
  16. What do you mean? I am installing the WUA via SvcPack without problems. Or at least that's what I thought. Where did you see it doesn't install in your case? And about direct integration. Are you sure that should be possible? AFAIK this installer doesn't support the /Integrate option. When u manually add it to svcpack.inf that should be possible but I tried some installs and it did not work. It does support /wuforce /quiet /norestart in running OS but doesn't work in svcpack. Direct integration support does not depend on /integrate switch. It's on nuhi if he supports direct integration or not. I am using (and building) the german-nlite hotfix-pack and herein are the newest WUA files so it is no problem for me but maybe others like to integrate it directly w/o hotfixpacks.
  17. Great job like always! Had not much time to test this one... This could easily be fixed by Ryan himself. In german HotfixPack this is no problem : Just delete the txtsetup.sif entry and write a new. I just figured out that WindowsUpdateAgent3.0_7.0.6000.381 still is not supported for direct integration - okay, but then it isn't even integrated in svcpack. Never thought about it coz I'm using the HotfixPack with WUAgent in it.
  18. For testing current SP3 beta build without your connect key you have to replace the SP3 pidgen.dll with the one out of SP2. What about the sys restore bug ... I'm running on an nlite 1.3 build of XP SP2 and set it to 5% - this was set correct during install. Did this problem came up with 1.4?
  19. HI This is what I use to compare files and folders and there are several plugins like hex-, pix-, version-, data- and mp3-viewer tom enhance it. Beyond Compare 2.5.1
  20. chris.b

    Reg file

    You should have found this using the forum search... Unattended Guide You can e.g. easily take the reg file and make an winrar sfx archive of it. Just type this in Winrar "execute after extract" ( or similar - I use german UI ) to import the file silently at the stage of install you prefer ( svcpack.inf, guirunone ...) : regedit /s yourregfile.reg
  21. Okay, no problem. There's another one for IE7 you should include in your list : KB904942 - Authentication fails when you use Outlook or Outlook Express to try to log on to a HTTP-based mail server if you use IE7 It's an optional not security related update - but you get it on Windows/Microsoft Update.
  22. Sorry, you don't need to share my opinion... Main intention for my post was to tell you about the superseeded IE7 hotfix. You now ignore it coz you don't like my opinion? Fact is : KB933566 is obsolete cause KB937143 is cumulative.
  23. And by the way the KB937143 is cumulativ - means KB933566 is obsolete. And MSRT ... hell, thats crap! Especially within a clean install. And all the german users should have a look at german-nlite.de GenuineHotfixPack_07.2006-v6
  24. Here you can find a list of all Language Packs fpr x32 and x64 BETA Archive
  25. It has nothing to do with nlites' driver integration. Afaik it's a hotfix that causes this. When I left out all post SP2 hotfixes and integrate drivers, IE7 and WMP11 all is fine. I had no time to check out what hotfix it is.

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