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  1. memory

    ^^LOL You tell me which is better... an OS which is running with 3 gigs of ram and not making use of it completely....or an OS which uses the available ram to the fullest so that your most frequently used programs load faster
  2. How small can I make Vista x64?

    My Vista x64 with sp1 is 1.17gb.. and i haven't even removed half the stuff
  3. Install image from usb?

    # Run CMD.EXE and type the following. Note: This set of commands assumes that the USB flash drive is addressed as "disk 1". you should double check that by doing a list of the disks (type "list disk") before cleaning it. If you have multiple hard drives, like an SDFlash drive or a Multibay drive, you could end up wiping your second drive using this command. 1. diskpart 2. select disk 1 3. clean 4. create partition primary 5. select partition 1 6. active 7. format fs=fat32 8. assign 9. exit # Copy Windows Vista's DVD ROM content to the Flash Drive Simply issue the following command to start copying all the content from the Windows Vista DVD to your newly formatted high speed flash drive. * xcopy d:\*.* /s/e/f e:\ ----------- got the above off some site i forgot which one, hope it helps
  4. Has anyone been able to install IE8 beta on Vlite install?

    Installed fine for me. Running vlited Vista sp1 x64. Last_Session.ini
  5. "Monitor.Win32.ActualSpy.z" in vLite!?

    seems fine here, am also using kaspersky. vlite absolutely and positively DOES NOT have any virus or riskware.
  6. Ultimate x64 and Setpoint

    kryo, which version of vlite are you using? I had the same problem on my ultimate x64 with vlite 1.1. but its fixed in version 1.1.1 (see the changelog).
  7. Slipstream SP1 into x64 from current x32 installation?

    you can't slipstream sp1.. microsoft have made sure about that. only way is to either use a pre-integrated sp1 setup files or you will have to go via the 'reverse integration' method. search this forum for more on that.
  8. vLite on Vista SP1

    Setpoint now working like it should, good job nuhi
  9. vLite on Vista SP1

    nuhi, filename still shows v1.1 and not v1.1.1.. just curious since i need to reinstall and i have been having those logitech setpoint problems
  10. My dvd dont boot in bios

    dude, how can it be a problem with vlite if the image boots fine is virtual pc? instead of wasting dvds just get yourself a dvd rw and test it out using that.. and don't burn with speeds excess of 2x. if you don't like that particular suggestion then good luck to you mate.
  11. My dvd dont boot in bios

    try burning it at 2x or 4x and see if it boots up..
  12. My dvd dont boot in bios

    try burning the ISO at a slower speed
  13. vista on 128mb?

    why would you even want to run vista on such a config?
  14. Vista 4GB Fix