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  1. Hello, please can some help me with creation of inf file?! I need insert HKCU to registry of boot.wim by WAIK command peimg. This code works but only for HKLM not for HKCU. Does have anybody idea hot correct it?! Thank you much [Version] Signature="$WINDOWS NT$" Class=System ClassGuid={4D36E97d-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} Provider=%MSCUST% DriverVer=03/29/2009, [Manufacturer] %MSCUST%=MSCUST [MSCUST] %PLUGINNAME%=OC_Inst,DUMMY\Autorun [SourceDisksNames] 1=%DISK_DESC% [SourceDisksFiles] emerge.exe=1 [DestinationDirs] RootOrdner1.Copy=16422,"EmergeDesktop" [OC_inst] CopyFiles=RootOrdner1.Copy [RootOrdner1.Copy] emerge.exe [OC_inst.HW] AddReg=AddRegSection,AddRegSectionHKCU [AddRegSectionHKCU] HKCU,"Emerge Desktop",,0x00010000 HKCU,"Emerge Desktop\emergeCommand",,0x00010000 HKCU,"Emerge Desktop\emergeCommand\History",,0x00010000 HKCU,"Emerge Desktop\emergeCommand\Settings","X",0x00010001,00,00,00,00 [AddRegSection] HKLM,"Software\Emerge Desktop",,0x00010000 HKLM,"Software\Emerge Desktop\emergeCommand",,0x00010000 HKLM,"Software\Emerge Desktop\emergeCommand\History",,0x00010000 [Strings] PLUGINNAME = "emergeDesktop plugin" MSCUST="Microsoft" DESCRIPTION="emergeDesktop Shell Installation" DISK_DESC="Current Directory"
  2. Hi, i used this tutorial http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?...900&noref=1 everything was fine. I can boot from USB i can choose drive c: during installation of windows. (tried format, delete, don't change file system). But during copying files after I choose partition. I can see this message: Setup cannot copy the file: _default.pif I have windows 2003 source CD with DriverPacks.net. on USB flash disk. Computer has 3 partitions - EISA utilities, C: and D: - ACER Aspire 9300 Anybody had same issue? Thank you for help
  3. News Update: xpize 5 One Month Away

    gear hi, i wanna test it amazing xpize my account is "ordan" thank oyu
  4. Restart WINPE

    -- blp --
  5. hi, thank you for grate job. how is it with SP2 for win2k3?? thx
  6. nLite 1.2 Beta - Return of the warrior

    Hi Nuhi, thanks for next realese. ordan