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Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

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December 2007 is still the latest. I would toggle off the Flash, Shockwave, and Sun Java installations and install the latest Flash and Java 6 from Adobe and Sun, and get Shockwave from filehippo.com and install that one. The Shockwave in the Auto=Patcher is a 10.3 variety that didn't work properly and the 11 series also doesn't work.

You can consult the sticky thread for the latest 98SE2ME, 98MP10. There are also further updates there that are newer than those in Auto-Patcher. The Maximus-Decim Internet Explorer Cumulative pack has just been updated so that should take care of that part. I haven't installed it yet because I have ZoneAlarm and heard about connection problems with anything over the 4.5 series once the newer Internet Explorer Cumulative update is installed. I just have to get in the mood to uninstall ZoneAlarm and install the older version before I update Internet Explorer to anything past what's in Auto-Patcher.

Don't worry about what WindowsUpdate says after running AutoPatcher. Everything that shows up has a modified, working better version installed by Auto-Patcher instead of the ones on WindowsUpdate. Installing the WindowsUpdate crappy versions will just replace the newer, better system files with the buggy old stuff.

Don't worry. December 2007 is pretty up to date. I run the Maximus-Decim MDAC pack (download the newer version from the forum), as that includes some stuff not included in the Microsoft MDAC package included in Auto-Patcher. You can run it after Auto-Patcher and it'll just install what's missing. I do the Maximus-Decim USB pack after installing 98SE2ME. Then I can finally install my printer, scanner and joysticks. If you already have, then just unplug them before running the USB pack so it can replace drivers without interference. 98SE2ME installs the Me USB stack and Maximus-Decim updates and adds to the USB. Can mess up if devices are active. If you install 98SE2ME again (to get the latest updates), unplug again and then reinstall Maximus-Decim USB after 98SE2ME.

Contrary to the current thought, I still don't mix 98SE update packs. Choose either Auto-Patcher (which will really give you just about everything) or Gape's pack, or Maximus-Decim's pack. Safest way.

Edit -

Notice I changed where to download Shockwave to filehippo.com. The other place I first mentioned didn't have it. Adobe seems to be pushing only the really old Shockwave 8 versions for systems not compatible with Shockwave 11. And they offer no links to the last one that really worked properly on 9x, the No need for older versions, and if one of the older ones get installed by some software I uninstall Shockwave and reinstall this It's really 10.2.023 but filehippo just added a zero on their web page I think.

10.2.024 or 10.3 don't work either. Those are where they broke things for 9x.

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With regards to Auto-patcher Win98.UBCD, I have killed/deleted "Windows Update Manager".

Having a connection to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ is a waste of space and effort, as it is dead in the water.

If you access Windows Update, this is how far the process will get: Windows Update is looking for available updates... 0% complete

If you open "C:\Windows\Windows Update.log"

2008-09-06 09:36:34  23:36:34   Success   IUCTL		  Starting
2008-09-06 09:36:43 23:36:43 Success IUCTL Downloaded iuident.cab from http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/v4/ to C:\Program Files\WindowsUpdate\V4
2008-09-06 09:36:44 23:36:44 Success IUCTL Checking to see if new version of Windows Update software available
2008-09-06 09:36:44 23:36:44 Success IUCTL Current iuctl.dll version: 5.3.3790.13
2008-09-06 09:36:44 23:36:44 Success IUCTL Current iuengine.dll version: 5.3.3790.13
2008-09-06 09:36:44 23:36:44 Success IUENGINE Starting
2008-09-06 09:36:45 23:36:45 Success IUENGINE Determining machine configuration
2008-09-06 09:36:46 23:36:46 Success IUENGINE Determining machine configuration

Once "Windows Update" has identified System is Win98 and confirmed result, no further action will occur.

So you have a few extra kb's of useless Registry Data to assist in slowing OS speed, plus some files on your HDD that serve no purpose!

I have tested it, one step at a time, and if placed into the respective places of Win98.UBCD, or any other Win98SE Installation, 'tis hands off and gone forever. My OS is Win98SE (Full Version, not that there is any difference between any identical version of Full/Upgrade/OEM except in price). The only enhancements, spit 'n polish is by way of Win98.UBCD., as supplied.

The files are all commented, but a quick abbreviated explanation is in order:

Filename: kill_WU.bat

Comment: Looking at a link in the registry, I am now having second thoughts on deleting "WUPDMGR.EXE", as it appears to be used during Active Setup. If in doubt, REM it out! But I did not REM it out, as the only visible work "WUPDMGR.EXE" appears to do is access WindowsUpdate.


deleted OWINDO~1.XML

deleted Windows Update.log

deleted Start Menu\Windows Update.lnk

Filename: kill_WU.reg

kills WindowsUpdate

enables/disables NoDevMgrUpdate

enables/disables NoWindowsUpdate

Comment: NoDevMgrUpdate controls: Start -> Settings -> System -> Device Manager -> Driver -> Update Driver -> Update Device Driver Wizard -> Microsoft Windows Update

Comment: NoWindowsUpdate controls: (visble/hidden) IEXPLORE.EXE -> Tools -> Windows Update link (and) Start -> Settings -> Windows Update link (and) Start -> Windows Update link

The titles are self explanatory: (with a .txt tag added). 8th Sept. 2008 No changes made anywhere, removed "kill_WU.bat", restored, no change.



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hi everyone ... i'm back (again) ... i was moving and it was a 'nightmare from hell' move that took forever and was traumatic to the extreme. I will read over the last few pages of the thread and reply to stuff so if you have unanswered questions, please just save me time by reposting them.

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I recently installed auto-patcher and ran into a few problems during install all were remedied when I bumped up my ram from 128kb to 256kb. Some of the modules don't react well if there is less than 256kb installed. Please recommend at least 256kb of ram before installing auto-patcher and even 982ME to help prevent someone else the headaches!

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:whistle: Ram isn't thee problem ;sometimes newer machines with newer PCI cards causes problems with98SE  programs being installed as My "Best MoBo'=64mb-2x32mb(Old Style)Dimm Ram/72pinn on a 1999 Via Apollo Shuttle Board @ 233mmx,233mhz/66mhzbus ;It Runs better than my other 5 MoBo's @ 128,160,192,256,or512(all SDRam Machines).All have 98SE with the various Ram chips.*Try looking into a System Information Program and see what your MoBo can "Really Do" and Tweak it properly for Efficient Memory and Cpu usage! :thumbup
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:unsure: Can't install autopatcher

First got environment space variable error - but nothing saves to log files.

I removed a line relating to this in config.sys and

now get no error at all - program won't load and no error message just dos

box opens and closes but still not installing.

Also tried increasing space environment variable sizes to max via right-clicking

the start me bat files but still nothing.

Have 256 MB ram total with 32 mb of this shared with video card - don't know if the ram is problem?

Any suggestions?

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I had this same problem, and it was mainly due to too much stuff in my autoexec.bat.

I went to this "bare bones" version, and it worked -






This is set for a UK English configuration of course.

Also I had to REM out a line in my config.sys to get Auto-patcher to run, as indicated -






Give that a try.

Good luck!


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I have a question maybe someone can help.

My onboard sound seems to be having issues, it disappears, everything gets greyed out, however when installing the autopatcher, it installs something that fixes the problem, and it finds the hardware and installs the software and my sound comes back.

Does anyone know, in what section in the autopatcher where it upgrades your sound?

Can i install this manually?

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It's likely the WDM Audio and USB Windows Updates. Check out the big list of 98SE updates at mdgx.com. He has direct links to them following the descriptions, so sure you can install them yourself. TurtleBeach and Phillips used to pack them in their own installers for users to install before installing their WDM soundcard drivers. Creative cd's used to include them and install them automatically as part of their installation routine. The VXD style audio drivers didn't need the updates but the WDM's did in order for the cards to work properly.

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