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  1. I am using windows 7, but i am looking for the Direct3DX9 or Direct3d 9EX or 9.0L Driver , its a special vista dx9 driver. My ddi version should say in dxdiag 9EX. Windows install it on my computer last night after uninstalling a driver, but i by mistake install another driver on it, now i can't get it back anymore.? Please help
  2. Oh ok, thanks. Using the 185.67 right now, working good, just was curious thats all. Would be nice to see how they work out, the 80 are great.
  3. Is it impossible to mod the 82.69 or 80 series or even 90 series to work with my 8400GS for XP?
  4. Does anyone have these drivers for XP?
  5. I can't seem to install my 500GB external HD, and i have SP2 install. There are 2 folders, with a paper looking thing going from one folder to the other, and as soon as the paper go the other folder, it says data is invalid. Is there a fix for this?
  6. My external HD is not hook up, i can't hook it up because i need SP2( which i am guessing ) to have the correct drivers, because when i hook up my external HD, it finds a mybook device, but can't locate the drivers. I need sp2, or some usb drivers so my external can be found. Also i already had sp2 orsp3 on my local hd, it keeps saying the files or file is corrupt when extracting. Its the only file that says its corrupt. i don't know whats going on. But once i have sp2 install, i can solve all these problems
  7. I have a 500GB external HD, and i have XP SP1 install. I can not seem to use or extract sp2, because everytime i do, it seems saying its corrupt. I have downloaded sp2 from like 6 different sites, all corrupts, even sp3. SO i think i need some usb drivers or something, any help please
  8. Dumb question, but where can i find a program to install some more xp skins, themes?
  9. I wish i knew some people that threw away computers that fast lol. Most of the time when people are throwing away stuff, and i try to buy it, i can't, because they say the are recycling it. Forget recycling, give me one lol But anyways, thanks for the Information.
  10. I think on my rig, the mb is a 810chip/82810, i think the max memory i can use is 512mb. But what would happen if i add one stick of 512mb and keep the 256mb in the other, would my computer crash and won't load or it may be just fine?
  11. How come after all these years nobody has ever figure out or tried to create a skin pack to make work on windows2000? I would like to use that uberskin pack, but i don't believe its for w2k, or i would like to see some xp skins and vista skins for w2k and install them without hassle. There is something called a vista transformation pack, but that crap made me install my os over again. It messes with your system files and there is no way to get them back lol. Just wondering thats all.
  12. Thanks for the info. I will let everyone know when i get it. I have been using 10gb since 2000 for my internal hahaha. Should be a nice upgrade
  13. If i only see 137GB, thats lol perfect. I am using a 500GB external HD, and i only see 465GB. Here is some more information about my computer: Motherboard Properties: Motherboard ID Motherboard Name Intel Willow Springs 2 WL810E Front Side Bus Properties: Bus Type Intel GTL+ Bus Width 64-bit Real Clock 100 MHz Effective Clock 100 MHz Bandwidth 800 MB/s Chipset Bus Properties: Bus Type Intel Hub Interface Bus Width 8-bit Motherboard Physical Info: CPU Sockets/Slots 1 Expansion Slots 4 PCI RAM Slots 2 DIMM Integrated Devices Audio, Video Form Factor Micro ATX Motherboard Size 220 mm x 240 mm Motherboard Chipset i810E [ North Bridge: Intel Whitney i810-DC100 ] North Bridge Properties: North Bridge Intel Whitney i810-DC100 Supported FSB Speeds 66 MHz, 100 MHz Supported Memory Types PC100 SDRAM Maximum Memory Amount 512 MB Revision / Stepping 03 / A3 Package Type 421 Pin BGA Package Size 3.1 cm x 3.1 cm Core Voltage 1.8 V In-Order Queue Depth 4 Memory Timings: CAS Latency (CL) 2T RAS To CAS Delay (tRCD) 3T RAS Precharge (tRP) 3T RAS Active Time (tRAS) 6T Row Cycle Time (tRC) 8T Memory Slots: DRAM Slot #1 256 MB (SDRAM) DRAM Slot #2 256 MB (SDRAM) Integrated Graphics Controller: Graphics Controller Type Intel i752 Graphics Controller Status Enabled Shared Memory Size 1 MB [ South Bridge: Intel 82801AA ICH ] South Bridge Properties: South Bridge Intel 82801AA ICH Revision / Stepping 02 / B1 Package Type 241 Pin BGA Package Size 2.3 cm x 2.3 cm Core Voltage 3.3 V CPU Properties: CPU Type Intel Pentium IIIE, 600 MHz (6 x 100) CPU Alias Coppermine CPU Stepping cB0 Instruction Set x86, MMX, SSE Original Clock 600 MHz L1 Code Cache 16 KB L1 Data Cache 16 KB L2 Cache 256 KB (On-Die, ATC, Full-Speed) CPU Physical Info: Package Type 370 Pin FC-PGA Package Size 4.95 cm x 4.95 cm Transistors 28.1 million Process Technology 6M, 0.18 um, CMOS Die Size 104 mm2 Core Voltage 1.60 / 1.65 V I/O Voltage 3.3 V Typical Power 11 - 25 W (depending on clock speed) Maximum Power 16.0 - 37.5 W (depending on clock speed)
  14. I am planning on buying this like tomorrow , i just wanted to make sure 160GB is supported with windows2000/sp4, i also have the update rollup install. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id...mp;type=product
  15. If you are talking about the drivers, all Geforce drivers work just fine with w2k in general and new cards.
  16. It says windows 2000 to the left guys and to my sig ha. Anyways, yes i am using w2k, in standard pc mode. I don't remember when this message appear, but everything is working normal, i was wondering can i fix the message? Also go to my device manager, click on system, then go to advanced, and click on startup and recovery , i get this message: The C:\boot.ini file can not be opened. Operating System and Timeout settings can not be changed I did find this : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/827180 Seems to be a hotfix out.
  17. I have been getting this message for the last few weeks, maybe 2 months. Everything works just fine tho, but everytime i restart my computer i get the message?
  18. No, you want a virus a real easy way. You know in google, and some of the links says " THIS SITE IS NOT SAFE " or something like that, well click on it and stay there for about 5 mins and you will have to reinstall windows LOL. I did that sh** about 6 months ago, click on the site, BLAM, i couldn't remove it, my desktop turn blue, and yellow with a big red warning sign. It was disgusting man.
  19. I notice you said w2k, what does this do, enable 2.0 speed in your motherboard or something?
  20. Wow, thanks for the indepth information. Here is what i notice after messing around a bit. When i plug in my External HD up to the back of my tower , which is 1.1 usb port, game performance and overall system performance gains a boost, no more bottlenecking in games, just overall fast now. However when i plug the device up to the my USB 2.0 PCI card, game performance drops about 60%, and there is major bottlenecking. So i guess you are right, seems like the 500GB is too much for my USB 2.0 card, but works just fine in the 1.1, only thing even tho game performance is up and overall system is fast, however my External HD becomes slower now lol. Games work just fine, tho, depending on what they are. The only option i have right now, because i have no plans to buy my secondary computer yet, i am just going to upgrade my Internal HD to about 80GB. Peace and thanks.
  21. Just a simple question, i am using a external HD, 500GB and i have it hook up to the back of my tower, in one of the USB ports, so i was curious can i improved the HD speed using a 1.1 slot, because this thing is slow, seems even slower then my internal HD. I have a small mini 2.0 use device, but plugging it up the 1.1. port does not enable 2.0. I also have a PCI 2.0 high speed card, and when hook up to my external HD, the speed is fast, however game performance and overall system performance begans to become bottleneck. Just trying to find a secondary option.
  22. Someone name dosBOY over at another forum gave me the same link. Yea i am using the 8.12 beta drivers, for my HD2400 PCI and they work perfectly. I hope they keep making them and supporting w2k, this is awesome thank
  23. Does anyone know how to fix the ati driver issues with w2k? I have 8.3 install, 8.4 works also, but anything higher does not. Also, there is no OPENGL in the ati drivers when using w2k.
  24. It seems like Windows 2000 is the best OS ever. Its really easy on the CPU, i mean game performance is amazing. Way better then win9x and XP. Well i say XP, because with my system specs , XP is too demanding, but with w2k is perfect. Another weird thing, i would think that win9x would have better performance on my cpu then w2k, but its the other way around, w2k is the best OS for this computer.
  25. Not necessary, stop thinking negative. How is that negative. Death is reality, yes. However we don't have to sit up and discuss it or think about it. Think about living, enjoying this world I choose to ignore it , which is why i hate having discussions about non positive stuff, i hate, so i kinda ignore it. So when this person in my family died, i cried in my sleep about it, you know dreaming about it, but i didn't cry when this person died, i just kinda ignored it, because i hate looking or talking about stuff like that. I am all about living, **** death. So my advice to all, be aware of death, but never think about it. On another note, death doesn't concern me, so you know......( think positive my friends ) and just remember those who have died, keep them in your heart and continue living
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