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  1. Anyone know of a cure for excessive memory usage by RuntimeBroker App on Win8-Win8Pro with WindowsMediaCenter8Pack installed.Removed Time Tile and any useless related time tile apps ,then memory subsided to a normal level.But,what if another app does the same thing?I'm reporting a 1.6GB memory overuse; before i ,almost ran my WinMediaCenter app which i know uses 600mb-1GB when it is running .this happened on a HP-Asus motherboard with a AMD Athlon64X2 3800+ 2ghz dualcore socket940 AM2 cpu with 2x1GB DDR2 pc2 5300 memory.My reboot did stop and shutdown the serious memoryleak. Since,this occurred; i removed time tiles and apps,but i am still concerned this was not whole memory leak problem .Shouldn't excessive memory use be required to use a memorydump file?;and if not then how can this issue be fixed??? thankyou,thydreamwalker
  2. WOW,this helps as i'm installing on 2 old P4 HT Dells and Win8 says no go;but i have already installed on 3HPs and an Acer with Bios installer helpers from their websites .I believe if Win7SP1 can run on a MoBo,so can Win8Pro!!!!! thanks keep testing and i'll let ya know what works as i have 6 MoBos to rebuid with all my Win8 Licenses...thanks again
  3. Thankx for this app! i missed using MSFN ,nice to see thee old crew working hard to help on Win8 Well, how about installing Win7 gadgets on Win8 taskbar or as a tile in startup menu-(e-mailme if know an answer)
  4. Win 7 is slimmer than XP and easier to configure for any novice user ;but Vista is still (unfortunately! )the best and more Office-Work oriented O.S......(*Until Win8-MSOffice2012 can be assured to a Beta-install) ; *Memory is an issue with XP-Vista . Using either Win7 & Win8 the memory usage footprint is dropping very low on old or new computers!!! Buy a New PC get an O.S. Free XP and Vista should retire but still be user friendly ,like me old trustworthy Win98SE
  5. Hi,been workin' on apps for Win7 & 8;back 4 good ;Aloha did you look in notifications area of taskbar mgr. in the control panel to set icons to show-hide on desktop?Lotsa settings are tricky in 8 as different from Vista and Win7
  6. Hopefully,this can be a real forum issue for Win7 and help MS cure its Resource abuse with memory and cpu issues,thankyou,meteddybearguru7
  7. The good, the bad, the ulgy about IE9-beta....Do you have any real issues? I do! And it reminds me of WinXP-was a Resource HOG ,and trully overuses memory and cpu resources ;creating memorydumps help some ...but IE9 needs better foundation in its building blocks:Win7 and IE8 created Great Compatibility in end of 2009 when they were originally launched !!! i Love the new variety and opportunities of IE9 ;but CRASHS hurt the overall preformance and reliability of the Win7OperatingSystem as a whole!Windows7 is better than Vista,but IE9 is not better than IE8 as a whole browser!!! Maybe, IE9-RC will be Better...I sure hope so,for Win7 users sanity at least...aspirin can't cure my IE9-beta headaches
  8. updated profile ,been using Ultimate7-32,64bit trying to use older appl's and programs from 98SE,XP,to help Win7 and 98SE

  9. updated profile ,been using Ultimate7-32,64bit trying to use older appl's and programs from 98SE,XP,to help Win7 and 98SE

  10. running win98se,win98me,winxp:{,win7ultimate all on one mobo;all operatingsystems compatible too! ;thanx to rp9 and kex4.5b2....KOOL!!!
  11. :unsure:repair IP addresses and check connections to modem and computer,also check proper sharing properties?,between connection adapters(is Win7 only OperatingSystem in use?):}as linux and xp complicate network connections with your ISP......
  12. repairing 98se,testing Mint8,smoothly running 7Ultimate and 98SE on same MoBo :}

  13. Thee quest for a perfect Operating System only ends at me unwillingness to see inside MeSelf :}

  14. A CHEM PC-AVENIA LP6613 IS A LAPTOP SMALL FACTOR COMBO MOBO-WITH 40GBHDD,256MB/SDRAM,450MB/PENTIUMIII,ONBOARD ATI RAGE AGP,WITH ADDABLE MONITOR,lotsa extra's ;This MoBo reallly rocks with 98SE and older Operating Systems,even XP and 2000.Have not tried with Win7;but with a huge pagefile anythings possible now a days:} It's kinda hard to find one!Mitac was MoBo seller
  15. Windows 7 RC-full updated on a PentiumIII-650mhz-512sdram@133pc 20gbhdd in a Micron ClientPro on a seattle mobo440bxchipset flies lightning smooth with a 2-4gb pagefile Just letting ya know McAfee Security does not yet like Windows7Ultimate,the "beta"antivirus crashes a lot too."Question?"-"is there a free anti-virus available besides Kaspersky as they are not fully compatible either?" thanks for any info,as i'm busy loading 98SE,W2KAdvSrv,XPHome&XPPro and Win7 on a large Computer and creating a compatible boot manager ffor all and still leaving room for my LighthousePuppy/mariner OS Maybe the anti-virus could be compatible with all these?Like AvastAntivrus?
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