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Which AV for 98SE


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In your experience which is the best AV for 98se.

I am confused between choosing Nod32 and Kaspersky (KAV).

Is KAV 6 buggy with 98SE.

Should i try KAV5 first.

Inviting suggestions from all you gurus as to which AV you use and recommend :)

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AVG here

i install without the e-mail scanner (i install IE without OE and use webmail (which is scanned their end) so there's no need)

nice and light.

i've heard good things about nod32 though

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avast! is not only good, it's now more cooperative in case it's not the "main" AV program.

You can disable any portion of the protection you wish, to lower the overhead. Defaults may not be to your liking but are easily changed. [such as the k00l skin that makes it harder to use! Sorry, I'm a "base" kinda guy!]

Very low system overhead and not buggy. And home edition is free.


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As a professional who still works on many PC's that run 98, 98/SE or ME as their OS,

I remove the resource hogs like Nxxxxx and McAxxx from my customers PC's and install AVG 7.1 FREE for them.

AVG 7.1 FREE is highly efficient at stopping the viruses and many Trojans.

It's VERY user friendly and with it's scheduler properly set up will give the

user a daily update and a daily virus scan, all in the background and with a

very small hit on system performance.

With the simple and friendly user interface doing manual updates or scans is a snap.

In over three years of using AVG, I've never had a virus set up housekeeping on my PC.

And oh yes, did I mention it's absolutely FREE? :w00t:



World famous AVG FREE will keep your computer free of viruses, trojans, dialers, etc.

By default, it updates and scans for viruses on a daily basis.

Can be downloaded from:


Save to your desktop and run the install from there.

Immediately get updates. More than one may be required.


Try it! You'll like it! :thumbup

Andromeda43 B)

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Hmmm .....

Many free AVs are still supported by their providers ... I have multiple AVs installed (but inactive) just for kicks ... The ones that I'm currently using is AVG & AVS (aol activevirusshield by Kaspersky) ... The paid ones that I've used in the past includes nortonAV, nod32 and kaspersky ...

The oldest AV I'm using (also just for kicks) is NAV5 for win95 and the updates are still working ...



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AVG 7.x works great, has a DOS boot virus scan that runs first in 9x, every time you boot, doesn't take long. It's not a resource hog at all and it'll scan files when you click on them in Explorer.

I've taken Norton Internet Security Suite off many PCs and replaced it with AVG and Spybot Search & Destroy. Norton is a huge resource hog. What's really annoying with it is to select anything in the left pane of Explorer you have to do three slow clicks because the first two times Norton's butting in to do something and de-selects it.

AVG's operation is totally invisible until it finds a virus infected file.

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