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  1. I found the problem. I had a scanner connected by WIFI and also by USB. Once i removed the USB connector wire from PC, the sound went away.
  2. hello guys, i have a problem with my windows 7 64 bit. It is giving constant hardware removal sound in speakers and no notification. I used Process Monitor to identify the problem, but its too technical for me. I dont know what those messages mean? Please can you help me identify cause of notification sound, i am attaching screenshot of process monitor
  3. Hello, i recently came across a spider at a hotel room and i took a pic. How can i use google or any online tool to find name of the spider by just uplading that pic?
  4. ... he says the 5th port is "on the card". Could it be one of those that "features 4 external ports and 1 internal port sharing with an external port" ? Oh! Sorry, thus i am clueless.
  5. I am planning to play dx 9 and dx 10 games released before 2008
  6. How many days have you spent in troubleshooting? how many hours will it take for a clean install?
  7. I am sure that this might be the port on your casing and not on your backpanel. right? if yes than you need to attach the casing cable at the rightspot on the mobo. if not than i am clueless like you!
  8. I knew that my board had some problem, but never knew what and never got it checked. Anyway i forgot about it and bought a new harddisk one day and it had its IC immediately blown offcourse i did not noticed it at that time i returned it and got the new one on the same day. So this time instead of attaching the new harddisk i attached my already present hardisk (which had all my lifes work on it!) and boom it stopped working. The problem was a faulty power supply connector. This happened recently and since than i have been trying to get my harddisk fixed but to no avail!
  9. Hello i have this card: Inno3d Ichill Geforce 9600 GT 512 MB and i was wondering what would be the best operating system to get the most from this card while playing games of DX 10 and DX 9 type. Windows XP Pro 32 bit SP2 or SP3 Or Windows 7 32 bit My specs are: Dual core 2.0 GHZ E2180 Intel dg41wv ddr3 4 gb 500 mb Hard disk with 16 MB cache builtin realtek 662 audio 500 PSU power supply Thanks.
  10. ok, i have decided to stay with my system and save for an upgrade. Thanks
  11. ok, i think i got your point, but will 1333 MHZ processor not make a difference over 800 MHZ processor?
  12. I did this and i had beeps and no display at startup. I think Intel has locked these settings with FSB of processor!!! I had to remove the battery to reset CMOS! BTW there are no command rate settings available in Intel board! Thanks i have decided to get ASUS g41 mobo which will allow me to max my ddr 3 to 1333 along with few more tweaks and buy a core 2 duo E6550
  13. One thing though which can be done is to decrease DVMT or whatever to minimum or zero.
  14. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  15. Hello i have just bought Intel DG 41 WV board with G41 chipset, it only supports 4GB DD3 @ max 1066 MHZ, so i bought 2 sticks of 2GB 1333 MHZ ram. My Procesor is E2180 Dual core at 2.0 GHZ @ 800 MHZ. Now the problem is that my RAM is running at 800 MHZ and although there are settings to manually change the speed of ram to 1066 in bios, i do not want to change them unless i know what i am doing. These are MHZ settings: 800, 1066 and and SPD settings which are i do not understand. If i just change mhz without changing SPD than i get a beep and i have to reset CMOS If i buy 1333 or 1066 MHZ or just another 1066 MHZ dual core, will my ram automatically switch to 1066 or not? What should be best upgrade for me 1066 FSB or 1333 FSB processor? or should i just keep my 800 MHZ processor? Thanks.

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